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Vol. I. May, 1892-February, 1893
Vol. II. May, 1893-February, 1894
Vol. III. May, 1894-February, 1895
Vol. IV. May, 1895-February, 1896
Vol. V. May, 1896-February, 1897
Vol. VI. May, 1897-February, 1898
Vol. VII. May, 1898-February, 1899
Vol. VIII. May, 1899-February, 1900
Vol. IX. May, 1900-February, 1901
Vol. X. May, 1901-February, 1902
Vol. XI. May, 1902-February, 1903
Vol. XII. May, 1903-February, 1904
Vol. XIII. May, 1904-February, 1905
Vol. XIV. May, 1905-February, 1906
Vol. XV. May, 1906-February, 1907
Vol. XVI. May, 1907-February, 1908
Vol. XVII. May, 1908-February, 1909
Vol. XVIII. May, 1909-February, 1910
Vol. XIX. May, 1910-February, 1911


Adams, Alton D. Municipal Electric Light Plants in Massachusetts Cities. Note. X, 205.
—, Operation of Electric Plants by Massachusetts Towns. Note. X, 320.
—, Restriction of Municipal Earnings. Note. X, 424.
Adams, George B. Petrarch and the Beginnings of Modern Science. I, 146.
Adams, Henry C. Transportation. XI, 251.
Adams, Herbert B. Freeman the Scholar and Professor. IV, 231.
Aimes, Hubert H. S. Coartación: A Spanish Institution for the Advancement of Slaves into Freedmen. XVII, 412.
—, The Transition from Slave to Free Labor in Cuba. XV, 68.
Allen, William H. Rural Sanitation in England. VIII, 403.
Ambler, Charles H. Disfranchisement in West Virginia. I & II, XIV, 38, 155.
Anderson, L. A. Competition in Life Insurance. XIV, 285.
Andrews, Charles A. Taxation of Corporate Franchises in Massachusetts. XIX, 357.
Andrews, Charles M. The Connecticut Intestacy Law. III, 261.
—, Some Aspects of Institutional Study. I, 381.
Andrews, E. Benjamin. Individualism as a Sociological Principle. II, 13.
Angell, E. A. The Tax Inquisitor System in Ohio. V, 350.
Asakawa, K. Japan in Manchuria. I & II. XVII, 185, 268.
—, The Manchurian Conventions. XVIII, 260.
—, Railway Land in Manchuria. Note. XVIII, 86.
—, Some of the Events Leading up to the War in the East. XIII, 125.
—, Some of the Issues of the Russo-Japanese Conflict. XIII, 16.
Atkinson, Edward. The Present Status of Cotton and Cotton Manufacturing in the United States. VII, 129.
Bacon, Nathaniel T. American International Indebtedness. IX, 265.
—, The Present Condition of Russia, I & II. XII, 141, 239. III. XIII, 51.
—, Some Insular Questions. X, 159.
Bacon, Thomas R. The Character of Columbus. I, 245.
—, The Railroad Strike in California. III, 241.
—, Views of Napoleon. IV, 23.
Bailey, L. H. Agriculture. II, 257.
Bailey, William B. Experiment of the Russian Government in the Manufacture and Sale of Spirituous Liquors. Note. IX,
—, Growth of the Rural and Urban Population in the United States, 1890-1900. Note. X, 89.
—, Mortality in the Philippines. Note. VIII, 457.
—, Personal Budgets of Unmarried Persons. X, 70.
—, Some of the Contributions of Militancy to the Industrial Arts. VI, 290.
—, A Statistical Study of the Yale Graduates, 1701-92. XVI, 400.
—, Suicide in the United States, 1897-1901. XII, 90.
Baldwin, Simeon E. The Beginnings of an Official European Code of Private International Law. XII, 10.
—, Contemplated Changes in the General Incorporation Law of France. Note. XII, 204.
—, The Entry of the United States into World Politics as a Great Power. IX, 399.
—, The Historic Policy of the United States as to Annexation. II, 131.
—, The Supreme Court and the Insular Cases. X, 129.
—, Taxation by One State of Goods in Another. XV, 251.
Barnett, George E. The Introduction of the Linotype. XIII, 251.
Bascom, John. The Alleged Failure of Democracy. IX, 253.
—, Constitutional Interpretation. X, 350.
—, Railroad Rates. XIV, 237.
Beach, John K. The Income Tax Decision. V, 58.
Bishop, Avard L. Corrupt Practices Connected with the Building and Operation of the State Works of Pennsylvania.
XV, 391.
—, The Nature of Commercial or Economic Geography. XVIII, 47.
—, The Recent Reforms in the Consular Service of the United States. XVI, 39.
Bogart, Ernest L. The Machinists’ Strike, 1900, IX, 302; 1901, X, 247.
Boggs, Theodore H. England’s Problem in India. XVII, 392.
Bourne, Edward G. The Demarcation Line of Alexander VI: An Episode of the Period of Discovery. I, 35.
—, Prince Henry the Navigator. III, 187.
Bourne, Henry E. A French Colonial Experiment in the Far East. VIII, 8.
Braun, Dr. Ad. The Economic Crises in Germany. XI, 9.
Brooks, J. G. An Impression of the Anthracite Coal Troubles. Note. VI, 306.
—, Industrial Democracy. Note. VII, 265.
Brooks, Robert C. A German Solution of the Slaughter-House Problem. XV, 369.
—, The Municipal Gas Works of Berlin, I & II. XIV, 361; XV, 24.
—, The New Unearned Increment Taxes in Germany. XVI, 237.
Brown, Harry G. The Basis of Rate-Making as Affected by Competition versus Combination of Railroads. XVI, 79.
—, Typical Commercial Crises versus a Money Panic. XIX, 168.
Bullock, Charles J. Direct Taxes and the Federal Constitution, I. IX, 429. II & III. X, 6, 144.
Burrows, Charles William. The Postal Commission’s Report. Note. XVI, 87.
—, Postal Rates and Literature. XIV, 343.
—, The Second Class Mail Rates. XIX, 159.
Byrnes, Ronald M. A Statistical Study of the Yale Graduates, 1797-1866. XVII, 316.
Carlton, Frank T. Abolition of Imprisonment for Debt in the United States. Note. XVII, 339.
—, The Electric Interurban Railroad. XIII, 179.
Carver, T. N. The Shifting of Taxes. V, 258.
Chamberlain, Daniel H. State Sovereignty Before 1789. II, 248.
Cheney, Howell. Work-Accidents, and the Law. XIX, 255.
Claghorn, Kate H. The Ethics of Copyright. IV, 426.
Clapp, E. J. Rhine and Mississippi River Terminals. XIX, 392.
Clark, charles H. The Connecticut Convention. XI, 146.
Clark, J. B. Dynamic Standard of Wages. VII, 375.
—, The Genesis of Capital. II, 302.
—, The Ultimate Standard of Value. I, 258.
Clinch, Bryan J. The Formation of the Filipino People. X, 52.
Coffin, Victor. The Quebec Act and the American Revolution. IV, 171.
Cohn, Gustav. Financial Reform in Germany. XVIII, 246.
Collier, J. Democracy in Australia. XIII, 159.
Commons, J. R. The Day Laborer and Contract System on Municipal Works. V, 428.
—, Physical Vigor of Public Employees. X, 416.
Conant, Charles A. Crises and their management. IX, 374.
Coulter, John L. Organization among the Farmers of the United States. XVIII, 273.
Crowell, John F. Railway Receiverships in the United States: their Origin and Development. VII, 319.
—, Sugar Situation in the British West Indies. IX, 191.
Curtis, Charles E. Bank Clearings, Interest Rates and Politics. VII, 43.
—, Clearing House Loan Certificates: How Issued and Why. VI, 251.
—, Street Railways and their Relation to the Public. VI, 17.
—, Taxation of Street Railways or Purposes of Revenue and control. VIII, 173.
Cutler, J. E. Proposed Remedies for Lynching. XIII, 194.
Davenport, H. J. Capitalization and Market Value. XIX, 132.
—, Doctrinal Tendencies—Fetter, lux, Seager, Carver. XIV, 300.
Day, Clive. Experiences of the Dutch with Tropical Labor. I, The Culture System, VIII, 420; II, Abolition of the Culture
System and Transition to Free Labor, IX, 58.
—, Industrial Leadership. XVIII, 21.
—, William Graham Sumner: The Idealist. Comment. XIX, 7.
Deming, Clarence. The Farm Unrest in New England. I, 291.
Dennis, Alfred P. The Secret of Autocracy; The Absolutism of the Czar. XIV, 117.
Dillingham, Pitt. Land Tenure among the Negroes. V, 190.
Dixon, Frank H. Statistics of Vocations of Dartmouth College Graduates. Note. X, 84.
Dudgeon, M. S. The Wisconsin Legislative Library. XVI, 288.
Dunning, William A. American Political Philosophy. IV, 147.
Durand, Edward D. Recent Tendencies in Economic Legislation. XII, 409.
Dwight, Frederick. The Significance of Advertising. XVIII, 197.
Ely, Richard T. Labor. XI, 229.
—, William Graham Sumner: The Veteran. Comment. XIX, n.
Emery, Henry C. Hard Times and the Standard Wage. XVII, 251.
—, Some Lessons of the Panic. XVI, 341.
—, Ten Years’ Regulation of the Stock Exchange in Germany. XVII, 5.
Fairchild, Fred Rogers. The Columbus Tax Conference. Note. XVI, 433.
—, The Economic Problem of Forest Taxation. XVII, 377.
—, International Tax Conference. Note, XVII, 344; Note, XVIII, 320.
—, Our Currency Reform Problem. XVI, 56.
Fairchild, Henry Pratt. Distribution of Immigrants. XVI, 296.
—, Some Immigration Differences. XIX, 79.
— The Causes of Emigration from Greece. XVIII, 176.
Farnam, Henry W. The Bimetallic Theory. III, 203.
—, The Carl-Zeiss Stiftung, An Attempt to Socialize Capitalism. XVIII, 63.
—, German Workmen’s Insurance—A Postscript. XIII, 435.
—, Gustav Schmoller at Seventy. Note. XVII, 436.
—, International Bimetallism. V, 182, 312.
—, Labor Crises and their Periods in the United States. VII, 180.
—, The Psychology of German Workmen’s Insurance. XIII, 98.
—, Schmoller’s Grundriss. IX, 164.
—, Some Effects of Falling Prices. IV, 183.
—, Tariff Policy, Past and Present. I, 20.
—, William Graham Sumner; The Pioneer. Comment. XIX, 1.
Farrand, Max. George Washington in the Federal Convention. XVI, 280.
—, The West and the Principles of the Revolution. XVII, 44.
Fetter, Frank A. The Essay of Malthus: A Centennial Review. VII, 153.
Fiamingo, G. M. The Economic Theories Advanced to Explain the Steady Increase of Public Expenditure in Europe.
VI, 140.
—, Prevailing Theories as to the Influence of Money on International Exchange. VI, 361.
Fisher, George P. Jefferson and the Social Compact Theory. II, 403.
—, Memoir and Letters of Charles Sumner. II, 120.
Fisher, Irving. William Graham Sumner: The Inspirer. Comment. XIX, 5.
Fisher, Williard. The Currency of China. V, 403.
Fixe, Emerson D. The Canal and the Railroad from 1861 to 1865. XV, 195.
Fleming, Walter L. The Freedman’s Savings Bank. I & II; XV, 40, 134.
Flux, A. W. Canadian Banking and the Financial Crisis. Note. XVII, 93.
—, The Centralization of Bank Note Issues in Sweden. XI, 361.
—, Denmark and Its Aged Poor. VII, 434.
Ford, Worthington C. Foreign Exchanges and the Movement of Gold, 1894-5. IV, 128.
Fox, George L. The British Budget of 1909. XVIII, 342.
—, The British Election Address. XIX, 398.
—, The London County Council and its Work. IV, 80.
Gaines, Morrell W. Effects of the Silver Standard in Mexico. XII, 276.
—,The Price of Silver. XIV, 18.
—, The Problem of Monetary Reform in Mexico—A Suggestion. XII, 346.
Garner, James W. Federal Activity in the Interest of the Public Health. XIV, 181.
—, Government and Liberty. XV, 348.
Goodell, Thomas D. An Athenian Parallel to a Function of Our Supreme Court. II, 64.
Goodrich, Frank. A Social Reformer of the XVth Century. V, 168.
Goodrich, Frank P. Ulrich von Hutten in the Light of Recent Investigation. III, 45.
Gould, E. R. L. The Economics of Improved Housing. V, 8.
—, European Bureaus of Labor Statistics. II, 386.
—, Industrial Conciliation and Arbitration. III, 376.
Gould, G. B. The United States Steel Corporation and the Panic of 1907. Note. XIX, 177.
Graves, Henry S. Forest Problems in the United States. X, 236.
Green, David I. The Poverty of an English Town. XI, 347.
—, Value and its Measurement. VII, 383.
Groat, George Gorham. Industrial Arbitration in New York State. XV, 412.
—, Unionism and the Courts. XIX, 144.
Guijarro, Luis Garcia. The Religious Question in Spain. XIX,
—, Spain Since 1898. XVIII, 6.
Hadley, Arthur T. Ethics as a Political Science. I & II; I, 30, 354.
—, Governmental Administration of Industrial Enterprise. IV, 398.
—, Legal Theories of Price Regulation. I, 56.
—, Misunderstandings about Economic Terms. IV, 156.
—, Recent Tendencies in Economic Literature. III, 251.
Hollander, Jacob H. Agricultural Depression in England. VI, 409.
—, Economic Investigation in the United States. XII, 25.
Holmes, George K. Some of the Economic Conditions of the Farmer. VIII, 255.
Hopkins, E. Washburn. Ancient and Modern Hindu Gilds. VII, 24, 197.
Hourwich, Isaac A. The Crisis of Russian Agriculture. I, 411.
—, The Russian-American Extradition Treaty. III, 68.
