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Two hands reaching toward each other. Illustration by Laura Padilla Castellanos

Next Moment

Marie Borroff
April 1, 1948
Hilma af klimt, Wheat and wormwood, 1922.

Losing a Language

W. S. Merwin
April 1, 1987
Blik in de loop van een Duits kanon, Anonymous, 1940. From the Rijksmuseum.

Double Major

Major Jackson
April 1, 2020
Image: Olive. From The Smithsonian.

After Callimachus

Stephanie Burt
April 1, 2020
Mary Altha Nims, Shells in Seaweed, 1934. From the Cleveland Museum of Art.

Song with Day Glo & Jelly

Tess Taylor
April 1, 2020
A painting of a hillside. Los Angeles hills by Mischa Askenazy, 1888-1961.

The Night’s Cascade

Garrett Hongo
July 1, 2019
A rorschach inkblot. Ninth blot of the Rorshach inkblot test by Hermann Rorschach, 1921.

My Enemy

David Danoff
July 1, 2019
Men play pool in a bar at night. The Night Cafe by Vincent Van Gogh, 1888.

Five Prose Poems

Charles Baudelaire
July 1, 2019