Our Summer Issue

This Part of Our Lives Is Over

Sending my daughter to Japan
Emily Bernard

Notes on Affirmation

SFFA v. Harvard and the quest for acceptance
Thomas Dai

Ordinary Allurements

Christina Sharpe’s reading lessons
Elleza Kelley

Ahead of Time

On poetry and mourning
Kamran Javadizadeh

Everything I do starts in the personal, and if it doesn’t, it dies.

Raven Leilani interviewed by Rizvana Bradley

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Abstraction and Nonsense

The real in fiction
Percival Everett

New York Anabasis

In praise of the return to the surface
Rachel Eisendrath

The Consolations of Failure

Two new books look at what failing can—and cannot—teach us
Jennifer Ratner-Rosenhagen
TYR Talks

Garth Greenwell on the Ethical Limits of Teaching and Making Art

An excerpt from The Yale Review's Spring Festival
Garth Greenwell

New Directions

David Korty’s next chapter

Terrains of the Imaginary

Finding escape in survey maps
Geoff Manaugh


Nobody Knows That You Are Gay

Imagining a queer archive
Robyn Day


Exile and Memory

Reimagining Iran through 200-year-old portraits
Amak Mahmoodian


Sasha Debevec-McKenney


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How to Sharpen a Scythe

Is paying attention good in itself?
Daegan Miller

Sublimation and Self-Possession

Bearing witness to life’s weirdness
Ana Schwartz

Beyond the Attention Economy

Turning to face our burning world
Laura Dassow Walls

The Wild, Sublime Body

Learning how to be human
Melissa Febos
A woman at the beach with a watermelon
Poem of the Week

For the Man on His Knees at The Eagle

Francisco Márquez

The Screen is a Mirror

On gender transition in the Zoom era
S. Brook Corfman

Wayne Koestenbaum

The polymath on his creative process
Brandon Menke

Whose Trans Realism?

Nevada and the fiction of fucking up
Kay Gabriel