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Graphic with loaves of bread and water bottles on a black and orange background. Illustration by Laura Padilla Castellanos

Loaf or Hot-Water Bottle

Closely Translating Proust
Lydia Davis
April 1, 2004
Graphic with two bathtubs on pedestals and a leaf dropping from the faucets

Suicide in Fiction, Reconsidered

Why we need stories about living after a suicide attempt
Morgan Thomas
September 7, 2021
Graphic with red and orange patterns in the shape of a crowd. Illustration by Laura Padilla Castellanos.

Take a Body and Replace It with Another Body

Daniel Borzutzky
September 20, 2021
Todd Gitlin speaks with with I.F. Stone at a demonstration against nuclear weapons, Washington D.C., 1962.

In Pursuit of Clancy Sigal

A writer’s radical life
Todd Gitlin
September 20, 2021
Photos of Maggie Nelson and Simone White

The Freedom to Love

Sexual agency and the meaning of care
Simone White,
Maggie Nelson
September 20, 2021
Two cartoon characters superimposed onto painting of a storm.

The Brink of Destruction

Revisiting John Ashbery’s “Soonest Mended”
Edward Hirsch
September 20, 2021
Release of pink and white balloons.

How to Continue

The poetry of HIV/AIDS four decades on
Sam Huber
September 20, 2021
A stack of old issues of The Yale Review. Courtesy Pentagram

A Call for Papers

John Ashbery
September 20, 2021