Hurd, Richard M. Distribution of Urban Land Values. XI, 124.
Ives, Brayton. The Government and the Bond Syndicate. IV, 10.
Jenny, O. H. The Problem of Sick and Accident Insurance in Switzerland. XIX, 235.
Johnson, Allen. American Budget-Making. XVIII, 363.
—, The Government of England. XVII, 366.
—, The Nationalizing Influence of Party. XV, 283.
Kaye, Percy L. Suffrage and Self-Government in Porto Rico. XII, 167.
Keller, Albert G. The Beginnings of German Colonization. X, 30.
—, Colonial Policy of the Germans. I, X, 390; II, XI, 57.
—, Competition of Railways and Waterways in the Netherlands. Note. IX, 331.
—, The Danish Lockout of 1899. Note. VIII, 453.
—, Dutch Merchant Marine. Note. IX, 333.
—. Eugenics, the Science of Rearing Human Thoroughbreds. XVII, 127.
—, French “Assimilation.” Note. IX, 218.
—, Ibero-American Conference. Note. IX, 455.
—, Industrial Centralization in Sweden. Note. IX, 453.
—, Italian Expansion and Colonies. IX, 175.
—, The Labor of School Children in Denmark. Note. VIII, 323.
—, Nationalökonomisk Forening. Note. IX, 93.
—, Norwegian Social Statistics. Note. VIII, 449.
—, Portuguese Colonization in Brazil. XIV, 374.
—, Socialism and Science. Note. XVII, 222.
—, A Sociological View of the “Native Question.” XII, 259.
—, Swedish Nobility. Note. IX, 335.
—, Wages in Copenhagen. Note. IX, 334.
—, William Graham Sumner: The Man. Comment. XIX, 9.
Kemmerer, E. W. An Agricultural Bank for the Philippines. XVI, 262.
Kennaday, Paul. Victorian Wages Boards and the New Zealand Conciliation-Arbitration Act. XIX, 32.
Kleene, G. A. The Limitations of Charity Organization. XVII, 303.
Kuczynski, Robert Rene. Occupation and Manufacturing Censuses. XI, 83.
Laughlin, J. Lawrence. Some Economic Aspects of Legal Tender. X, 371.
Lea, Henry Charles. The Ecclesiastical Treatment of Usury. II, 356.
—, The Indian Policy of Spain. VIII, 119.
Learned, Henry Barrett. Origin and Creation of the President’s Cabinet. XV, 160.
Levasseur, Emile. The Standard of Living of American Workingmen. V, 122.
Loch, C. S. The Feeding of School Children. XV, 230.
Lupton, E. R. The Long Island Cauliflower Growers’ Association. Note. XIV, 206.
Lyon, Henry S. What Proportion of Voters Neglect to Go to the Polls? XVII, 85.
lyon, P. C. The Prevention and Relief of Famine in India. VI, 123.
McCrea, Roswell C. Small Finance and the Wage Earner. Note. XVII, 432.
McLaughlin, A. C. The Western Posts and the British Debts. I, III, 408; II, IV, 58.
Macvane, Silas M. Democracy and Peace. IX, 9.
McVey, Frank L. The Frye Subsidy Bill. XI, 38.
—, The Minnesota Primary Election Law. Note. IX, 450.
—, The Tinplate Industry. VII, 302.
—, The Tin Plate Combination. VIII, 156.
Macy, Jesse. The Farmer in American Politics. III, 369.
Maltbie, Milo R. City-Made Charters. XIII, 380.
Mayo-Smith, Richmond. Theories of Mixture of Races and Nationalities. III, 166.
Meyer, Eugene, Jr. The New York Stock Exchange and the Panic of 1907. XVIII, 34.
Montague, Gilbert H. The Prices and Profits of the Standard Oil Company. Note. XVII, 215.
—, The Standard Oil and the Pipe Lines. XVI, 156.
Moore, Frederick W. The Condition of the Southern Farmer. III, 56.
Morse, Anson D. The Natural History of Party. II, 74.
Moses, Bernard. The Early Political Organization of Mexico. IV, 256, 383.
—, The Republic of Andorre. II, 28.
Newcomb, H. T. American Statistical Practice: I. The Interstate Commerce Commission. XI, 164.
—, The Anatomy of a Great Railway System. XIII, 347.
—, Observations Concerning the Theory of Railway Charges. IX, 286.
—, Railway Progress and Agricultural Development. IX, 33.
—Rebates. XVI, 119.
Norton, J. Pease. The Depreciation of Gold. XV, 293.
Noyes, Alexander Q. Why There Has Been No Financial Crisis. XIII, 239.
Ogden, Rollo. The Rationale of Congressional Extravagance. VI, 37.
Olmsted, G. Kingsley. Some Economic Consequences of the Liberation of Cuba. VII, 168.
Parmelee, Julius H. The Statistical Work of the Federal Government, I & II. XIX, 289, 374.
—, Statistics of University Graduates. Note. XIV, 72.
Patten, Simon N. The Conflict Theory of Distribution. XVII, 156.
—, The Scope of Political Economy. II, 264.
Phillips, John B. Recent State Constitution-Making. XII, 389.
Phillips, Ulrich B. An American State-Owned Railroad. XV, 259.
Pinkus, Norbert. Workman’s Insurance in Germany. I, XII, 372; II, III & IV, XIII, 72, 296, 418.
Plehn, Carl C. Labor in California. IV, 409.
—, Taxation. XI, 267.
—, The Taxation of Mortgages in California, 1849 to 1899. VIII, 31.
Porritt, Annie G. British Legislation in 1903. Note, XII, 290; 1904, Note, XIV, 60; 1905, Note, XIV, 411; 1906, XV,
432; 1907, Note, XVI, 427.
Porritt, Edward. British Legislation in the Session of 1898. Note. VII, 331.
—, British Legislation in 1901. Note. X, 313.
—, British Municipal and Educational Legislation in 1899. VIII, 289.
—, Dominion Politics in 1898. VII, 281.
—, The Economic Reforms of the late English Liberal Administration. IV, 269.
—, English Economic Legislation of 1900. IX, 314.
—, English Labor in and out of Parliament in 1893. II, 418.
—, English Legislation in 1897. VI, 267.
—, The Manchester Ship Canal. III, 295.
—, The New Administration in Canada. VI, 151.
—, Recent Legislation in England. V, 272.
—, Rotten Boroughs of Old and New England. Note. VII, 449.
—, The Royal Commission on Licensing. Note. VI, 75.
—, Subsidy and Bounty Legislation in Canada in 1899. Note. VIII, 312.
—, The Unrest of English Farmers. II, 54.
—, The Vicissitudes of the English Socialists in 1895. IV, 365.
Potwin, Thomas S. The Socialism of Moses. III, 425.
Powers, H. H. The Political Drift of Germany. VIII, 68.
Powers, L. G. Gold and the Prices of the Products of the Farm. V, 239.
—, Modern Social Reform and Old Christian Ideals. VI, 421.
Purves, Alexander. Some Interesting Features of a Recent Law. XIII, 408.
Raynolds, Edward V. On Political Organization. V, 31.
—, Prussian Ministers and Imperial Rule. I, 187.
—, The Referendum and Other Forms of Direct Democracy in Switzerland. IV, 289.
Reynolds, James B. Commercial Relations of the Poor. V, 76.
Richardson, Charles F. The Constitutional Union Party of 1860. III, 144.
Ripley, Alfred L. Currency and State Banks. III, 311.
—, Two Plans for Currency Reform. VII, 50.
Roberts, Peter. The Anthracite Coal Situation. XI, 29.
—, The Anthracite Strike Commission’s Award. XII, 58.
Robinson, Chalfant. The Treaty-Making Power of the House of Representatives. XII, 191.
Robinson, Maurice H. The Classification of Monopolies and Combinations. Note. IX, 324.
—, Concentration in Retail Trade. Note. X, 203.
—, The Holding Corporation. I, XVIII, 390; II, XIX, 13.
—, The Legal, Economic and Accounting Principles Involved in the Judicial Determination of Railway Passenger
Rates. XVI, 355.
—, The Proposed New York Business Companies’ Act: 1900. Note. IX, 79.
—, Railway Accidents in England. Note. IX, 220.
—, Railway Freight Rates: The Legal, Economic, and Accounting Principles Involved in Their Judicial Determination.
XVIII, 122.
—, Trusts. XI, 278.
—, The Work of the Industrial Commission. Note. IX, 76.
Ross, Edward A. The Tendencies of Natural Values. II, 173.
Rowe, Leo S. Administrative Centralization in Mexico. XII, 231.
—, The Political Consequences of City Growth. IX, 20.
—, The Social Consequences of City Growth. X, 298.
—, The Socialistic Municipalities of Northern France. VII, 363.
Rubinow, I. M. The Jews in Russia. XV, 147.
Sakolski, A. M. Economic Phases of the Railroad Rate Controversy. XIX, 268.
—, The Federal Corporation Tax and Modern Accounting Practice. XVIII, 372.
Sanger, C. P. The Incidence of Taxation in the United Kingdom. VI, 342.
Schaffner, Margaret A. The Reall. Note., XVIII, 206.
Schouler, James. Historical Indusries. III 24.
Schwab, J. C. The Confederate Foreign Loan: An Episode in the Financial History of the Civil War. I, 175.
—, The Financier of the Confedrate States. II, 288.
—, William Graham Sumner: The Teacher. Comment. XIX, 4.
Seligman, E. R. A. Recent Reforms in Taxation, I & II. III, 352; IV, 40.
Sherwood, Sydney. The Function of the Undertaker. VI, 233.
—. Influence of the Trust in the Development of Undertaking Genius. VIII, 362.
Sidlo, T. L. Ohio’s First Step in Tax Reform. Note. XVIII, 413.
Simkhovitch, Vladimir G. The Agrarian Movement in Russia. XVI, 9.
—, Recent Works on Russian Economic Conditions. VIII, 373.
Smith, A. L. A Nation in the Making. XIX, 339.
Sombart, Werner. The Industrial Progress of Germany, I & II. XIV, 6, 134.
Spitzer, Lyman S. Industrial Bonds. XI, 374.
Stanley-Brown, Joseph. The Bering Sea Controversy from an Economic Standpoint. II, 195.
Stephens, H. Morse. French Revolution : The Work of the Committee of Legislation and Public Instruction in the
Convention. IV, 305.
Sumner, William G. The Coin Shilling of Massachusetts Bay. VII, 247, 405.
—, The Mores of the Present and the Future. XVIII, 233.
Symons, J. H. United Australia. IX, 129.
Taussig, F. W. Results of Recent Investigations on Prices in the United States. II, 231.
Taylor, Hannis. Edward A. Freeman. II, 159.
Taylor, W. G. Langworthy. The Influence of Credit on Prices. XV, 113.
Thacher, Thomas. Limits of Constitutional Law. VI, 7.
Thomas, David Y. Florida Finance in the Civil War. Note. XVI, 311.
Tolman, Tabor, Dawe. City Farm Training Schools. Note. VII, 95.
Tolman, W. H. Educational Campaigns. Note. VI, 431.
—, Half a Century of Improved Housing Effort by the New York Association for Improving the Condition of the Poor.
V, 288, 389.
—, Public Baths, or the Gospel of Cleanness. VI, 50.
Towles, John K. Early Railroad Monopoly and Discrimination in Rhode Island, 1835-55. XVIII, 299.
Travis, Ira D. The Attitude of the United States toward an Inter-oceanic Canal. IX, 419.
Trowbridge, James R. The Political Machine. XIII, 287.
Trowbridge, Mason. Legal Limitations upon Interference with the Contract Rights of a Competitor. XIX, 55.
Tuttle, Charles A. Clark’s Distribution of Wealth. X, 179.
Tyler, M. C. A New Study of Patrick Henry. I, 345.
Tyler, Morris F. Workman’s Compensation Acts. VII, 421.
Villard, Henry. German Tariff Policy, Past and Present. I, 10.
Walker, C. S. The Massachusetts Farmer and Taxation. VI, 63.
Walker, Francis. Increasing and Diminishing Costs in International Trade. XII, 32.
Walker, Francis A. Immigration. I, 125.
—, International Bimetallism: a Rejoinder. (See p. 182). V, 303.
Walker, Williston. A Study of a New England Farm. I, 368.
—, Why did not Massachusetts have a Saybrook Platform? I, 68.
West, Max. The Fourteenth Amendment in the Light of Recent Decisions. VIII, 385.
—, The Franchises of Greater New York. VI, 387.
White, Henry C. Corporations and the Legislature. III, 35.
White, Horace. Black Friday, 1869 III, 8.
Whiteley, J. G. A System of Compulsory Insurance Against Loss of Work. Note. VI, 76.
—, The Question of the Dardanelles. V, 374.
Whitney, Edward B. Anti-Trust Remedies Under the Northern Securities Decision. XIII, 3.
—, The Cuban Revolt and the Constitution. VII, 8.
Willcox, David. Rates by Fiat and Existence by License. XIV, 260.
Willcox, Walter F. Census Statistics of the Negro. XIII, 274.
William, W. M. J. A Better Control of Public Expenditures. XIX, 119.
Williams, Frederick Wells. Chinese and Mediaeval Gilds. I & II; I, 200, 275.
—, Christian Missions as a Sociological Factor. Note. VIII, 202.
Willoughby, William F. Concentration of Industries in the United States. VII, 72.
—, Government Publications. V, 143.
—, The Measurement of Unemployment : A Statistical Study, I & II. X, 188, 268.
—, The Modern Movement for the Housing of the Working Classes in France. VIII, 233.
—, The Societes de Secours Mutuels of France. VI, 169.
Willoughby, W. W. The Political Theories of Professor John W. Burgess. XVII, 59.
Woodruff, Clinton R. A Freer City—A Plea for Municipal Home Rule. XII, 360.
—, Municipal Government in Ohio. XII, 121.
—, The National Municipal League. Note. VII, 213.
