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A photograph of a tree.

The Tolstoyans

On my father's followers
Alexandra Tolstoy,
Spencer Barnes
December 1, 1977
The author with her brother, 1999.

After My Brother

Finding the language of loss
Brianna Zimmerman
June 1, 2020
A Black woman raises her fist at a protest against police violence. Joyce by Miki J / Creative Commons

The Uses of Memory

Ecstasy in the midst of struggle
Roger Reeves
June 1, 2020
Photograph of clock at Grand Central Station. Robert Hoge / Creative Commons


The law of entropy and life as a fill-in employee, and girlfriend
Victoria Kornick
June 1, 2020
A man pouring milk in his eyes

Photographing the George Floyd Protests

Alex Golshani
June 1, 2020
An abstract print by Jacob van Heemskerck.

Naming, Being, and Black Experience

Yale’s first Black professor on the presence or absence of names, their status and their scope.
Michael G. Cooke
December 1, 1977
A photograph of a London street during WWII.

After a Visit to England

London during the Blitz
Thornton Wilder
September 1, 1941
Blue stamps from WWII ration book

Note on the Home Front

I shall never forget that first winter of gasoline rationing
Eve Riehle
September 1, 1945
A painting of a woman reading at a table.
From the Archives

How Should One Read a Book?

Read as if one were writing it
Virginia Woolf
September 1, 1926
A stack of old issues of The Yale Review. Courtesy Pentagram

Is This Tyranny?

I lost the right to vote and found a new understanding of America
Feisal G. Mohamed
April 1, 2020