From the Archives: Valentine’s Day

A collection of love poetry

For Valentine's Day, The Yale Review has gathered a collection of love poems we published over the years.

October 1997, Charles Wright, “Half February”

March 2008, David Wagoner, “Trying to Write a Poem While the Couple in the Apartment Overhead Make Love”

June 2008, Aaron Fagan, “Love”

March 2013, Cecily Parks, “Love Poem”

June 2013, Erica McAlpine, “Love Poem as Ars Poetica”

January 2017, Sarah Best, “Tinder”

June 2018, Susan Barba, “Wide Margin Love Poem”

December 2019, Sandra Lim, “Bent Lyre”

April 2019, Peter Balakian, “How Much I Love You”

Originally published:
February 13, 2021


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