Spring 2021

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Volume 109, No. 1
Spring 2021
The Yale Review

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Jean Valentine at her desk

And Finally I'll Say Goodbye

Remembering my mother, Jean Valentine
Rebecca Chace
May 19, 2021
A group of people stand in various postures before a wall

Exile and Memory

Reimagining Iran through 200-year-old portraits
Amak Mahmoodian
May 19, 2021
New York Times Cover reading "US Deaths near 100,000, an incalculable loss

Incalculable Loss

How writing can help make sense of grief
Christopher Spaide
May 19, 2021
Corgi jumping from floating dock into water after a tennis ball with great abandon

It Me

The trouble with memes
Marta Figlerowicz
May 19, 2021
James Merrill in a kitchen

Merrill's Last Letters

Writing to the end
James Merrill
May 19, 2021
A stack of books
The Moment

On Rereading

Remaking the world
Victor Brombert
May 19, 2021
An image from Ingmar Bergman's Persona

My Year of Stalking Rachel

The quest to see without being seen
Becca Rothfeld
May 19, 2021
The Smiths vinyl among records on a shelf

The Wrong Daddy

Morrissey and the cult of the wounded white male
Jeremy Atherton Lin
May 19, 2021
The author with her sister in childhood.

There I Almost Am

On envy and twinship
Jean Garnett
May 19, 2021


Les Comètes title card

Les Comètes

The inner lives of stars
Leanne Shapton
Sheila Heti
May 19, 2021
A chalkboard in a classroom


Caleb Crain
May 19, 2021
Dishes in a sink full of suds

Some Agonies Over and Over

Olivia Clare
May 19, 2021


Adapted from Mónica Leitão Mota / Creative Commons

"Mulatto" :: "Quadroon"

Charif Shanahan
May 19, 2021
Populox / Creative Commons


Elizabeth Metzger
May 19, 2021
Detail from Leo Gestel, Sketch with hand and flowers, 1891–1941, Rijksmuseum

Everyone's Poem

Sara Nicholson
May 19, 2021
Detail from Furuya Korin, Seika, 1905, Rijksmuseum


Jessica Fisher
May 19, 2021
Bernal Saborio / Creative Commons


Aleksandar Hemon
May 19, 2021
Courtesy Terrance Hayes

Maps of States

Terrance Hayes
May 19, 2021
Shadowy white figure on a black ground. Detail from Jose Chavvary / Creative Commons.


Solmaz Sharif
May 19, 2021
Julie de Graag, Cuckoo flower rosettes, 1887–1924, Rijksmuseum.

Ten Lyric Pieces

Sara Nicholson
May 19, 2021
Neil Hester / Creative Commons

Thirty-Six Silos

David Baker
May 19, 2021
Adapted from Mónica Leitão Mota / Creative Commons

Thirty-Third Year

Charif Shanahan
May 19, 2021

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