My Year of Stalking Rachel

The quest to see without being seen
Becca Rothfeld
An image from Ingmar Bergman's Persona
The Moment

On Rereading

Remaking the world
Victor Brombert


The Wrong Daddy

Morrissey and the cult of the wounded white male
Jeremy Atherton Lin


Merrill's Last Letters

Writing to the end
James Merrill

And Finally I'll Say Goodbye

Remembering my mother, Jean Valentine
Rebecca Chace
Jean Valentine at her desk

The Ugly Side of Sisterhood

On envy and twinship
Jean Garnett
The author with her sister in childhood.




Untitled (Event)

Loss, language, counting the nameless, and the art of Felix Gonzalez-Torres
Ann Lauterbach
November 16, 2020

The Wondrous Banality of Democracy

Counting the votes in Luzerne County, Pennsylvania
John Fabian Witt
November 13, 2020
Image of COVID-19 virus. Graphic by Bianca Ibarlucea.
Pandemic Files

Surviving COVID-19

Waking up after six days on a ventilator in Stockholm
Slavenka Drakulić
November 9, 2020
Image of COVID-19 virus. Graphic by Bianca Ibarlucea.
Pandemic Files

Seven Theses on the Open-Closed Theaters

The pandemic has shuttered the theaters, but the need for live, communal experience has never been more vital
Feisal G. Mohamed
October 21, 2020
photograph of metal match box with "a [image of a match] for you at any time" printed on the front

Everything Bright Is Something Burned

How to mourn a planet
Erica Berry
September 1, 2020
Blurred photograph of trees with barely distinguishable reflection of two people

Lovecraft and Me

How cosmic horror gave me hope
Kieran Setiya
September 1, 2020
chalkboard with yellow line along top and bottom

My Silent Childhood

I didn’t know my name until I went to kindergarten. Then I became a writer.
Maureen Sun
September 1, 2020
Photograph of white house

Soup Can; or, On Hospitality

Anything can become a weapon in America, especially against those who dare to cross the color line
Wendy S. Walters
September 1, 2020
Pandemic Files

We Miss Each Other, But Do We Even Know Each Other?

After a long-ago theater closure, a female playwright complicated what it means to be intimate with another body
Katherine Mannheimer
July 23, 2020
Image of COVID-19 virus. Graphic by Bianca Ibarlucea.
Pandemic Files

The First Nerve

Losing the sense of smell might seem trivial, but a person’s identity can go with it
Amrapali Maitra
July 21, 2020