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The Choice Plot

Why are so many new novels obsessed with whether–and how–to have children?
Sanjena Sathian
September 18, 2023

Lou Reed Didn’t Want to Be King

A new biography tries to pin the rocker down
Hannah Gold
October 16, 2023

The Legacy of Sonic Youth

How the band reached beyond music to define a scene
Michael Azerrad
November 8, 2023

Life in the Algorithm

It has reshaped culture—but how? Two new books reckon with our digital predicament
Anna Shechtman
December 11, 2023

In Search of Albertine

The feminist afterlives of Proust's iconic character
Victoria Baena
January 22, 2024

A Negro Nation

W. E. B. Du Bois
January 1, 1942

Terrance Hayes Won't Be Pinned Down

The virtuosic poet is still finding new ways to dazzle—and thwart—his readers
Stephanie Burt
February 7, 2024

Renaissance Women

A new book celebrates—and sells short—Shakespeare’s sisters
Catherine Nicholson
March 4, 2024

Gender Wars

Two scholars excavate the origins of today’s trans backlash
Paisley Currah
March 4, 2024

Alice Munro

The short-story writer's prismatic final collection
Jane Mendelsohn
April 1, 2014