Volume I (1) (1911-1912)


Annexation of kokea, the. George Trumbull Ladd,639.
Arizona pines Arthur Colton 129
Browning as a dramatist William Lyon Phelps 551
Cost of adequate nutrition, the Frank P. Underbill 261
Debussy, claude John C. Griggs 484
Educated man in public office, the Simeon E. Baldwin 533
Epidemic poliomyelitis, or infantile paralysis Simon Flexner 58
Fogazzaro, antonio Kenneth Mckenzie 119
French symbolism Charles C. Clarke 568
Glacial man Richard Swann Lull 376
Historical existence of fairies, the Edward Thorstenberg 286
Hudson bay route, the Avard Longley Bishop 438
Irish theatre and the people, the Lady Gregory 188
Living rate for the railroads, A Morrell W. Gaines 65
Making of a democrat, the Grant Showerman 221
Mediaeval architectural refinements William H. Goodyear 471
Political mexico to-day Frank Lewis Nason 586
Postmaster-general, the Henry Barrett Learned 99
Present condition and tendencies of the drama, the William Lyon Phelps 81
Rare earth of normandy, the Henry Seidel Canby 802
Reasonable regulation of railroad rates Morrell W. Gaines 657
Shakespeare’s comedy-dramas Brander Matthews 422
Sherman act and business, the Guy W. Mallon 274
Simplified city government Clinton Rogers Woodruff 206
Social hygiene, the new Havelock Ellis 364
Specialist in the professor’s chair, the E. P. Morris 43
Synge, john M., the plays of Charles A. Bennett 192
Taft, william howard A. Maurice Low 349
Tendencies of recent american biography Allen Johnson 890
Thackeray’s centenary Henry A. Beers 28
Upper connecticut, the Arthur Colton 404
War William Graham Sumner 1
What is truth? Vernon Lee 600
Why canada rejected reciprocity A Canadian 173
Without straw Sherlock Bronson Gass 678
Woolsey, theodore dwight Theodore S. Woolsey 239, 453, 620


Afterward Robert Munger 236
Armistice Frederick Erastus Pierce 138
At the last Robert Munger 238
Double ballade of farewell Brian Hooker 531
Fragrances Brian Hooker 530
Ghosts Brian Hooker 529
Haec Olim Meminisse Brian Hooker 580
Idolatry: three sonnets Brian Hooker 528
I know a garden Lee Wilson Dodd 142
In an anthology Robert Munger 237
Land of lost Music, the Robert Munger 285
Music maker, the Robert Haven Schauffler 417
Song Brian Hooker 527
To build the temple Thomas D. Goodell 416
Venetian pastorale by giorgione, A Robert Haven Schauffler 417
Voyage of verrazano, the Clinton Scollard 419