—, The Paradox of Governor Pennypacker. XVI, 172.
—, Philadelphia’s Revolution. XV, 8.
Woodruff, F. E. Demand and the Ratio. Note, VI, 196, 316; Note, VII, 99.
Woollen, Evans. Labor and the Injunction. V, 39.
—, Labor Troubles between 1834 and 1837. I, 87.
Woolsey, Theodore S. An Inquiry Concerning Our Foreign Relations. I, 162.
—, An Interoceanic Canal in the Light of Precedent. IV, 246.
—, An Interoceanic Canal from the Standpoint of Self-interest. IV, 357.
—, The Law and the Policy for Hawaii. II, 347.
—, The Passing of Pacific Blockade. XI, 340.
Wright, Carroll D. The Limitations and Difficulties of Statistics. III, 121.
Young, James T. Liberty versus Efficiency. VIII, 274.
Zartman, Lester W. Discrimination and Cooperation in Fire Insurance Rating. XVIII, 154.
—, Mistakes in State Regulation of the Insurance Business. XVII, 24.


Abolition of Nominal Capital, Proposals for the. See Capital.
— of Wars, The. See War.
Absolutism of the Czar, The; The Secret of Autocracy. See Autocracy.
Accidents, and the Law, Work-. See Work.
—, a National Vice. Comment. XV, 343.
—, Railway in England. Note. M. H. Robinson. IX, 220.
Accounting Practice, Modern, The Federal Corporation Tax and. Act, Anti-Trust, The Scope and Effect of the.
Comment. VII, 241.
—, Business Companies’: 1900, The Proposed New York. Note. M. H. Robinson. IX, 79.
—, Currency, The, and the Gold Standard. Comment. IX, 250.
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Addresses, Two Notable. Comment. IV, 354.
Administration, Colonial. Note. Albert G. Keller. XI, 198.
—. English, The Late Liberal, The Economic Reforms of. Edward Porritt. IV, 269.
—, Governmental, of Industrial Enterprise. See Enterprise. Administrative Centralization in Mexico. See
Advertising, Modern, The Philosophy of. Comment. VII, 229.
—, The Significance of. Frederick Dwight. XVIII, 197.
Agrarian Movement in Russia, The. Vladimir G. Simkhovitch. XVI, 9.
Agricultural Bank for the Philippines, An. See Bank.
— Depression in England. J. H. Hollander. VI, 409.
— Development, Railway Progress and. See Railway Progress.
Agriculture: The Report of the Industrial Commission. See Report.
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Alaskan Gold Fields, The. See Gold Fields.
Alexander VI, the Demarcation Line of: An Epistle of the Period of Discovery. Edward D. Bourne, 1,35.
Alien Races, The Government of, by the United States. See Races.
Almsgiving, International. Comment. I, 6.
Amendment, The Fourteenth, in the Light of Recent Decisions. Max West. VIII, p. 385.
America, Corruption in France and. See Corruption.
American Budget-making. See Budget-making.
— Colleges, History of Political Studies in. Note. See Political Studies.
— Economic Association, The. See Association.
— Economic Association, The. Economic Studies. Note. V, 85.
— Financial Conditions, African Speculation and. Comment. See Speculation.
— International Indebtedness. See Indebtedness.
— Political Philosophy. See Political.
— Political Science Review, The. Note. See Political Science.
— Politics, European Comment on. Comment. See Politics.
— Politics, The Farmer in. See Farmer.
— Revolution, The Quebec Act and the. See Quebec Act.
— Sociological Society, An. See Society.
— State-owned Railroad, An. See Railroad.
— Statistical Practice. I. The Interstate Commerce Commission. See Statistical Practice.
— Tariff, The Prussian Sugar Bounty and the. See Bounty.
— Women, Sterility of. See Women.
— Workingmen. The Standard of Living. See Workingmen.
Anachronism, A Postal. Comment. X, 126.
Andorre, The Republic of. Bernard Moses. II, 28.
Andrews, President, The Resignation of. Comment. VI, 119.
Angell, The Late Mr. E. A. Note. VII, 218.
Annexation, The Historic Policy of the United States as to. Simeon E. Baldwin. II, 131.
Anthracite Coal Strike, Some Paradoxes of the. See Strike.
— Conflict The. Peter Roberts. I, 297.
Anthropologists, Criminal Congress of. Note. V, 324.
Anti-Trust Act, The. See Act, Anti-Trust.
Arbitration, Conciliation and, Industrial. See Conciliation.
—, The Hazards of. Comment. XI, 227.
—, Industrial, in New York State. George Gorham Groat. XV, 412.
Asiatic Contest, The Eastern. Comment. XIII, 1.
Assemblies, Legislative, The Abolition of. Comment. See Legislative.
“Assimilation,” French. Note. Albert G. Keller. IX, 218.
Association, The American Economic. Comment. X, 343. Comment. XI, 338.
—, The American Economic. Economic Studies. Note. See American Economic Association.
—, Currency, Indian. Comment. See Currency.
—, The Economic, and the Twelfth Census. See Census.
— for Improving the Condition of the Poor. New York. Half a Century of Improved Housing Effort by the. I & II. See
Housing Effort.
— for Labor Legislation, The International. See Legislation.
—, The Long Island Cauliflower Growers. Note. E. R. Lupton. XIV, 206.
—, Political Science, The Proposed. Comment. XII, 8.
— for the Promotion of Profit Sharing. Comment. See Profit.
—Tax, The National. Note. Clive Day. XVI, 197.
Associations, Traffic, The Future Status of. Comment. VI, 1.
Atlantic City Meetings, The. Comment. XVII, 359.
Australia, Democracy in. See Democracy.
—.United. J. H. Symons. IX, 129.
Autocracy, The Secret of; The Absolutism of the Czar. Alfred Pearce Dennis. XIV, 117.
Awards, The Anthracite Strike Commission’s. See Strike.
Balfour, Mr., and Protection. Comment. XII, 227.
Baltimore Plan, The. Comment. III, 236.
Bank, An Agricultural, for the Philippines. E. W. Kemmerer. XVI, 262.
— Clearings, Interest Rates and Politics. Charles E. Curtis. VII, 43.
—, National, The New Swiss. Comment. XIV, 340.
—• Note Issues, Restrictions on. Comment. IV, 228.
—• Note Issues, in Sweden, The Centralization of. A. W. flux. XI, 361.
—, Proposal, The Central. Comment. XVIII, 225.
— Savings, The Freedmen’s. I & II. walter L. fleming. XV, 40, 134.
Banking, Canadian, and the Financial Crisis. Note. A. W. flux. XVII, 93.
Banks, State, Currency and. See Currency.
Baths, Public, or the Gospel of Cleanness. W. H. tolman. VI, 50.
Beneke Prize, The. See Prize.
Bering Sea Controversy, The, from an Economic Standpoint. joseph stanley- brown. II, 195.
Berlin Centenary, The. See Centenary.
—, The Municipal Gas Works of. See Gas Works.
Bicentennial, Yale, The Public Aspects of the. Comment. X, 231.
Bill, Porto Rico, Precedents for the. Comment. IX, 6.
—, Sending in the. Comment. XVIII, 337.
—, Subsidy, The Frye. frank L. McVEY. XI, 38.
Bimetallic Theory, The. henry W. farnam. III, 203.
Bimetallism, International. henry W. farnam. V, 182.
—, International, An Explanation. henry W. farnam. V, 312.
—, International, A Rejoinder. F. A. walker. V, 303.
— and Socialism in Germany. Comment. IV, I.
Blockade, Pacific, The Passing of. theodore S. woolsey. XI, 340.
Bond Issue, The Gold Reserves and the. Comment. See Gold.
—, Syndicate, The Government and the. See Government.
Bonds, Industrial. lyman S. spitzer. XI, 374.
Books on Our New Possessions, Some Recent See Possessions. Boroughs, Rotten, of Old and New England. Note.
edward porritt. VII, 449.
Bounty Cases, The Sugar. See Sugar.
— Legislation and Subsidy, in Canada. See Legislation.
—, Sugar, The Russian and the American Tariff. Comment. X, 1.
Bourne, Edward Gaylord. Comment. XVII, I.
Brazil, Portuguese Colonization in. See Colonization.
British Budget of 1909, The. See Budget.
— Election Address, The. See Address.
— Legislation in 1898, 1901, 1903, 1904, 1905, 1906, 1907. See Legislation.
— Municipal and Educational Legislation in 1899. See Legislation.
Budget of 1009, The British. george L. Fox. XVIII, 342.
Budget-making, American. allen johnson. XVIII, 363.
Budgets, Personal, of Unmarried Persons. william B. bailey. X, 70.
Bulletin of the United States Labor Department. Note, See Labor Department.
Bureau of Labor Statistics, European. See Labor.
Burgess, Professor John W., The Political Theories of. W. W. WILLOUGHBY. XVII, 59.
Burns’ Report, English Nervousness and the. See Report.
Business Companies’ Act: 1900, The Proposed New York. See Act, Business Companies’.
— Depression, The New Theory of Prices, Wages, and Railroad Rates in Relation to. See Theory.
— Ethics and the Universities. See Ethics.
Cabinet, Origin and Creation of the President’s. henry barrett learned. XV, 160.
California, Labor in. See Labor.
—, The Railroad Strike in. See Strike.
—, The Taxation of Mortgages in. See Mortgages.
Cambridge Curriculum, The New, in Economics. Comment. XII, 225.
Campaign, The Literature of the. Comment. V, 237.
—, Presidential, The New Issues of the. Comment. V, 119.
—, The Presidential, its Relation to the Past, its Significance for the Future. Comment. XVII, 247.
Canada, The New Administration in. edward porritt. VI, 151.
—, Subsidy and Bounty Legislation in. See Legislation.
Canadian Banking and the Financial Crisis. See Banking.
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Capitalization and Market Value. H. J. davenport. XIX, 132.
Carl-Zeiss-Stiftung, The. An Attempt to Socialize Capitalism. See Capitalism.
Carver—Doctrinal Tendencies. See Tendencies.
Cauliflower Growers’ Association, The Long Island. See Association.
Cause, Fundamental, of the Panic. See Panic.
Census of Cuba, The. See Cuba.
— Office, Statistics of Special Classes and the. See Classes.
— The, of Porto Rico. See Porto Rico.
— Statistics of the Negro. See Negro.
—.Twelfth, The Economic Association and the. Comment. VII, 361.
—.Twelfth, The Scope and Method of the. Note. VII, 103. Censuses, Occupation and Manufacturing. robert rene
Kuczynski. XI, 83.
Centenary, The Berlin. Comment. XIX, 220.
Centralization, Administrative, in Mexico. L. S. rowe. XII, 231.
— of Banknote Issues in Sweden, The. See Banknote Issues.
—, Industrial, in Sweden. Note. albert G. keller, IX, 453.
Certificates, Clearing House Loan. Comment. See Clearing House.
—, Clearing House Loan: How Issued and Why. See Clearing House.
Charges, Railway, Observations Concerning the Theory of. H. T. newcomb. IX, 286.
Charities Chapter of the Greater New York Charter, The. Note. homer folks. VI, 311.
Charity Organization, The Limitations of. See Organization.
Charter, Greater New York, The Charities Chapter of the. See Charities.
Charters, City-Made. milo R. maltbie. XIII, 380.
Checks, Country, Charges on. Comment. VIII, 1.
Chicago Silver Convention, The. See Convention.
Children, School, The Feeding of. C. I. loch. XV, 230.
—, School, The Labor of, in Denmark. See School Children.
China, The Currency of. See Currency.
Chinese and Mediaeval Gilds. See Gilds.
Christian Missions as a Sociological Factor. See Missions.
Cities, Massachusetts, Municipal Electric Plants in. See Electric Plants.
City Farm Training Schools. See Schools.
—, Freer, A.—A Plea for Municipal Home Rule. clinton R. woodruff. XII, 360.
— Growth, The Political Consequences of. L. S. rowe. IX, 20.
—Growth, The Social Consequences of. L. S. rowe. X, 298.
—Made Charters. See Charters. Civil Service Reform, The Massachusetts Auxiliary. Note. XV, 86.
—, The Progress of. Comment. IV, 351.
— War, An Episode in the Financial History of the: The Confederate Foreign Loan. See Confederate.
—War, Florida Finance in the. See Finance.
Clark’s Distribution of Wealth. See Wealth.
Classes, Special, Statistics of, and the Census Office. Comment. XIII, 123.
— in the United States. Comment. X, 345.
Clearing House Loan Certificates. Comment. II, 227.
— House Loan Certificates; How Issued and Why. C. E. curtis. VI, 251.
Cleveland, Grover. Comment. XVII, 119.
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— Strike, The Anthracite. See Strike.
— Strike, Anthracite, Some Paradoxes of the. See Strike.
— Strike Hearings, The. See Strike.
— Strike, The Uses of the. See Strike.
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Coartación: A Spanish Institution for the Advancement of Slaves into Freedmen. H. H. S. aimes. XVII, 412.
College Graduates, Dartmouth, Statistics of Vocations of. Note. frank H. dixon. X, 84.
— Graduates, Statistics of. Note. VIII, 89; Note. VIII, 318.
— Graduates, Statistics of the Vocations of. Note. VII, 341.
Colleges, American, History of Political Studies in. See Political Studies.
Colonial Administration. See Administration.
— Experiment, A French, in the Far East. henry E. bourne. VIII, 8.
— Policy of the Germans. See Policy.
Colonies, Italian Expansion and. See Expansion.
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—, Portuguese, in Brazil. albert G. keller. XIV, 374.
Colorado, The Situation in. Louis R. ehrich. V, 51.
Columbus, The Character of. thomas R. bacon. I, 245.
Combination of Railroads, The Basis of Rate-making as Affected by Competition versus. See Rate-making.
—, The Tin Plate. frank L. Mcvey. VIII, 156.
Combinations, Monopolies and, The Classification of. See Monopolies.
Commercial Crises, Typical, versus a Money Panic. See Crises.
