January 2012

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Volume 100, No. 1
January 2012
The Yale Review

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Genet’s Prisoner of Love The Evolution of a Muslim Saint
Edmund White

Narrative Sentences
William Gass

My “Others”
Robert Boyers

Choice Souls
Penelope Niven

Thoughts Thinking
Irving Feldman

Helen Thoreau’s Antislavery Scrapbook
Robert A. Gross

The Meat-Eater
Jean McGarry

Sixth Sense
“Let Thanks Be Given to the Raven as Is Its Due”
Tom Sleigh

Valerie Wohlfeld

Mr. Nobody
George Witte

The Absentee
Mairi MacInnes

A Letter to Myself as a Young Man
Wilmer Mills

Alex Dimitrov

Ideas and Bodies
David Bergman

David Galef

Lines Composed at Beaufort, South Carolina, A Few Miles Above Parris Island
Mary Stewart Hammond

Owls in California
Louise Brooks and Greta Garbo Spend the Night Together
Alexander Theroux

Rue Cambon
Michael Miller

Red Snow
The Story
B. H. Fairchild

The New Dope
David Mason

David Gale

When Britten Ruled the Staves
Robert Messenger

Fiction in Review Lynne Tillman
Caleb Smith

Poetry in Review Elizabeth Bishop
Stephen Yenser

Recordings in Review Frederick Delius
Dewey Faulkner

Film in Review Winter Kills
Charles Taylor

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Alex Dimitrov
January 1, 2012

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