Gender Wars

Two scholars excavate the origins of today’s trans backlash
Paisley Currah

Terrance Hayes Won't Be Pinned Down

The virtuosic poet is still finding new ways to dazzle—and thwart—his readers
Stephanie Burt


In Search of Albertine

The feminist afterlives of Proust's iconic character
Victoria Baena


Parents Just Don’t Understand—and That’s OK

All of Us Strangers charts a new direction for queer cinema
Lio Wong

Renaissance Women

A new book celebrates—and sells short—Shakespeare’s sisters
Catherine Nicholson

The Auteur of Fatherhood

How Steven Spielberg recast American masculinity
Phillip Maciak



Sublimation and Self-Possession

Bearing witness to life’s weirdness
Ana Schwartz
May 23, 2023

The Saunterers’ Club

In pursuit of a more wayward Thoreau
Caleb Smith
May 23, 2023

Cancel Culture and Other Myths

Anti-fandom as heartbreak
Kathryn Lofton
March 27, 2023

Nothing Is a Memory

Remembering Bernadette Mayer
Daniel Poppick
March 27, 2023

The Journalist and the Photographer

Janet Malcolm’s Still Pictures
Brian Dillon
March 27, 2023

The Renegade Poetic Fortune-Telling Machine

On Joel Dias-Porter
Terrance Hayes
March 27, 2023

All at Once, the Multiverse Is Everywhere

Why today's movies, TV shows, and literature love branching timelines and many worlds
David M. de León
March 9, 2023

The Mother's Rage

Elena Ferrante and the torment of maternal love
Josh Cohen
February 28, 2023

On Anton Shammas's "Arabesques"

Revisiting the first major book in Hebrew by an Arab writer
Ratik Asokan
February 20, 2023

Wong May's Poetry of Exile

In search of a language of unbelonging
Hao Guang Tse (谢皓光)
February 6, 2023