— Crisis, The Present. Comment. See Crisis.
— or Economic Geography, The Nature of. See Geography.
— Education, The Demand for. See Education.
— Relations of the Poor. See Poor.
— Relations, Our, With Germany. See Relations.
Commission, Industrial, The Report of the. See Report.
—, Industrial, The Work of the. Note. M. H. robinson. IX, 78.
— Industrial, The Work of the. Comment. XI, 225.
—, The Interstate Commerce, I. American Statistical Practice. See Statistical Practice.
—, Royal, A New. Note. V, 209. Commission’s Report, The Postal. Note. charles W. burrrows. XVI, 87.
Commissions, Government, Some Difficulties of. Comment. XVI, 115.
Committee on Speculation, Report of the Governor’s. See Speculation.
— on the Unemployed, The House of Commons Select. Note. See Unemployed.
Compensation Acts, Workmen’s. See Workmen’s.
Competition versus Combination of Railroads, The Basis of Rate-making as Affected by. See Rate-making.
— in Life Insurance. See Insurance.
— of Waterways in the Netherlands. See Waterways. Competitor, Legal Limitations upon Interference with the
Contract Rights of a. See Contract Rights.
Compatabilism, Social. Note. VI, 323.
Concentration in Retail Trade. See Trade.
Conciliation-Arbitration Act. Victorian Wages Boards and the New Zealand. See Wages Boards.
— and Arbitration, Industrial. E. R. L. gould. III, 376.
Confederate Foreign Loan, The: An Episode in the Financial History of the Civil War. J. C. schwab. I, 175.
— States, The Financier of the. J. C. schwab. II, 288.
Conference, The Bern. Comment. XV, 225.
—, Cuba and the Brussels Sugar. See Cuba.
—, The Ibero-American. Note. albert G. keller. IX, 455.
—, Monetary, The Indianapolis. Comment. See Monetary Conference.
— Regarding Labor Protection, The. See Protection.
—, Tax, The Columbus. Note. fred rogers fairchild. XVI, 433.
—, Tax, The International. Note. fred rogers fairchild. XVII, 344; XVIII, 320.
— on Trusts, The. See Trusts.
Conflict, The Anthracite. See Anthracite.
—, Russo-Japanese, Some of the issues of the. K. asakawa. XIII, 16.
Congress and Anti-Trust Legislation. See Legislation.
— of Criminal Anthropoligists. Note. See Anthropoligists.
—, An International, of Economic Expansion. See Expansion.
Congresses, Socialistic. Note. See Socialistic.
Connecticut Convention, The. See Convention.
—, The Farmers’ Movement in. Comment. See Farmers’.
—, Intestacy Law, The. See Law.
—, State Expenditure in. See Expenditure.
— State Reformatory, The. Note. See Reformatory.
Constitution be Amended, Should Our? Comment. XV, 227.
—, The Cuban Revolt and the. See Revolt.
—, Federal, Direct Taxes and the. See Taxes.
—, Federal, Opposition to the Adoption of the. Note. V, 448.
—, Imperialism and the. See Imperialism.
— making, Recent State. john B. phillips. XII, 389.
Constitutional Interpretation. john T. bascom. X, 350.
— Union Party, of 1860. The. charles F. richardson. III, 144.
Consular Service of the United States, The Recent Reforms in the. avard L. bishop. XVI, 39.
Consumers’ League, The. See League.
Contract Rights of a Competitor, Legal Limitations upon Interference with the. mason trowbridge. XIX, 55.
—System on Municipal Works, The Day Labor and. See Day Labor.
Contracts, Gold, in the United States. See Gold.
Control, Federal, The Limits of. Comment. XVI, 113.
Controversy, The Bering Sea, from an Economic Standpoint See Bering Sea.
—, Railroad Rate. Economic Phases of the. A. M. sakolski. XIX, 268.
Convention, The Connecticut. charles H. clark. XI, 146.
—, Federal, George Washington in the. See Washington.
—, The Geneva. Comment. XV, 226.
—, Silver, The Chicago. Comment. II, 117.
Conventions, The Manchurian. K, asakawa. XVIII, 260.
Cooperation in Fire Insurance Rating, Discrimination and. See Insurance.
Cooperative Undertakings of Danish Craftsmen. See Craftsmen.
Copyright, The Ethics of. kate H. claghorn. IV, 426.
Corporation, The Holding. Maurice H. robinson. I, XVIII, 300; II, XIX, 13.
—, Tax, The Federal, and Modern Accounting Practice. See Tax.
—, The United States Steel and the Panic of 1907. Note. G. B. gould. XIX, 177.
Corporations and the Legislature. henry C. white. III, 35.
—, and the State. Comment. XIV, 233.
—, and State Law. See Law.
—, Taxation of. Comment. XI, 4.
Corruption in France and in America. Comment. I, 335.
Corrupt Practices Connected with the Building and Operation of the State Works of Pennsylvania. See State Works.
Cost of Transportation by Land and Water. Comment. See Transportation.
Costs, Increasing and Diminishing, in International Trade. See Trade, International.
Cotton Burning in the South. Comment. XIII, 344.
— and Cotton Manufacturing in the United States, The Present Status of. edward atkinson. VII, 129.
Council, The London County, and its Work. george L. Fox. IV, 80.
Court, The Supreme, and the Insular Cases. simeon E. baldwin. X, 129.
Courts, Unionism and the. See Unionism.
Craftsmen, Danish, Cooperative Undertakings of. Note. albert G. keller. XI, 403.
Credit. The Influence of, on Prices. W. G. langworthy taylor. XV, 113.
Criminal Anthropoligists, Congress of. Note. See Anthropologists.
Crises, Labor, and their Periods in the United States. henry W. farnam. VII, 180.
— and their Management. charles A. conant. IX, 374.
—, Typical Commercial, versus a Money Panic. harry G. brown. XIX, 168.
Crisis, Commercial, The Present. Comment. II, 113.
—, The Economic, in Germany. dr. AD. braun, XI, 9.
—, Financial, Canadian Banking and the. See Banking.
—, Financial, Why there has been no. alexander D. noyes. XIII, 239.
—, Labor, The Latest. Comment. III, 113.
— of Prussian Agriculture, The. See Agriculture.
Cuba and the Brussels Sugar Conference. Comment. XI, 120.
—, The Census of. Note. IX, 452.
—, Some Economic Consequences of the Liberation of. G. kingsley olmsted. VII, 168.
—, The Transition from Slave to Free Labor in. See Labor.
Cuban Question, The. Comment. XI, I.
Culture System, Abolition of the, and Transition to Free Labor. See Labor, Tropical, Experience of the Dutch with.
— System, The. See Labor, Tropical, Experience of the Dutch with.
Currency Act, The, and the Gold Standard. See Act.
— Act, The New. Comment. IX, I.
— Association, Indian. Comment. I, 241.
— of China, The. Willard fisher. V, 403.
— Debasement. Comment. III, 3.
— Pamphlet, Douglass’s. Reprint of. Note. VI, 436.
— Problem, The Mexican. Comment. XII, 343.
— Question, Notes on the. Note. V, 452.
— Question, Remarks on the. Comment. III, 345.
— Reform, The Outlook for. Comment. VI, 117.
— Reform Problem, Our. See Reform.
— Reform, The Progress of. Comment. VI, 337.
— Reform, Two Plans for. See Reform.
— Report, Indian, The Significance of the. Comment. VIII, 113.
— and State Banks. alfred L. ripley. III, 311.
Czar, The Absolutism of; The Secret of Autocracy. See Autocracy.
Dangers of Insurance. See Insurance.
Danish Craftsmen, Cooperative Undertakings of. See Craftsmen.
Dardanelles, The Question of the. J. G. whiteley. V, 374.
Day Labor and Contract System on Municipal Works, The. J. R. commons. V, 428.
Debt in the United States, Abolition of Imprisonment for. Note. frank T. carlton. XVII, 339. Debts, British, The
Western Posts and the. I & II. See Posts.
Decision, Northern Securities, Anti-Trust Remedies Under the. See Remedies.
Demand and the Ratio. Note. F. E. woodruff. VI, 196, 316; VII, 99. Note. editors. VI, 198, 318; Note; VII, 101.
Demarcation Line of Alexander VI, The: An Epistle of the Period of Discovery. See Alexander.
Democracy, The Alleged Failure of. john bascom. IX, 253.
— in Australia. J. collier. -XIII, 159.
—, Direct, in Switzerland, The Referendum and other Forms of. See Referendum.
—, Industrial. john G. brooks. VII, 265.
—, Joint Stock Democracy vs. Popular. Comment. XV, in. Index of Subjects.
— and Peace. S. M. macvane. IX, 9.
—, Reactionary. Comment. IX, 360.
Democratic Platforms, The Evolution of the Financial Planks in the. Comment. See Platforms.
Denmark and its Aged Poor. See Poor.
—, Trades-Unions in. See Trades-Unions.
Depreciation of Gold, The. See Gold. Depression, Business, The New Theory of Prices, Wages, and Railroad Rates in
Relation to. See Theory.
—, The Existing, Compared with its Predecessors. Comment. III, I.
Descent, The Theory of, and Social Sciences. Note. albert G. keller. XII, 429.
Discovery, An Epistle of the Period of: The Demarcation Line of Alexander VI. See Alexander.
Discrimination and Cooperation in Fire Insurance Rating. See Insurance.
—, Early Railroad Monopoly and, in Rhode Island, 1835-55. See Monopoly.
Disfranchisement in West Virginia. I & II. charles H. ambler. XIV, 38, 155.
Distress, The Winter’s, Some Notes on. Comment. II, 341.
Distribution, The Conflict Theory of. simon N. patten. XVII, 156.
— of Urban Land Values. See Values.
— of Wealth, Clark’s. See Wealth. Doctrinal Tendencies—Fetter, Flux, Seager, Carver. See Tendencies.
Dominion Politics in 1898. See Politics.
Dutch, Experience of the, with Tropical Labor. See Labor, Tropical.
— Merchant Marine, The. See Merchant Marine.
—, The Opium Policy of the, in the East Indies. See Policy.
Earnings, Municipal, Restriction of. Note. alton D. adams. X, 424.
East, Some of the Events Leading up to the War in the. See War.
Economic Aspects of Legal Tender, Some. See Tender.
— Association, The American. See Association.
— Association, The American. Economic Studies. Note. See American Economic Association.
— Association, The, and the Twelfth Census. See Census.
— Conditions of the Farmer, Some of the. See Farmer.
— Conditions, Russian, Recent Works on. vladimir gr. simkhovitch. VIII, 373.
— Crisis in Germany, The. See Crisis.
— Essays, Prizes in. Note. XV, 85.
— Expansion, An International Congress of. See Expansion.
— Geography, The Nature of Commercial or. See Geography.
— and Historical Meetings at New Orleans, The. Comment. XII, 337.
— Investigation in the United States. See Investigation.
— Legislation, English, 1900. See Legislation.
— Legislation, Recent Tendencies in. See Legislation.
— Literature, Recent Tendencies in. See Literature.
— Problem of Forest Taxation, The. See Taxation.
— Publications, Recent. Note. V, 210.
— and Social Legislation in the United States, Recent. See Legislation.
— Standpoint, The Bering Sea Controversy from an. See Bering Sea.
— Terms, Misunderstanding about. See Terms.
Economics and Education. Comment. XI, 6.
—, Ethics and. Comment. See Ethics.
—, Impressionism in. Comment. IV, 346.
—, The, of Improved Housing. See Housing.
— and Law in the Supreme Court. Comment. IV, 4.
—, The New Cambridge Curriculum in. See Cambridge.
— and the Papacy. Comment. XII, 113.
Economist, A Neglected. john rae. Note. V, 457.
Economists Wasting their Time, Are? Comment. XVII, 362.
Economy, Political. The Scope of. See Political.
—, Social, at the Paris Exposition. See Exposition.
Editions, Reprints, etc., Some New. Note. VII, 339.
Editorial Note. See Note. Education, Commercial, The Demand for. Comment. XII, 340.
—, Economics and. See Economics.
Educational Campaigns. Note. W. H. tolman. VI, 431.
— Legislation, Municipal and, British, in 1899. See Legislation.
Efficiency, Liberty versus. See Liberty.
Election Address, The British. See Address.
— Law, Primary, The Minnesota. See Law.
— Petition Trials, The Cost of the English. Note. V, 451.
Elections, Some Effects of Periodicity in. Comment. XIII, 233.
Electric Interurban Railroad, The. See Railroad.
— Plants, Municipal, in Massachusetts Cities. Note. alton D. adams. X, 205.
— Plants, Operation of, by Massachusetts Towns. Note. alton D. adams. X, 320.
Emigration from Greece, The Causes of. henry P. fairchild. XVIII, 176.
Employees, Public, Physical Vigor of. john R. commons. X, 416.
Engineers, English, The Strike of the. Comment. VI, 230.
England, Agricultural Depression in. See Agricultural Depression.
—, Free Silverism in. Note. See Silverism.
—, The Government of. See Government.
—, Old and New, Rotten Boroughs of. See Boroughs.
—, Railway Accidents in. See Accidents.
—, Recent Legislation in. See Legislation.
—, Rural Sanitation in. See Sanitation.
England’s Problem in India. See India.
English Economic Legislation, 1900. See Legislation.
— Election Petition Trials, The Cost of the. Note. See Election.
— Farmers, The Unrest of. See Farmers.
— Labor in and out of Parliament in 1893. See Labor.
— Legislation in 1902. See Legislation.
— Liberal Administration, The Economic Reforms of the Late. See Administration.
— Local Rating System, The. Note. See Rating System.
— Nervousness and the Burns’ Report. See Report.
— Poor Law Management, Changes in. Note. See Poor Law Management.
— Socialists, The Vicissitudes of the, in 1895. See Socialists.
— Town, The Poverty of an. See Town.
— Trades-Unionism, The Coming of Age of. See Trade-Unionism.
