Whose Trans Realism?

Nevada and the fiction of fucking up
Kay Gabriel
Graphic with ring light and hand wearing teal nail polish by Tung Chau

The Screen is a Mirror

On gender transition in the Zoom era
S. Brook Corfman

We like to make power individual. That way we can say, “Well, the Big Bad Wolf is bad, but the rest is good, so all we need to do is kill the wolf and then we’ll all be good.” But of course we know that’s not true.

Stacey D'Erasmo in conversation with Catherine Barnett

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The grace of black nonchalance
Namwali Serpell
The activist Gloria Richardson walking past National Guardsmen during a civil rights march in Cambridge

Natalie Scenters-Zapico and Dana Levin

Two poets on writing and anxiety
Natalie Scenters-Zapico,
Dana Levin

Longer Than the Longest Rope

A conversation mediated by art
Canisia Lubrin,
Dionne Brand

From the Archives

How Should One Read a Book?

Read as if one were writing it
Virginia Woolf

From “Siberia” to Siberia

Why Russia is not like Europe's "little countries"
Vivian Gornick

100 Things About Writing a Novel

What to do—and when to do it
Alexander Chee
A typewriter. https://www.flickr.com/photos/22017189@N00/2621358221

The Stakes of Dictee

An introduction to a famously difficult work
Ken Chen

Space to Grieve

An irreducible legacy

The Weight of Memory

Honoring my dear friend
Yong Soon Min

Hidden Words

Searching for meaning in a rubber stamp
Uljana Wolf

Reclaiming Our Language

Dictee as a feminist ritual
Zahra Patterson


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