A Reviewer’s Life

The material constraints of writing criticism today
Christine Smallwood

I, Too, Am John Clare

Becoming a different kind of postcolonial writer
Amit Chaudhuri

Poetically Speaking

A new book makes the case for bewilderment as a critical virtue
Brian Dillon

Louise Glück’s Late Style

The fabular turn in the poet’s last three books
Teju Cole

Critical Navel-Gazing

If criticism is in crisis, it’s not the critic’s problem
Namwali Serpell

The Critic as Friend

The challenge of reading generously
Merve Emre

Has something been lost over the past twenty years—or does criticism still thrive? What do we do when we talk about art? Have the ways we evaluate books changed? And perhaps most important of all: What do we need from criticism?

Meghan O'Rourke An Introduction to Our Criticism Issue

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Absolute Darkness

A curious disorientation
Lydia Davis

Rembrandt’s Reclining Female Nude

What the print reveals about a body at rest
Rachel Eisendrath

Jean Stein’s Rolodex

The legendary editor’s social genius
Benjamin Anastas

Alice Notley’s Disobedience

The shape-shifting voice that changed American poetry
Tausif Noor

Stealing the Show

Why conservatives killed America’s federally funded theater
Charlie Tyson

When the Dog Bites

Tomás Q. Morín


Geoffrey G. O'Brien


Jess Atieno

Merging photographs and textiles

The Mirror

Haruki Murakami
translated by Philip Gabriel

Alice Munro

The short-story writer's prismatic final collection
Jane Mendelsohn

Palestinian Solidarity, Then and Now

The power of encampment as a form of protest
Feisal G. Mohamed

Paul Auster

Why the novelist’s brand of postmodern detective fiction still matters
Ben Libman

The Polycrisis

Why can’t we stop talking about nonmonogamy?
Brandy Jensen