Enterprise, Industrial, Governmental Administration of. arthur T. hadley. IV, 398.
Ethics, and the Universities, Business. Comment. XIV, 113.
— and Economics. Comment. II, 115.
— as a Political Science. I & II. arthur T. hadley. I, 354.
Eugenics. Note. albert G. keller. XIV, 78.
—, the Science of Rearing Human Thoroughbreds. albert G. keller. XVII, 127.
Events Leading up to the War in the East, Some of the. See War.
Exchange, International, Prevailing Theories in Europe as to the Influence of Money on. See Money.
—, Stock, The New York, and the Panic of 1907. eugene meyer. jr. XVIII, 34.
—, Stock, Ten Years’ Regulation of the, in Germany. henry C. emery. XVII, 5.
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Expansion and Colonies, Italian. albert G. keller. IX, 175.
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williams. XIX, 119.
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Experimentation, Legislative, Ireland and. Comment. XVIII, 116.
Exploration, Arctic, Ethics of. Comment. VI, 227.
Export Statistics. Comment. X, 3.
Exposition, Modern, The Functions of the. Comment. X, 124.
—, Paris, Social Economy at the. Note. IX, 216.
Extradition Treaty, The Russo-American. See Treaty.
Extravagance, Congressional, The Rationale of. rollo ogden. VI, 37.
Failures of Legislation. See Legislation.
Famine in India, The Prevention and Relief of. P. C. lyon. VI, 123.
Farm, Gold and the Prices of the Products of the. See Gold.
— Training Schools, City. See Schools.
— Unrest in New England, The. clarence deming. I, 291.
Farmer, The, in American Politics. jesse macy. III, 369.
—, The Massachusetts, and Taxation. C. S. walker. VI, 63.
—, Some of the Economic Condi- tions of the. george K. holmes. VIII, 255.
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Farmers, English, The Unrest of. edward porritt. II, 54.
Farmers’ Movement in Connecticut, The. Comment. II, 4.
— of the United States, Organization among the. john lee coulter. XVIII, 273.
Federal Activity in the Interest of the Public Health. See Health.
— Constitution, Opposition to the Adoption of the. Note. See Constitution.
— Control, The Limits of. See Control.
— Corporation Tax, The, and Modern Accounting Practice. See Tax.
— Government, The Statistical Work of the. See Government.
Fellowship System, Dangers in the. Comment. IV, 125.
Fetter—Doctrinal Tendencies. See Tendencies.
Fiat, Rates by, and Existence by License. See Rates.
Filipino People, The Formation of the. bryan J. clinch. X, 53.
Finance, Florida, in the Civil War. Note. david Y. thomas. XVI, 311.
—, Small, and the Wage Earner. Note. roswell C. McCREA. XVII, 432.
Financial Crisis, Why there has been no. See Crisis.
— Conditions, African Speculation and American. Comment. See Speculation.
— History of the Civil War, An Episode in the: The Confederate Foreign Loan. See Confederate.
— Planks in the Democratic Platforms, The Evolution of the. See Platforms.
— Possibilities and Perils. See Possibilities.
— Reform in Germany. See Reform.
—, The, versus the Industrial History of the Country. See History.
Financier of the Confederate States, The. See Confederate.
Florida Finance in the Civil War. See Finance.
Flux—Doctrinal Tendencies. See Tendencies.
Foreign Loan, The Confederate: An Episode in the Financial History of the Civil War. See Confederate.
— Relations, An Inquiry Concerning Our. See Relations.
Forest Problems in the United States. henry S. graves. X, 236.
— Taxation, The Economic Problem of. See Taxation.
Fortunes, Large, The Pruning of Comment. XV, 6.
Foundation, Sage, The. Comment. XVI, 4.
France and America, Corruption in. Comment. See Corruption.
—, Contemplated Changes in the General Corporation Law of. Note. See Law.
—, Northern, The Socialistic Municipalities of. leo S. rowe. VII, 363.
—, The Reductio ad Absurdum of Socialism in. See Socialism.
—, The “Societes de Secours Mutuels” of. See “Societes,” etc.
Franchises, Corporate, Taxation of, in Massachusetts. charles A. andrews. XIX, 357.
Fraternity among the Socialists. See Socialists.
Freeman, Edward A. hannis taylor. II, 159.
—, The Scholar and Professor. herbert B. adams. IV, 231.
French “Assimilation.” See “Assimilation.”
— Colonial Experiment, in the Far East, A. See Colonial Experiment.
— Postal Strike, The Philosophy of the. See Strike.
— Revolution, The: The Work of the Committee of Legislation and Public Instruction in the Convention. See
— Socialists, A Congress of. See Socialists.
Friday, Black, 1869. horace white. III, 8.
Frye Subsidy Bill. See Bill.
Futures and Options, Legislation against. Comment. I, 116.
Gas Works, The Municipal, of Berlin. robert C. brooks. I. XIV, 361. II. XV, 24.
Geography, Commercial or Economic, The Nature of. avard L. bishop. XVIII, 47.
George, Henry. Comment; VI, 225.
— Junior Republic, The. See Republic.
— Junior Republic, The. Note. See Republic.
German Colonization, The Beginnings of. See Colonization.
— Imperialism, A Phase of. See Imperialism.
— Industries, The Concentration of. See Industries.
— Socialists, The Annual Party Convention of. See Socialists.
— Solution of Slaughter-House Problems, A. See Slaughter-House.
— Tariff Controversy, The. See Tariff.
— Tariff Policy, Past and Present. See Tariff.
— Workmen’s Insurance, The Psychology of. See Insurance.
Germans, Colonial Policy of the. See Policy.
Germany, Bimetallism and Socialism in. Comment. See Bimetallism.
—, The Economic Crisis in. See Crisis.
—, Financial Reform in. See Reform.
—, The Industrial Progress in. See Progress.
—, The New Unearned Increment Taxes in. See Taxes.
—, Our Commercial Relations with. See Relations.
—, The Political Drift of. H. H. powers. VIII, 68.
—, Ten Years’ Regulation of the Stock Exchange in. See Ex- change.
—, Workmen’s Insurance in. See Insurance.
Gilds, Chinese and Mediaeval. I & II. frederick .W. williams. I, 200, 275.
—, Hindu, Ancient and Modern. I & II. E. washburn hopkins. VII, 24, 197.
Gold in Circulation. Note. VII, 105.
— Contracts in the United States. Note. VII, 219.
—, The Depreciation of. J. pease norton. XV, 293.
— Fields, The Alaskan. Note. VII, 216.
—, Movement of, Foreign Exchanges and the. See Exchanges.
— and the Prices of the Products of the Farm. L. G. powers. V, 239.
— Reserve, The, of the Treasury and of the Country. Comment. III, 341.
— Reserves and the Bond Issue, The. Comment. II, I.
— Standard, The Currency Act and the. See Act.
— Standard, Japan and the. See Japan.
Government Activity, Reasons for Limiting. Comment. I, 342.
—, The, and the Bond Syndicate. brayton ives. IV, 10.
— Commissions, Some Difficulties of. See Commissions.
— of England, The. allen johnson. XVII, 366.
—, Federal, The Statistical Work of the. I & II. julius H. parmelee. XIX, 289, 374.
— and Liberty. james W. garner. XV, 348.
— for the Minority and by the Minority. Comment. See Minority.
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— Publications. W. E. willoughby. V, 143.
—, Russian, Experiment of the, in the Manufacture and Sale of Spirituous Liquors. See Liquors.
—, Self-Suffrage and, in Porto Rico. See Suffrage.
Grundriss, Schmoller’s. henry W. farnam. IX, 164.
Halle, Professor von, The Late. Comment. XVIII, 121.
Hard Times and the Standard Wage. See Wage.
Hawaii, The Law and the Policy for. theodore S. woolsey. II, 347.
Hawaiian Islands, The Proposed Plan for the Government of the. Comment. VII, 360.
Health, Public, Federal Activity in the Interest of the. james W. garner. XIV, 181.
Henry, Patrick, A New Study of. M. C. tyler. I, 345.
Hilse Prize, The. See Prize.
Historic Policy of the United States as to Annexation, The. See Annexation.
Historical Industries. See Industries.
— Meetings, The Economic and, at New Orleans. See Economic.
— Monographs, Recent. See Monographs.
History, The Financial, versus the Industrial, of the Country. Comment. XII, 116.
— of the Negro in the United States, The. Note. See Negro.
— of Party, The Natural. See Party.
— and Political Science in Yale College. Comment. III, 237.
House of Commons Select Committee on the Unemployed, The. Note. See Unemployed.
— of Representatives, The Treaty-making Power of the. See Representatives.
Housing Effort, Improved, by the New York Association for Improving the Condition of the Poor, Half a Century of. I
& II. W. H. tolman. V, 288, 389.
—, Improved, The Economics of. E. R. L. gould. V, 8.
— of the Working Classes in France, The Modern Movement for the. See Working Classes.
Hutton, Ulrich von, in the Light of Recent Investigation. frank P. goodrich. III, 45.
Ideals, Old Christian, Modern Social Reform and. See Reform.
Immigrant Population, The. See Population.
Immigrants, Distribution of. H. P. fairchild. XVI, 296.
Immigration. francis A. walker. I, 125.
— Differences, Some. henry pratt fairchild. XIX, 79.
Imperial Policy, Administrative Problems of an. See Policy.
— Rule, Prussian Ministers and. See Ministers.
Imperialism and the Constitution. Comment. VII, 358.
—, German, A Phase of. Comment. XI, 122.
—, True and False. Comment. VII, 121.
Imprisonment for Debt in the United States, Abolition of. See Debt.
Income Tax Decision, The. john K. beach. V, 58.
Incorporation Law of France. General Contemplated Changes in the. See Law.
Indebtedness, American International. N. T. bacon. IX, 265.
India, England’s Problem in. theodore H. boggs. XVII, 392.
—, Famine in, The Prevention and Relief of. See Famine.
—, Price Movements and Interest in. See Price Movement.
Indian Currency Association. Comment. See Currency.
— Currency Report, The Significance of the. Comment. See Currency Report.
— Policy, The, of Spain. See Spain.
Individual Responsibility, The Decline of, in the United States. See Responsibility.
Individualism as a Sociological Principle. E. benjamin andrews. II, 13.
Industrial Arbitration in New York State. See Arbitration.
— Bonds. See Bonds.
— Centralization in Sweden. See Centralization.
— Commission, The Report of the. See Report.
— Commission, The Work of the. See Commission.
— Conciliation and Arbitration. See Conciliation.
— Democracy. See Democracy.
— Enterprise, Governmental Administration of. See Enterprise.
— History, The Financial versus the, of the Country. See History.
— Leadership. See Leadership.
— Progress, The, in Germany. See Progress.
Industries, German, The Concentration of. Note. IX, 91.
— Historical. James Schouler. III, 24.
Industry, The Tin Plate. frank L. McVEY. VII, 302.
— in the United States, The Concentration of. W. F. WILLOUGHBY. VII, 72.
Injunction, Labor and the. See Labor.
Institutional Study, Some Aspects of. C. M. andrews. I, 381.
Insular Cases, The Supreme Court and the. See Court.
— Questions, Some. Nathaniel T. bacon. X, 159.
Insurance Business, Mistakes in State Regulation of the. lester W. Zartman. XVII, 24.
— Company, Metropolitan Life, The Social Programme of the. Note. XVIII, 84.
—, Compulsory, against Loss of Work, A System of. Note. J. G. Whiteley. VI, 76.
—, Dangers of. Comment. XVII, 3.
—, Life, Competition in. L. A. anderson. XIV, 285.
— Rating, Fire, Discrimination and Cooperation in. lester W. zartman. XVIII, 154.
—, Sick and Accident, The Problem of, in Switzerland. O. H. jenny. XIX, 235.
— of the Unemployed at Basel. Note. See Unemployed.
— against Unemployment in Switzerland. Note. See Unemployment.
—, Workingmen’s, in the United States. Comment. XIX, 224.
—, Workmen’s, German—A Postscript. henry W. Farnam. XIII, 435.
—, Workmen’s, German, The Psychology of. henry W. Farnam. XIII, 98.
—, Workmen’s, in Germany. I, II, III & IV. NORBERT PINKUS. XII, 372; XIII, 72, 296, 418.
Interest Rates, Bank Clearings, and Politics. See Bank Clearings.
Internal Waterways, New Problems of. See Waterways.
International Almsgiving. Comment. See Almsgiving.
—Bimetallism. See Bimetallism.
—Bimetallism; An Explanation. See Bimetallism.
—Bimetallism; A Rejoinder. See Bimetallism.
—Congress, An, of Economic Expansion. See Expansion.
—Congress on Unemployment, The First. Note. See Unemployment.
—Indebtedness, American. See Indebtedness.
—Labor Legislation. See Legislation.
—Law, Private, The Beginnings of an Official European Code of. See Law.
—Tax Conference, The. See Conference.
—Trade, Increasing and Diminishing Costs in. See Trade.
Interoceanic Canal, An, in the Light of Precedent. See Canal.
—Canal, An, from the Standpoint of Self-interest. See Canal.
Interstate Commerce Commission, The. I. American Statistical Practice. See Statistical Practice.
—Taxation. Comment. See Taxation.
Interurban Railroad, Electric, The. See Railroad.
Intestacy Law, The Connecticut. See Law.
Investigation, Economic, in the United States. jacob H. Hollander. XII, 25.
Ireland and Legislative Experimentation. See Experimentation.
Italian Expansion and Colonies. See Expansion.
Japan and the Gold Standard. Comment. VI, 3.
—Mail of March 6th, 1897, An Editorial in the. See Mail.
—in Manchuria. I & II. K. Asakawa. XVII, 185, 268.
Jefferson and the Social Compact Theory. george P. fisher. II, 403.
Jews, The, in Russia. I. M. Rubinow. XV, 147.
Joint Stock Democracy vs. Popular Democracy. Comment. See Democracy.
