April 2013

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Volume 101, No. 2
April 2013
The Yale Review

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Of Arms and Men
Joseph J. Ellis

Sleep, Wakefulness, and Space Virgil, Petrarch, and Monteverdi
Jefferson Hunter

My Ulysses
James Longenbach

Small Hard Things
Bruce Fleming


Sure and Gentle Words
Lily Tuck

Fade Away
James Gordon Bennett

Moon in Leo
T . M . McNally


Love Poem
Cecily Parks

Number, Please
William Logan

Three Cranes
Richie Hofmann

Nuclear Medicine
Austin Segrest

A Perspective on Might
John Poch

St. Ives, Cornwall, Tidal Equations, 2012
John Kinsella

No Way to Treat Lady
The Locksmith
Peter Cameron

A Room in Cleopatra’s Palace
Cleopatra’s Palace. Another Room
The Same. Another Room

Mary Jo Bang

The Truth of Fiction
Michael Hulse

In a Farmhouse Near the Saar River
James Cummins

Bachelor Pad
During the Hymn of Commitment
Stephen Kampa


C . S . Lewis, Translator
Alastair Fowler

Fiction in Review Adam Johnson
David Galef

Poetry in Review Louise Glück
Abigail Deutsch

Recordings in Review Dame Janet Baker at Eighty
Dewey Faulkner

Film in Review Nine or Ten Things I Know About Bond
Charles Taylor

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Alfred Stieglitz, Georgia O’Keeffe, ca. 1919-1920. Courtesy The Art Institute of Chicago.

Love Poem

Cecily Parks
April 1, 2013

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