The Story Wars

The conflict between Red and Blue America is a clash of national mythologies
Richard Slotkin

Lessons of the Line

Charles Simic and me
Dana Levin


Renaissance Women

A new book celebrates—and sells short—Shakespeare’s sisters
Catherine Nicholson

The Auteur of Fatherhood

How Steven Spielberg recast American masculinity
Phillip Maciak

I’ve moved to France, I’m reading French novels in French all day, every day, and this is the thing that I’m most struck by: They go much more slowly.

Rachel Cusk Interviewed by Merve Emre

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Rae Armantrout

Angel Jacks

Brian Blanchfield

Heat Maps

Desire in the dark
Alex Marzano-Lesnevich

Gender Wars

Two scholars excavate the origins of today’s trans backlash
Paisley Currah

Jars with Well-Fitting Lids

Seeing loss more clearly
Catherine Lacey


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Mylar Balloons on Horse Island

Incidental objects at the Peabody Museum’s outpost
Claire Hungerford

In Utero and After

Catherine Barnett

Rosaura at Dawn

Daniel Saldaña París
translated by Christina MacSweeney


Kéchi Nne Nomu

When Miriam Emerges from Ecstasy

Joyce Mansour
translated by C. Francis Fisher

Litany for a Prolonged Dream

Joyce Mansour
translated by C. Francis Fisher

Fady Joudah

The poet on how the war in Gaza changed his work
Aria Aber

Parents Just Don’t Understand—and That’s OK

All of Us Strangers charts a new direction for queer cinema
Lio Wong


Terrance Hayes Won't Be Pinned Down

The virtuosic poet is still finding new ways to dazzle—and thwart—his readers
Stephanie Burt


Fady Joudah


Cindy Juyoung Ok

In Search of Albertine

The feminist afterlives of Proust's iconic character
Victoria Baena

Adam Shatz

The author on Frantz Fanon, revolution, violence, and the psychology of oppression
James Surowiecki

Streaming the Polycrisis

Why have TV miniseries about catastrophe become all the rage?
Adam Fales

Langston Hughes's "China"

Why the previously unpublished poem is a revelation
Selina Lai-Henderson

Ed Ruscha's "Every Building on the Sunset Strip"

Why the artists' book is a reminder of freedom
Jim Lewis

William Blake’s "Laocoön"

Why the poet's engraving reads like a protest poster
Anahid Nersessian