Jowett, Professor, as an Educator. Comment. II, 229. Labor in California. carl C. Plehn. IV, 409.
—Crises and their Periods in the United States. See Crises.
—Crisis, The Latest. See Crisis.
—Department, Bulletins of. Note. VI, 437.
—Department, United States, Bulletin of the. Note. V, 87.
—Department of, Work of the. Note. VI, 203.
—, English, in and out of Parliament in 1893. edward Porritt. II, 418.
—, Free, Abolition of the Culture System and Transition to. See Labor, Tropical, Experience of the Dutch with.
—and the Injunction. evans woollen. V, 39.
—Legislation, The Constitutionality of. See Legislation.
—Legislation, International. See Legislation.
—Legislation, The International Association for. See Legislation.
—Legislation, Uniformity in. See Legislation.
—Protection, The Conference Regarding. See Protection.
—, The Report of the Industrial Commission. I. See Report.
—, The Transition from Slave to Free, in Cuba. herbert H. S. aimes. XV, 68.
—, Tropical, Experience of the Dutch with. clive day. I, The Culture System. VIII, 420.
II, Abolition of the Culture System and Transition to Free Labor. IX, 58.
—Troubles between 1834 and 1837. evans woollen. I, 87.
Land Tenure among the Negroes. pitt dillingham. V, 190.
Land Values, Urban, Distribution of. See Values.
Law, The Connecticut Intestacy. charles M. andrews. III, 261.
—, Constitutional, Limits of. thomas thatcher. VI, 7.
—, Economics and, in the Supreme Court. See Economics.
—, Incorporation, General Contemplated Changes in the, of France. Note. simeon E. baldwin. VII, 204.
—, International, Private, The Beginnings of an Official European Code of. simeon E. baldwin. XII, 10.
—in Ohio, The Tax Inquisitor. See Tax Inquisitor.
—, The, and the Policy for Hawaii. See Hawaii.
—, Primary Election, The Minnesota. Note. frank L. mcVey. IX, 450.
—Recent, Some Interesting Features of a. alexander purves. XIII, 408.
—, Silver, Probable Effects of the Existing. Comment. See Silver.
—, State, Corporations and. Comment. VIII, 5.
—, Trade Unions and the. Comment. See Trade Unions.
—, Trades Unions and the. Comment. See Trades Unions.
—, Work-Accidents, and the. See Work.
Laws Regulating Railroads. Note. See Railroads.
Leadership, Industrial. clive day. XVIII, 21.
—in Legislation, The New. See Legislation.
League, The Consumers’. Note. VI, 323.
—, The National Municipal. Note. clinton R. woodruff. VII, 213.
Legacy, The Roosevelt. Comment. XVIII, 340.
Legal Tender, Some Economic Aspects of. See Tender.
— Theories of Price Regulation. See Price.
Legislation, Anti-Trust Congress and. Comment. XII, 6.
—, Bad, Causes of. Comment. VI, 113
—, British, in the Session of 1898. Note. edward Porritt. VII, 331.
—, British, in 1901. Note. Ed WARD PORRITT. X, 313.
—, British. Note. annie G. porritt: in 1903, XII, 290; in 1904, XIV, 60; in 1905, XIV, 411; in 1906, XV, 432; in 1907,
XVI, 427.
—, British Municipal and Educational, in 1899. edward Porritt. VIII, 289.
—, Economic, English, 1900. Note. edward porritt. IX, 314.
—, Economic, Recent Tendencies in. edward D. durand. XII, 409.
—, Economic and Social, Recent in the United States, F. J. stimson. V, 251; VI, 184.
— in England, Recent. Edward Porritt. V, 272.
—, English, in 1897. edward porritt. VI, 267; in 1902, XI, 387.
—, Failure of. Comment. XVII, 2.
—, against Futures and Options. Comment. See Futures.
—, Labor, The Constitutionality of. Comment. VII, 5.
—, Labor, International. Comment. XIV, 235.
—, Labor, International Association for. Note. XI, 198.
—, Labor, Uniformity in. Comment. XIV, 116.
—, The New Leadership in. Comment. XIX, 113.
—, Public Opinion and. See Public Opinion.
—, The Science of. Comment. XII, 118.
—, Scientific, in Wisconsin. Comment. XVI, 233.
—, Subsidy and Bounty, in Canada in 1899. Note. edward porritt. VIII, 312.
Legislative Assemblies, The Abolition of. Comment. IV, 121.
— Experimentation, Ireland and. See Experimentation.
— Library, The Wisconsin. See Library.
— Machinery, Some Defects in Our. Comment. II, 337.
— Organs, Arrested Development of. Comment. XIX, 116.
Legislature, Corporations and the. See Corporations.
Lessons, Some, of the Panic. See Panic.
Liberty versus Efficiency. james T. young. VIII, 274.
—, Government and. See Government.
Library, Legislative, The Wisconsin. M. S. dudgeon. XVI, 288.
License, Existence by, Rates by Fiat and. See Rates.
Licensing, The Royal Commission on. Note. E. porritt. VI, 75.
Life Insurance Company, Metropolitan, The Social Programme of the. See Insurance.
Limiting Government Activity, Reasons for. Comment. See Government.
Linotype, The Introduction of the. george E. barnett. XIII, 251.
Liquor Problem, Economic Aspects of the. Note. VII, 217.
— Problem, A New Volume on the. Note. VII, 456.
Liquors, Spirituous, Experiment of the Russian Government in the Manufacture and Sale of. Note. Wm. B. bailey. IX,
List, Friedrich, and German Nationalism. Comment. X, 121.
Literature, Economic, Recent Tendencies in. arthur T. hadley. III, 251.
—, Postal Rates and. See Rates.
Loan Certificates, Clearing House. See Clearing House.
—, The Confederate Foreign : An Episode in the Financial History of the Civil War. See Confederate.
Lockout, The Danish, of 1899. Note. albert G. keller. VIII, 453.
London County Council, The, and its Work. See Council.
Lugano Meeting, The. Comment. XIX, 217.
Lynching, Proposed Remedies for. J. E. cutler. XIII, 194.
Lynchings in the South. Note. VI, 202.
Machinists’ Strike, The. I, 1900; II, 1901. See Strike.
Mail, Japan, of March 6th, 1897. An Editorial in the. Note. VI, 87.
— Rates, The Second Class. See Rates.
Malthus, The Essay of: A Centennial Review. frank A. fetter. VII, 153.
Manchester Ship Canal, The. See Canal.
Manchuria, Railway Land in. Note. K. Asakawa. XVIII, 86.
Manchurian Conventions, The. See Conventions.
Manufacturing Censuses, Occupation and. See Censuses.
Massachusetts Bay, The Coin Shilling of. See Shilling.
— Cities, Municipal Electric Plants in. See Electric Plants.
— Civil Service Reform Auxiliary, The. Note. See Civil Service.
— have a Saybrook Platform, Why did not? See Platform.
—, Taxation of Corporate Franchises in. See Franchises.
— Towns, Operation of Electric Plants by. See Electric Plants.
Matsukata’s, Count, Speech on March 3d, 1897. Note. VI, 84.
Mayor, New, The New President and the. See President.
Meetings, The Atlantic City. See Atlantic City.
Merchant Marine, The Dutch. Note. albert G. keller. IX, 333.
Mexican Currency Problem, The. See Currency.
Mexico, Administrative Centralization in. See Centralization.
—, Early Political Organization of. I & II. bernard moses. IV, 256, 383.
—, Effects of the Silver Standard in. See Silver.
—, The Problem of Monetary Reform in — A Suggestion. See Reform.
Middle Class Crushed Out, Is the? Note. VI, 324.
Militancy, Some of the Contributions of, to the Industrial Arts. W. B. bailey. VI, 290.
Ministers, Prussian, and Imperial Rule. edward V. raynolds. I, 187.
Minnesota Primary Election Law, The. See Law.
Minority, Government for the, and by the. Comment. II, 225.
Miquel, Johannes Franz von, The Retirement of. Comment. X, 123.
Missions, Christian, as a Sociological Factor. Note. F. W. williams. VIII, 202.
Mississippi, Rhine and, River Terminals. See Terminals.
Monetary Conference, The Indianapolis. Comment. V, 343.
— Reform in Mexico, The Problem of—A Suggestion. See Reform.
— Situation, Present, Lexis’. Note. V, 319.
Money. Note. VI, 204.
—, The Influence of, on International Exchange, Prevailing Theories in Europe as to. G. M. fiamingo. VI, 361.
— Panic, Typical Commercial Crises versus a. See Crises.
— Problem, The, Simplified. Comment. III, 233.
Monographs, Historical, Recent. Note. VII, 337.
Monopolies and Combinations, The Classification of. Note. M. H. robinson. IX, 324.
Monopoly and Discrimination, Early Railroad, in Rhode Island, 1835 55. john K. towles. XVIII, 299.
Mores of the Present and the Future, The. W. G. sumner. XVIII, 233.
Mortality in the Philippines. See Philippines.
Mortgages in California, The Taxation of, 1849 to 1899. carl C. Plehn. VIII, 31.
—, The Taxation of. Comment. XII, I.
Moses, The Socialism of. T. S. Potwin. III, 425.
Municipal Earnings, Restriction of. See Earnings.
— and Educational Legislation, British, in 1899. See Legislation.
— Electric Plants in Massachusetts Cities. See Electric Plants.
— Gas Works of Berlin, The. See Gas Works.
— Government in Ohio. See Government.
— Home Rule, A Plea for a Freer City. See City.
— League, The National. See League.
— Statistics in the United States. Comment. X, 234.
— Works, The Day Labor and Contract System on. See Day Labor.
Napoleon, Views of. thomas R. bacon. IV, 23.
Nation in the Making, A. A. L. smith. XIX, 339.
National Bank, The New Swiss. See Bank.
— Tax Association, The. See Association.
— Vice, Accidents a. See Accidents.
Nationalism, German, Friedrich List and. See List.
Nationalities, Theories of Mixture of Races and. See Races.
Nationalizing Influence of Party, The. See Party.
Nationalökonomisk Forening. Note. albert G. keller. IX, 93.
“Native Question,” A Sociological View of the. albert G. keller. XII, 259.
Nature and Nurture. Note. albert G. keller. XVI, 194.
Negro, Census Statistics of the. walter F. Willcox. XIII, 274.
— Population, Movement of the. See Population.
— Problems, The Northern Interest in the. Comment. XII, 339.
— Question, The. Note. V, 316.
—, in the United States, The History of the. Note. V, 316.
Negroes, Land Tenure Among the. See Land Tenure.
New England, The Farm Unrest in. See Farm.
— Town, A Study of a. See Town.
New Orleans, The Economic and Historical Meetings at. See Economic.
New York Association for Improving the Condition of the Poor. Half a Century of Improved Housing Effort by the. I &
II. See Housing Effort.
— Business Companies’ Act, The Proposed New York: 1900. See Act, Business Companies’.
—, Greater, The Franchises of. M. West. VI, 387.
— State, Industrial Arbitration in. See Arbitration.
— Stock Exchange, The, and the Panic of 1907. See Exchange.
New Zealand Conciliation-Arbitration Act, Victorian Wages Boards and the. See Wages Boards.
Nobility, Swedish. Note. albert G. keller. IX, 335.
Nomination, Independent, The Question of an. Comment. IX, 123.
Norwegian Social Statistics. See Social Statistics.
Note, Editorial. IV, 345; XIX, 337.
— Issues, Restrictions on Bank. Comment. See Bank.
Nurture, Nature and. See Nature.
Occupation and Manufacturing Censuses. See Censuses.
Ohio, Municipal Government in. See Government.
—, The Tax Inquisitor Law in. See Tax Inquisitor.
Ohio’s First Step in Tax Reform. See Reform.
Operation of Electric Plants by Massachusetts Towns. See Electric Plants.
Opinion, European, on the War. Comment. VII, I.
Opium Policy of the Dutch in the East Indies, The. See Policy.
Options, Futures and, Legislation against. Comment. See Fu- tures.
Organization among the Farmers of the United States. See Farmers.
—, Charity, The Limitations of. G. A. kleene. XVII, 303.
Padrone System in the United States, The. Note. VI, 90.
Panic, Fundamental Cause of the. Comment. XVI, 229.
—, Money, Typical Commercial Crises versus a. See Crises.
— of 1907, The New York Stock Exchange and the. See Exchange.
— of 1907. The United States Steel Corporation and the. See Corporation.
—, Some Lessons of the. henry C. emery. XVI, 341.
Pantaleoni’s Inaugural Address. Note. VII, 95.
Papacy, Economics and the. See Economics.
Parliament, English Labor in and out of, in 1893. See Labor.
Party, The Constitutional Union, of 1860. See Constitutional.
—, The Nationalizing Influence of. allen johnson”. XV, 283.
—, The Natural History of. anson D. morse. II, 74.
Paternalism, The Ethics of. Comment. III, 347.
Patriotism, The Abuse of. Comment. IV, 348.
Pawn-broking, The Statistics of. Note. VIII, 93.
Peace, Democracy and. See Democracy.
— and Progress. Comment. XVI, I.
Pennsylvania, Corrupt Practices Connected with the Building and Operation of the State
Works of. See State Works.
Pennypacker, Governor, The Paradox of. clinton R. woodruff. XVI, 172.
Periodicity in Elections, Some Effects of. See Elections.
Petrarch and the Beginnings of Modern Science. george B. adams. I, 146.
Philadelphia’s Revolution. See Revolution.
Philippines, An Agricultural Bank for. See Bank.
—, Mortality in. Note. William B. bailey. VIII, 457.
—, The Situation in the. Comment. VIII, 116.
Philosophy, American Political. See Political.
—, Synthetic, Herbert Spencer’s, The Completion of. Comment. V, 347.
Physical Vigor of Public Employees. See Employees.
Pipe Lines, The Standard Oil Company and the. See Standard Oil.
Platform, Saybrook, Why did not Massachusetts have a? Williston walker. I, 68.
