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Photo of gears and machinery

The Anti-Extinction Engine

Langston Hughes and my friend, the apocalypse actuary
Anne Boyer
December 1, 2020
Photo of Sarah Shun-lien Bynum on left; photo of Yiyun Li  on right

The Merits of Imperfection

Why literature’s best is usually deeply flawed
Sarah Shun-lien Bynum,
Yiyun Li
December 1, 2020
Photo of Aleshea Harris on left; photo of Douglas Kearney on right

Signal and Noise

A dialogue on presencing Blackness
Aleshea Harris,
Douglas Kearney
December 1, 2020
Photo of Bhanu Kapil on left; photo of Jonah Mixon-Webster on right

The Body in Verse

A dialogue on literary somatics
Bhanu Kapil,
Jonah Mixon-Webster
December 1, 2020
Photo of Alexander Chee; photo of Julia Cho; photo of Susan Choi; photo of Cathy Park Hong

Finding a Literary Inheritance

Four Korean American writers on jeong and the elusiveness of home
Alexander Chee,
Julia Cho,
Susan Choi,
Cathy Park Hong
December 1, 2020
Photo of Namwali Serpell on left; photo of Maria Tumarkin on right

The Limits of Empathy

Two writers on the ethics of pen and paper
Namwali Serpell,
Maria Tumarkin
December 1, 2020
collaged words on white background read in part "only one connecting flight leads from Perseid shower delights to a lost..."

The Cultural Construction of Identity

The knotty interrelations between text and image
Lorraine O’Grady
December 1, 2020
image of broken glass. Maxime Bober / Creative Commons

The Promise of Threat

Jonah Mixon-Webster
December 1, 2020
abstract image of white line through purple gradient towards orange at the bottom

On Sugarland: A Play

An excerpt and annotation
Aleshea Harris
December 1, 2020
close up of a lightbulb

You: A Short Play

Julia Cho
December 1, 2020