10 Ways Ms., Sassy, and Jezebel Changed Your Life!

How contradiction drove fifty years of feminist media
Maggie Doherty

Service or Servitude?

The Bear and The Menu give us very different views of capitalism
Daniel W. Drezner

Ordinary Allurements

Christina Sharpe’s reading lessons
Elleza Kelley

The Consolations of Failure

Two new books look at what failing can—and cannot—teach us
Jennifer Ratner-Rosenhagen

How Emily Wilson Reimagined Homer

Her boldly innovative translation of the Iliad is an epic for our time
Emily Greenwood

Lou Reed Didn’t Want to Be King

A new biography tries to pin the rocker down
Hannah Gold




Wong May's Poetry of Exile

In search of a language of unbelonging
Hao Guang Tse (谢皓光)
February 6, 2023

White Noise, New and Improved

How Noah Baumbach transformed a classic satire
Christine Smallwood
January 9, 2023

On Emancipation

What Hollywood has done to a much-circulated image of American slavery
Lauren Michele Jackson
December 9, 2022

The Darker Side of Bambi

What Felix Salten's tale teaches us about the lives of men
Charlie Tyson
November 30, 2022

Whose Trans Realism?

Nevada and the fiction of fucking up
Kay Gabriel
November 14, 2022

A Ritual for Mystery

Clarice Lispector’s crônicas
Jared Marcel Pollen
October 31, 2022

Hilary Mantel

Remembering a singular prose stylist
Brian Dillon
September 27, 2022

The Stakes of Dictee

An introduction to a famously difficult work
Ken Chen
September 1, 2022

Hard Wired

How evolutionary psychology ended up at the heart of the culture wars
Hari Kunzru
June 1, 2022


Tracing a poetic lineage
Terrance Hayes
June 1, 2022