Platforms, Democratic, The Evolution of the Financial Planks in the. Comment. V, 114.
—, Silver in the. Comment. See Silver.
Policy, Colonial, of the Germans. I & II. albert G. keller. X, 390; XI, 57.
— for Hawaii, The Law and the. See Hawaii.
—,German, Tariff, Past and Present. See Tariff.
—, Imperial, Administrative Problems of an. Comment. VII, 124.
—, The Indian, of Spain. See Spain.
—, The Opium, of the Dutch in the East Indies. Note. albert G. keller. XVI, 318.
—, Public, Recent, Gains and Losses from our. Comment. VIII, 225.
— of the United States as to Annexation, The Historic. See Annexation.
Political Consequences, of City Growth, The. See City Growth.
— Drift of Germany, The. See Germany.
— Economy, The Scope of. simon N. patten. II, 264.
— Machine, The. james R. trowbridge. XIII, 287.
— Obligation, On. edward V. Raynolds. V, 31.
— Organization of Mexico, The Early. See Mexico.
— Philosophy, American. William A. dunning. IV, 147.
— Science Association, The Proposed. See Association.
— Science, Advanced Students in. Note. V, 320.
— Science, Ethics as a. See Ethics.
— Science, and History, in Yale College. See History.
— Science Review, The American. Note. XV, 85.
— Science in the Schools. Comment. V, I.
— Studies in American Colleges, History of. Note. V, 449.
— Theories of Professor John W. Burgess, The. See Burgess.
Politics, American, European Comment on. Comment. V, 233.
—, American, The Farmer in. See Farmer.
—, Bank Clearings, Interest Rates and. See Bank Clearings.
—, Dominion, in 1898. Edward porritt. VII, 281.
—, World, Entry of the United States into, as a Great Power. See United States.
Politik, Social, Verein f�r, The Annual Meeting of the. Note. VIII, 444.
Polls, What Proportion of Voters Neglect to go to the? See Voters.
Poor, Aged, Denmark and its. A. W. flux. VII, 434.
—, Commercial Relations of the. james B. reynolds. V, 76.
—, Half a Century of Improved Housing Effort by the New York Association for Improving the Condition of the. I &
II. See Housing Effort.
— Law Management, English, Changes in. Note. V, 88.
Population, The Immigrant. Note. william F. blackman. X, 430.
—, Negro, Movement of the. Note. William F. blackman. X, 428.
—, Rural and Urban Growth of the, in the United States, 1890. 1900. Note. william B.
bailey. X, 89.
Populism in 1788 and 1896. Comment. V, 113.
Porto Rico Bill, Precedents for the. See Bill.
—, The Census of. Note. X, 88.
—, The Question of. Comment. VIII, 355.
—, Suffrage and Self-Government in. See Suffrage.
Portuguese Colonization in Brazil. See Colonization.
Possessions, Our New, Some Recent Books on. Note. VII, 455.
Possibilities and Perils, Financial. Comment. VII, 3.
Postal Anachronism, A. See Anachronism.
— Commission’s Report, The. See Commission’s Report.
— Rates and Literature. See Rates.
— Strike, French, The Philosophy of the. See Strike.
Posts, The Western, and the British Debts. I & II. A. C. mclaughlin. III, 408; IV, 58.
Poverty of an English Town, The. See Town.
President, The New, and the New Mayor. Comment. X, 232.
—, The Nomination of the. Comment. IX, 4.
President’s Cabinet, Origin and Creation of the. See Cabinet.
Presidential Campaign, The, its Relation to the Past, its Significance for the Future. See Campaign.
— Campaign, The New Issues of the. Comment. See Campaign.
— Program, Some Items in the. See Program.
Price Movements and Interest in India. Note. VI, 80.
— Regulation, Legal Theories of. Arthur T. hadley. I, 56.
— of Silver, The. See Silver.
Prices, Falling, Some Effects of. henry W. Farnam. IV, 183.
—, The Influence of Credit on. See Credit.
—, The New Theory of, in Relation to Business Depression. See Theory.
— of the Products of the Farm, Gold and the. See Gold.
— and Profits of the Standard Oil Company, The. See Standard Oil.
— in Silver Countries. Note. VI, 77.
—, Stability of. Note. V, 97; VI, 81.
— in the United States, Results of Recent Investigations on. F. W. Taussig. II, 231.
Primary Election Law, The Minnesota. See Law.
Prince Henry the Navigator. edward G. bourne. III, 187.
Prize, The Beneke. Note. XIV, 209.
—,The Hilse. Note. VIII, 458.
Products of the Farm, Gold and the Prices of the. See Gold.
Profit-Sharing. Note. VI, 200.
—, Association for the Promotion of. Comment. I, 239.
Profits, The Prices and, of the Standard Oil Company. See Standard Oil.
Program, Presidential, Some Items in the. Comment. XIX, 118.
Progress, The Industrial, in Germany. I & II. werner Sombart. XIV, 134.
—, Peace and. See Peace. Protection, Labor, The Conference Regarding. Note. XIV, 208.
—, Mr. Balfour and. See Balfour.
Prussian Agriculture, The Crises of. See Agriculture.
— Ministers and Imperial Rule. See Ministers.
Psychology of German Workmen’s Insurance, The. See Insurance.
Public Employees, Physical Vigor of. See Employees.
— Expenditure. A Better Control of. See Expenditure.
— Expenditure in Europe, The Economic Theories Advanced to Explain the Steady Increase of. G. M. fiamingo. VI,
— Health, Federal Activity in the Interest of the. See Health.
—Opinion and Legislation. Comment. V, 345.
—Policy, Recent, Gains and Losses from our. See Policy.
—, Street Railways and Their Relation to the. See Railways.
Publications, Economic, Recent. Note. See Economic Publications.
Quarantine Regulation. Comment. I, 236.
Quebec Act, The, and the American Revolution. victor coffin. IV, 171.
Races, Alien, The Government of, by the United States. Comment. VII, 357.
— and Nationalities, Theories of Mixture of. richmond mayosmith. III, 166.
Rae, John: A Neglected Economist. See Economist.
Railroad, An American State-Owned. ulrich B. phillips. XV, 259.
— The Canal and the, from 1861 to 1865. See Canal.
— An Indo-European. Comment. IV, 7.
— The Interurban Electric. frank T. carlton. XIII, 179.
— Monopoly and Discrimination, Early, in Rhode Island, 1835. 55. See Monopoly.
— Purchase, State, in Switzerland. Comment. VII, 126.
— Rate Controversy, Economic Phases of the. See Controversy.
— Rates. See Rates.
— Rates, The New Theory of, in Relation to Business Depression. See Theory.
— Strike, The, in California. See Strike.
Railroads, Laws Regulating. Note. V, 211.
Railway Accidents in England. See Accidents.
— Charges, Observations concerning the Theory of. See Charges.
— Freight Rates: The Legal, Economic and Accounting Principles Involved in Their Judicial Determination. See Rates.
—Land in Manchuria. See Manchuria.
— Passenger Rates. The Legal, Economic and Accounting Principles Involved in the Judicial Determination of. See
— Progress and Agricultural Development. H. T. newcomb. IX, 33.
— Rate Regulation. See Regulation.
— Receiverships in the United States. See Receiverships.
Railways, Street, Taxation of, for Purposes of Revenue and Control. charles E. curtis. VIII, 173.
—, Street, and Their Relation to the Public. C. E. curtis. VI, 17.
— System, The Anatomy of a Great. H. T. newcomb. XIII, 347.
Rate Controversy, Railroad, Economic Phases of the. See Controversy.
— making, the Basis of, as Affected by Competition versus Combination of Railroads. harry G. brown. XVI, 79.
— Regulation, Railway. See Regulation.
Rates, Call, and Daily Settlement. Comment. XVIII, 227.
—by Fiat and Existence by License. david willcox. XIV, 260.
—, Postal, and Literature. charles W. burrows. XIV, 343.
—, Railroad. john bascom. XIV, 237.
—, Railway Freight; The Legal, Economic and Accounting Principles Involved in Their Judicial Determination.
maurice H. robinson. XVIII, 122.
—, Railway Passenger, the Legal, Economic and Accounting Principles Involved in the Judicial Determination of.
maurice H. robinson. XVI, 355.
—, The Second Class Mail. charles william burrows. XIX, 159.
Rating System, English Local, The. Note. V, 449.
Ratio, Demand and the. See Demand.
Rebates. H. T. newcomb. XVI, 119.
Recall, The. Note. margaret A. SCHAFFNER. XVIII, 206.
Receiverships, Railway, in the United States: their Origin and Development. john F. crowell. VII, 319.
Referendum, The, and Other Forms of Direct Democracy in Switzerland. edward V. raynolds. IV, 289.
Reform, Civil Service, Auxiliary, The Massachusetts. Note. See Civil Service.
—, Civil Service, The Progress of. Comment. See Civil Service.
—, Currency, Two Plans for. alfred L. ripley. VII, 50.
—, Financial, in Germany. Gustav cohn. XVIII, 246.
—, Modern Social, and Old Christian Ideals. L. G. powers. VI, 421.
—, Monetary, The Problem of, Mexico—A Suggestion. Morrell W. gaines. XII, 346.
— Problem, Our Currency. fred rogers fairchild. XVI, 56.
—, Tax, Ohio’s First Step in. Note. T. L. Sidlo. XVIII, 413.
Reformatory, The Connecticut State. Note. V, 318.
Reformer, A Social, of the XVth Century. frank goodrich. V, 168.
Reforms, The Economic, of the late English Liberal Administration. See Administration.
—, The Recent, in the Consular Service of the United States. See Consular Service.
—, Recent, in Taxation. I & II. See Taxation.
Regulation, Price, Legal Theories of. See Price.
—, Quarantine. Comment. See Quarantine.
—, Rate, Railway. Comment. XIII, 341.
—, State, of the Insurance Business, Mistakes in. See Insurance.
— of the Stock Exchange in Germany, Ten Years’. See Exchange.
Relations, Commercial, Our, with Germany. Comment. XIV, 3.
—, Foreign, An Inquiry Concerning Our. theodore S. woolsey. I, 162.
Religious Question, in Spain, The. See Spain.
Remedies, Anti-Trust, Under the Northern Securities Decision. edward B. whitney. XIII, 3.
— for Lynching, Proposed. See Lynching.
Rentals, A State Tax on. Note. VI, 321.
Report, Burns’, English Nervousness and the. Comment. XVIII, 118.
—, Currency, Indian, The Significance of the. See Currency Report.
— of the Governor’s Committee on Speculation. See Speculation.
— of the Industrial Commission, The. I. Labor. richard T. ely. XI, 229. II. Transportation. H. C. adams. XI, 251. III.
Agriculture. L. H. bailey. XI, 257. IV. Taxation. carl C. Plehn. XI, 267. V. Trusts. M. H. robinson. XI, 278.
Representatives, House of, The Treaty-making Power of the. chalfant robinson. XII, 191.
Reprints, Editions, etc., Some New. See Editions.
Republic of Andorre, The. See Andorre.
—, George Junior, The. Note. V, 212.
— Note. VII, 102.
Reserves, The Gold, of the Treasury and of the Country. See Gold.
—, The Gold, and the Bond Issue. Comment. See Gold.
Responsibility, Individual, The Decline of, in the United States. Comment. II, 339.
Retail Trade, Concentration in. See Trade.
Revolt, The Cuban, and the Constitution. edward B. whitney. VII, 8.
Revolution, American, The Quebec Act and the. See Quebec.
—, The French; The Work of the Committee of Legislation and Public Instruction in the Convention. H. morse
stephens. IV, 305.
—, Philadelphia’s. clinton rogers woodruff. XV, 8.
—, The West and the Principles of the. max farrand. XVII, 44.
Rhine and Mississippi River Terminals. See Terminals.
Rhode Island, Early Railroad Monopoly and Discrimination in, 1835-55; See Monopoly.
River Terminals, Rhine and Mississippi. See Terminals.
Rockefeller Gift, The. Comment. XIV, I.
Roosevelt Legacy, The. See Legacy.
Russia, The Agrarian Movement in. See Agrarian Movement.
—, The Jews in. See Jews.
—, The Present Condition of. N. T. bacon. I & II, XII, 141, 239; III, XIII, 51.
—, Sociology in. See Sociology.
Russian Economic Conditions, Recent Works on. See Economic Conditions.
— Sugar Bounty, The, and the American Tariff. See Bounty.
Russo-Japanese Conflict, Some of the Issues of the. See Conflict.
Sage Foundation, The. See Foundation.
Sanitation, Rural, in England. william H. allen. VIII, 403.
Savings Bank, The Freedmen’s. See Bank.
Saybrook Platform, Why did not Massachusetts have a? See Platform.
Schäffle, Socialen Körpers, Bau und Leben des. Note. See Socialen Körpers.
Schmoller, Gustav, at Seventy. Note. henry W. farnam. XVII, 436.
Schmoller’s Grundriss. See Grundriss.
School Children in Denmark, The Labor of. Note. albert G. keller. VIII, 323.
— Children, The Feeding of. See Children.
Schools, City Farm Training. Note. tolman, tabor, Dawe. VII, 95.
—, Political Science in the. Comment. See Political Science.
Science, Modern, Petrarch and the Beginnings of. See Petrarch.
— of Rearing Human Thoroughbreds, Eugenics, The. See Eugenics.
—, Socialism and. See Socialism.
Sciences, Social, The Theory of Descent and. Note. See Descent.
Seager—Doctrinal Tendencies. See Tendencies.
Securities Decision, Northern, Anti-Trust Remedies Under the. See Remedies.
Servant Girl, Sociology and the. See Sociology.
Settlement, Daily, Call Rates and. See Rates.
Shilling, The Coin, of Massachusetts Bay. william G. sumner. VII, 247, 405.
Ship Canal, The Manchester. See Canal.
— Canal, The Manchester. Note. See Canal.
Shipping Subsidy Bill, The. See Subsidy Bill.
