January 2016

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Volume 104, No. 1
January 2016
The Yale Review

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A Summer in Ostend Stefan Zwieg and Joseph Roth in 1936
Volker Weidermann
Translated by Carol Brown Janeway

Our Legacy On Freedom and Exile in Heinrich Heine’s World and Our Own
Fritz Stern

Hermes, Master of the Roads
Bonnie Costello

Eighteen Polarities from Within the Self
Frederic Will


Mary Gordon

The Plagiarist
Greg Johnson


Variations to the Accompaniment of a Cloud
Here Together
December Morning
W. S. Merwin

Early Winter Wilderness
My Bob Dylan
Chase Twichell

Recollected in Tranquillity
Clive James

Unlike Anybody Else in the World
Elisabeth Murawski

Central Park, December
Bill Christophersen

The Hemlock Grove
Maura Stanton

The Old Man by the Roadside
Alan Williamson

Higher Education
Jeffrey Harrison

Paula Bohince

Judith Hall

The Dogs of Sochi
Why It Matters
Benjamin S. Grossberg

Fenland Vignettes
Brian Swann

From Komarovo, 1962
Charles Martin

Wyatt Townley


The Life Lived
Daniel Hall

Virgil Thomson Music Chronicles
Vincent Giroud

Fiction in Review To Kill a Classic
Molly McQuade

Poetry in Review James Tate
Abigail Deutsch

Recordings in Review The New Bruckner
Dewey Faulkner

Film in Review Signs of intelligent life
Charles Taylor

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December Morning

W. S. Merwin
January 1, 2016
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Here Together

W. S. Merwin
January 1, 2016

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