Book Reviews

Bingham, Hiram. Across South America. Reviewed by Cyrus C. Adams 502
Bj�rkman, Edwin (translator). Plays by August Strindberg. Reviewed by Lee Wilson Dodd 690
Brooke, C. F. Tucker. The Tudor Drama. Reviewed by Felix E. Schilling 704
Coffin, Charles H. The Story of French Painting. Reviewed by Augustus Vincent Tack 342
Chamberlain, Houston Stewart. The Foundations of the Nineteenth Century. Translated by John Lees. Reviewed by. W. C. Abbott 495
Chesterton, Gilbert K. The Ballad of the White Horse. Reviewed by Lee Wilson Dodd 334
Colvin, Sidney (editor). The Letters of Robert Louis Stevenson. Reviewed by John C. Adams 312
Commons, John R., and others (editors). A Documentary History of the American Industrial Society. Reviewed by Max Farrand 168
Cooper, Lane (editor). A Concordance to the Poems of William Wordsworth. Reviewed by E. Hershey Sneath 708
Duncan, Robert Kennedy. Some Chemical Problems of To-Day. Reviewed by H. W. Foote 516
Farrand, Max (editor). The Records of the Federal Convention of 1781. Reviewed by Gaillard Hunt 144
Fisher, Irving. The Purchasing Power of Money. Reviewed by E. W. Kemmerer 507
Fite, Emerson David. The Presidential Campaign of 1860. Reviewed by William E. Dodd 511
Galsworthy, John. The Pigeon. Reviewed by Lee Wilson Dodd 690
Gould, George M. (with Laura Stedman). Life and Letters of Edmund Clarence Stedman. Reviewed by Edward Everett Hale, Jr. 318
Graves, Henry Solon. The Principles of Handling Woodlands. Reviewed by James W. Tourney 166
Hart, Albert Bushnell. The Obvious Orient. Reviewed by F. Wells Williams 158
Henderson, Archibald. George Bernard Shaw: His Life and Works. Reviewed by J. R. Crawford 517
Hibben, John Grier. A Defence of Prejudice, and Other Essays. Reviewed by Charles M. Bakewell 340
Holmes, S. J. The Evolution of Animal Intelligence. Reviewed by Alexander Petrunkevitch 698
Home University Library of Modern Knowledge. Reviewed by the Editors 523
Hooker, Brian. Mona; A Drama. Reviewed by Thomas D. Goodell 519
Huntington, Ellsworth. Palestine and its Transformation. Reviewed by Elihu Grant 504
Jacks, L. P. The Alchemy of Thought. Reviewed by William Ernest Hocking 161
Kent, Charles Foster. Biblical Geography and History. Reviewed by Albert Perry Brigham 514
Lee, Sidney. The French Renaissance in England. Reviewed by John M. Berdan 335
Lounsbury, Thomas R. The Early Literary Career of Robert Browning. Reviewed by Brander Matthews 343
Luquiens, Frederick Bliss. Three Lays of Marie de France: Retold in English Verse. Reviewed by J. R. Crawford 152
Lydgate’s The Serpent of Division. Edited by Henry Noble MacCracken. Reviewed by William Hall Clawson 156
McGiffert, Arthur Cushman. Martin Luther: The Man and His Work. Reviewed by Williston Walker 329
Merwin, Henry Childs. The Life of Bret Harte. Reviewed by Henry Seidel Canby 522
Moulton, Richard Green. World ’ Literature, and its Place in General Culture. Reviewed by Edward M. Chapman 150
Perrin, Bernadotte (translator). Plutarch’s Cimon and Pericles, with the Funeral Oration of Pericles. Reviewed by C. F. Tucker Brooke 325
Phelps, William Lyon. Essays on Russian Novelists. Reviewed by Stuart P. Sherman 35
Pierce, Frederick E. The World that God Destroyed, and Other Poems. Reviewed by Raymond MacDonald Alden 713
Plutarch’s Cimon and Pericles, with the Funeral Oration of Pericles. Translated by Bernadotte Perrin. Reviewed by C. F. Tucker Brooke 325
Punnett, E. C. Mendelism. (Third Edition.) Reviewed by Wesley R. Coe 164
Semple, Ellen Churchill. Influences of Geographic Environment. Reviewed by A. G. Keller 331
Smith, Preserved. The Life and Letters of Martin Luther. Reviewed by Williston Walker 329
Stedman, Laura (with George M. Gould). Life and Letters of Edmund Clarence Stedman. Reviewed by Edward Everett Hale, Jr. 318
Stevenson, Robert Louis, The Letters of. Edited by Sidney Colvin. Reviewed by John C. Adams 312
Strindberg, August, Plays by. Translated by Edwin Bj�rkman. Reviewed by Lee Wilson Dodd 690
Sumner, William Graham. War, and Other Essays. Edited by Albert G. Keller. Reviewed by Philip P. Wells 693
Taussig, F. W. Principles of Economics. Reviewed by Guy S. Callender 701
Taylor, Henry Osborn. The Medi�val Mind. Reviewed by Albert S. Cook 338
Tinker, Chauncey B. (editor). Dr. Johnson and Fanny Burney: being the Johnsonian Passages from the Works of Mme. D’Arblay. Reviewed by Charles G. Osgood 700
Wagner, Richard. My Life. (Authorized Translation.) Reviewed by Robert Haven Schauffler 499
Watson, William. The Heralds of the Dawn: A Play. Reviewed by Lee Wilson Dodd 690
Welles, Gideon, The Diary of. Reviewed by Emerson Fite