Signs of the Times. Comment. XVIII, I.
Silver Convention, The Chicago. See Convention.
— Countries, Prices in, and Wages in. See Prices, and Wages.
— Law, Probable Effects of the Existing. Comment. I, I.
—in the Platforms. Comment. I, 113.
—, The Price of. morrell W. gaines. XIV, 18.
— Standard in Mexico, Effects of the. morrell W. gaines. XII, 276.
Silverism, Free, in England. Note. V, 456.
Slaughter-House Problems, A German Solution of the. robert C. brooks. XV, 369.
Slave to Free Labor, in Cuba, The Transition from. See Labor.
Slaves, A Spanish Institution for the Advancement of, into Freedmen : Coartación. See Coartación.
Social Compact Theory, Jefferson and the. See Jefferson.
— Consequences, The, of City Growth. See City Growth.
— Legislation in the United States, Recent Economic and. See Legislation.
— Politik, Verein f�r, The Annual Meeting of the. See Politik.
— Programme of the Metropolitan Life Insurance Company, The. See Insurance.
— Reformer, A, of the XV Century. See Reformer.
— Sciences, The Solvay School of, and Institute of Sociology. Note. X, 432.
— Sciences. The Theory of Descent and. Note. See Descent.
— Statistics, Norwegian. Note. albert G. keller. VIII, 449.
Socialen Körpers, Bau und Leben des. Schäffle’s. Note. V, 323.
Socialism, Bimetallism and, in Germany. See Bimetallism.
— in France, The Reductio ad Absurdum of. Comment. XVI, 6.
— of Moses, The. See Moses.
—, A School of. Comment. XV, 109.
— and Science. Note. albert G. Keller. XVII, 222.
—, Scientific. Comment. VIII, 359.
—, State, in the United States. Comment. See “State Socialism.”
— in the United States. Comment. XV, I.
Socialistic Congresses. Note. V, 323.
— Municipalities of Northern France, The. See France.
Socialists, English, in 1895, The Vicissitudes of the. edward porritt. IV, 365.
—, Fraternity among the. Comment. IX, 371.
—, French. A Congress of. Note. VIII, 448.
—, German, The Annual Party Convention of. Note. VIII, 446.
Socialize Capitalism, The Carl-Zeiss Stiftung, An Attempt to. See Capitalism.
“Sociétés de Secours Mutuels,” The, of France. W. F. willoughby. VI, 169.
Society, The Sociological. Note. albert G. keller. XIV, 79.
—, Sociological, An American. Comment. XIV, 339.
Sociological Animadversions. Comment. XVIII, 228.
— Papers, The Second Volume of the. Note. albert G. keller. XV, 214.
— Principle, Individualism as a. See Individualism.
— Society, The. See Society.
— Society, An American. See Society.
— View, A, of the “Native Question.” See “Native Question.” Sociology, Applied. Comment. X, 4.
—, Institute of, The Solvay School of Social Sciences and. See Social Sciences.
— in Russia. Note. VI, 201.
— and the Servant Girl. Comment. V, 3.
Solvay School of Social Sciences and Institute of Sociology, The. See Social Sciences.
Southern Farmer, The Condition of the. See Farmer.
Spain. The Indian Policy of. henry C. lea. VIII, 119.
—, The Religious Question in. Luis garcia guijarro. XIX, 226.
— Since 1898. Luis garcia guijarro. XVIII, 6.
Speculation, African, and American Financial Conditions. Comment. IV, 225.
—, Report of the Governor’s Committee on. Comment. XVIII, 113.
Spencer’s, Herbert, Synthetic Philosophy, The Completion of. Comment. See Philosophy.
Standard of Living, The, of American Workingmen. See Workingmen.
— Oil Company, The, and the Pipe Lines. gilbert H. montague. XVI, 156.
— Oil Company, The Prices and Profits of the. Note. gilbert H. montague. XVII, 215.
— Oil Trust, The Dissolution of the. Comment. See Trust.
— of Value, The Ultimate. See Value.
State Banks, Currency and. See Currency.
— Constitution-making. Recent. See Constitution-making.
—, Corporations and the. See Corporations.
—Owned Railroad, An American. See Railroad.
— Reformatory, The Connecticut. Note. See Reformatory.
“— Socialism” in the United States. Comment. XV, 345.
— Sovereignty Before 1789. daniel H. chamberlain. II, 248.
— Tax Commissions. Note. VI, 434.
—, Taxation by One, of Goods in Another. See Taxation.
— Works of Pennsylvania, Corrupt Practices Connected with the Building and Operation of the. avard L. bishop. XV,
States, Confederate, The Financier of the. See Confederate. Statistical Methods. Note. VII, 103.
— Practice, American. I. The Interstate Commerce Commission. H. T. newcomb. XI, 164.
— Study of the Yale Graduates, A, 1701-92, 1797-1866. See Yale Graduates.
— Work, The, of the Federal Government. See Government. Statistics, Census, of the Negro. See Negro.
— of College Graduates. See College Graduates.
—, Labor, European Bureaus of. E. R. L. gould. II, 386.
—, Export. See Export Statistics.
—, The Limitations and Difficulties of. carroll D. wright. III, 121.
— of Pawn-broking. See Pawnbroking.
—, Municipal, in the United States. See Municipal Statistics.
—, Social, Norwegian. See Social Statistics.
— of Special Classes, The, and the Census Office. See Classes.
—, Tariff. Comment. See Tariff.
— of University Graduates. See University Graduates.
— of the Vocations of College Graduates. See College Graduates.
— of Vocations of Dartmouth College Graduates. See College Graduates.
Sterility of American Women. See Women.
Stock Exchange, The New York, and the Panic of 1007. See Exchange.
— Exchange, Ten Years’ Regulation of the, in Germany. See Exchange.
Street Railways, Taxation of. See Railways.
Strike, The Anthracite Coal. Comment. IX, 250.
—, Anthracite Coal. Some Paradoxes of the. Comment. XI, 333.
—, Coal, The Uses of the. Comment. XI, 119.
—Commission’s Awards, The Anthracite. peter roberts. XII, 58.
— of the English Engineers, The. See Engineers.
—.French Postal, The Philosophy of the. Comment. XVIII, 4.
— Hearings, The Coal. Note. XI, 397.
—, Machinists’, The. ernest L. BOGART. Of 1900, IX, 302; of 1901, X, 247.
— , The New England Cotton. Comment. VI, 341.
— , The Railroad, in California. thomas R. bacon. III, 241.
Subsidy Bill, The Frye. See Bill.
—, Bill, The Shipping. Comment. IX, 367.
— and Bounty Legislation in Canada. See Legislation.
Suffrage and Self-Government in Porto Rico. percy L. kaye. XII, 167.
Sugar Bounty Cases, The. Comment. V, 6.
—, Bounty, The Russian, and the American Tariff. See Bounty.
— Conference, Brussels, Cuba and the. See Cuba.
— Situation in the British West Indies, The. J. F. crowell. IX, 191.
Suicide in the United States, 1897-1901. william B. bailey. XII, 70.
Sumner, Charles, Memoir and Letters of. george P. fisher. II, 120.
—, William Graham. Comment. XIX, I.
Supreme Court, An Athenian Parallel to a Function of our. Thomas D. Goodell. II, 64.
— Court, Economics and Law in the. See Economics.
— Court, The, and the Insular Cases. See Court.
Sweden, The Centralization of Bank-Note Issues in. See Bank-Note Issues.
Swiss National Bank, The New. See Bank.
Switzerland, Insurance against Unemployment in. Note. See Unemployment.
—, The Problem of Sick and Accident Insurance in. See Insurance.
—, The Referendum and Other Forms of Direct Democracy in. See Referendum.
—, State Railroad Purchase in. See Railroad.
System, Railway, Great, The Anatomy of a. See Railway.
Tariff, The American, Russian Sugar Bounty and the. See Bounty.
— Controversy, The German. Comment. X, 348.
— Policy, German, Past and Present. henry Villard. I, 10.
— Question, A New Phase of the. Comment. VI, 339.
— Statistics. Comment. I, 233. Tax Association, The National. See Association.
— Commissions, State. See State.
— Conference, The Columbus. See Conference.
— Conference, The International. See Conference.
—, Corporation, The Federal, and Modern Accounting Practice. A. M. sakolski. XVIII, 372.
— Decision, The Income. See Income Tax.
— Inquisitor Law in Ohio, The. A. E. angell. V, 350.
— Question. The Local. Comment. IX, 125.
— Reform, Ohio’s First Step in. See Reform.
—, A State, on Rentals. See Rentals.
Taxation of Corporate Franchises in Massachusetts. See Franchises.
— of Corporations. Comment. See Corporations.
—, Forest, The Economic Problem of. feed rogers fairchild. XVII, 377.
—, Interstate. Comment. I, 122.
—, The Massachusetts Farmer and. See Farmer.
— of Mortgages, The. See Mortgages.
— of Mortgages, The, in California. See Mortgages.
— by One State of Goods in Another. simeon E. baldwin. XV, 251.
—, Recent Reforms in. I & II. E. R. A. seligman. III. 352; IV, 40.
—, The Report of the Industrial Commission. See Report.
— of Street Railways. See Railways.
—, in the United Kingdom, The Incidence of. C. P. sanger. VI, 342.
Taxes, Direct, and the Federal Constitution. I, II & III. charles J. bullock. IX, 439; X, 6, 144.
—,The Shifting of. T. N. carver. V, 258.
—, Unearned Increment, in Germany, The New. robert C. brooks. XVI, 237.
Tendencies, Doctrinal—Fetter, Flux, Seager, Carver. H. J. Davenport. XIV, 300.
Tender, Legal, Some Economic Aspects of. J. Lawrence laughlin. X, 371,
Terminals, Rhine and Mississippi River. E. J. clapp. XIX, 392.
Terms, Economic, Misunderstanding about. arthur T. hadley. IV, 156.
Theory of Distribution, The Conflict. See Distribution.
— of Descent and Social Sciences, The. Note. See Descent.
—, The New, of Prices, Wages and Railroad Rates in Relation to Business Depression. Comment. XVII, 122.
Times, Better, Some Indications of. Comment, (cf. II, 341.) III, 5.
—, Signs of the. See Signs.
Tin Plate Combination, The. See Combination.
— Plate Industry, The. See Industry.
Town, English, The Poverty of an. david I. green. XI, 347.
—, New England, A Study of a. williston walker. I, 368.
Towns, Massachusetts, Operation of Electric Plants by. Note. See Electric Plants.
Trade, International, Increasing and Diminishing Costs in. francis walker. XII, 32.
— Retail, Concentration in. Note. maurice H. robinson. X, 203.
— Unionism, English, The Coming of Age of. Comment. XI, 336.
— Unions and the Law. Comment. I, 335.
Trades-Unions in Denmark. Note. albert G. keller. XI, 98.
— and the Law. Comment. II, 8.
Traffic Associations, The Future Status of. See Associations.
Transportation by Land and Water, Cost of. Comment. I, 120.
—: The Report of the Industrial Commission. See Report.
Treasury, The Gold Reserve of the, and of the Country. See Gold.
Treaty, Extradition, The Russian-American. isaac A. hourwich. III, 68.
—making Power, The, of the House of Representatives. See Representatives.
Trolleys, The, and the Trunk Lines. Comment. XIII, 122.
Trunk Lines, The Trolleys and the. See Trolleys.
Trust, And-, Act, The Scope and Effect of the. See Act.
—, Influence of the, in the Development of Undertaking Genius. sydney sherwood. VIII, 362.
— Legislation, Anti-, Congress and. See Legislation.
—, Remedies, Anti-, Under the Northern Securities Decision. See Remedies.
—, Standard Oil, The, Dissolution of the. Comment. I, 4.
Trusts, The Conference on. Note. irving fisher. XVI, 319.
—: The Report of the Industrial Commission. See Report.
Undertaker, The Function of the. sydney sherwood. VI, 233.
Undertaking Genius, Influence of the Trust in the Development of. See Trust.
Unearned Increment Taxes, The New, in Germany. See Taxes.
Unemployed at Basel, Insurance of the. Note. IX, 86.
—, The House of Commons Select Committee on the. Note. V, 207.
Unemployment, The First International Congress on. Note. XV, 215.
—, Insurance against, in Switzerland. Note. V, 321.
—, The Measurement of: A Statistical Study. I & II. William F. WILLOUGHBY. X, 188, 268.
Unionism and the Courts. george gorham groat. XIX, 144.
United States, Abolition of Imprisonment for Debt in the. See Debt.
— States, The Attitude of the, toward an Interoceanic Canal. See Canal.
— States, Classes in the. See Classes.
— States, The Concentration of Industry in the. See Industry.
— States, Economic Investigation in the. See Investigation.
— States, Entry of the, into World Politics as a Great Power. simeon E. baldwin. IX, 399.
— States, Forest Problems in the. See Forest Problems.
— States, Gold Contracts in the. See Gold.
— States, The Government of Alien Races by the. See Races.
— States, Growth of the Rural and Urban Population of the, 1890- 1900. See Population.
— States, The Historic Policy of, as to Annexation. See Annexation.
— States, The History of the Negro in the. Note. See Negro.
— States, Labor Crises and their Periods in the. See Crises.
— States, Labor Department, Bulletin of the. See Labor Department.
— States, Municipal Statistics in the. See Municipal Statistics.
— States, Organization among the Farmers of the. See Farmers.
— States, The Present Status of Cotton and Cotton Manufacturing in the. See Cotton.
— States, Railway Receiverships in the. See Receiverships.
— States, Recent Economic and Social Legislation in the. See Legislation.
— States, The Recent Reforms in the Consular Service of the. See Consular Service.
— States, Results of Recent Investigations on Prices in the. See Prices.
— States, Socialism in the. Comment. See Socialism.
— States, “State Socialism” in the. See “State Socialism.”
— States Steel Corporation, The, and the Panic of 1907. See Corporation.
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