Poem of the Week


Leslie Sainz

Wild rabbits steering clear of the yard.
If I were anyone else—
a thought I don’t complete.

The lamp in the very next room,
and the first time I’d say No.
I spent the next day cooking.

I didn’t have enough Tupperware
for what you’d done. In the evening,
an exorbitant amount of time

trying to decide which side of the glass
the bug was on—the reflection
of its confident legs on the light linen curtain.

Shame: the top of my face, less skin.

Leslie Sainz is the author of the debut poetry collection Have You Been Long Enough at Table, forthcoming from Tin House in 2023. The recipient of a 2021 National Endowment for the Arts Poetry fellowship, she is the Managing Editor of the New England Review.
Originally published:
July 27, 2022


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