A Moral Education

In praise of filth
Garth Greenwell

The Choice Plot

Why are so many new novels obsessed with whether–and how–to have children?
Sanjena Sathian

Ucky Art

Judith Scott, Eva Hesse, and the visceral power of "texxture"
Lauren Elkin

Are Twins Kinda Gay?

What Dead Ringers reveals about pop culture's latest obsession
Helena de Bres

Lorraine Hansberry’s Queer Archive

The playwright’s lesbian fiction has gone largely unpublished. But she wanted you to read it.
Alec Pollak

How Emily Wilson Reimagined Homer

Her boldly innovative translation of the Iliad is an epic for our time
Emily Greenwood



A weathered poster of Chelsea Manning

Whistleblower, Traitor, Soldier, Queer?

The truth of Chelsea Manning
Lida Maxwell
November 1, 2017
A photograph of a train station in Russia at night.

A Journey Across Siberia

Penetrating the Soviet Union in 1967
Lawrence Ferlinghetti
July 1, 2015

My Old Printer

Anne Fadiman
March 12, 2011

The Republic of Letters

Edith Wharton at the Start of Her Career
Hermione Lee
April 1, 2007

Charles Simic

Stephen Yenser
April 1, 2002

Secret Maps

Holly Wright's Photographs of Hands
Charles Simic
October 1, 1996
Black and white photo of light coming through windows in the apse of San Vitale in Ravenna with mosaics. Courtesy N.P. Sullo.

Days of 1952

On the rapture of experiencing art in solitude
James Merrill
April 1, 1992
A stack of old issues of The Yale Review. Courtesy Pentagram

Short Talks

Anne Carson
July 1, 1991

"The Waste Land" Revisited

Helen Vendler
December 1, 1990