Volume II (2) (1912-1913)

[Reviews are entered under the author of the book reviewed and under the reviewer.]

Abbott, Wilbur Cortez. The Fame of Cromwell 315-49
Adams, George Burton. Origin of the English Constitution. Rev, by C. H. Haskins 371-2
Adams, John Quincy. Writings, edited by W. C. Ford. Rev. by T. C. Smith 788-9
Adeste: a Poem. Marguerite O. B. Wilkinson 683
Andrew, Abram Piatt. The Crux of the Currency Question 595-620
Andrews, Charles McLean. William Shirley’s Correspondence 786—7
Andrews, Clarence Edward. A. M. Freeman’s Thomas Love Peacock 376-7
Angell, James Rowland. Chapters from Modern Psychology. Rev. by R. P. Angier 378-80
Angier, Roswell Parker. J. R. Angell’s Chapters from Modern Psychology 378-80
Animal Experimentation, Results of. Burnside Foster 301-14
Antin, Mary.’ The Promised Land. Rev. by Elisabeth Woodbridge 175-6
Anvil of Souls, The: a Poem. William Rose Benét 686-7
Archer, William. Play-Making. Rev. by J. R. Crawford 576-8
Architecture, Style in American. Ralph Adams Cram 639-52
Are the Patriarchs Historical? Albert T. Clay 116-29
Athenian Critic of Life, An. Thomas D. Goodell 540-59
Atherton, Gertrude. The Woman of To-morrow 412—35
Babbitt, Irving. Masters of Modern French Criticism. Rev. by C. C. Clarke 774-6
Bacon, Benjamin Wisner. Carl Clemen’s Primitive Christianity 801—2
Baur, Paul Victor Christopher. Duffield Osborne’s Engraved Gems 778-80
Beers, Henry Augustin. The Connecticut Wits 242-56
— John Masefield’s Multitude and Solitude, etc 560-3
Bellows, John. French Dictionary. Rev. by H. N. MacCracken 368-9
Bellows, Max. German Dictionary. Rev. by H. N. MacCracken 368-9
Benelli, Sem. Will Hutchins 130-41
Benét, William Rose. The Anvil of Souls: a Poem 686-7
Bennett, Charles Andrew Armstrong. George Moore’s Hail and Farewell 169—71
Bickley, Francis. John Millington Synge. Rev. by H. S. Canby 767-72
Bishop, Avard Longley. The High Cost of Living 704-18
Blewett, George John. Christian View of the World. Rev. by G. Hodges 588-9
Blichfeldt, Emil Harry. A Mexican Journey. Rev. by I. Bowman 583-5
Bodley, John Edward Courtenay. Cardinal Manning. Rev. by A. L. Cross 791—4
Books: a Poem. Fannie Stearns Davis 60-2
Borrow, George. Letters. Rev. by H. S. Canby 350-2
Bowman, Isaiah. E. H. Blichfeldt’s A Mexican Journey 583-5
— Carl Lumholtz’s New Trails in Mexico 583-5
Bradford, Gamaliel, Jr. Letters of a Roman Gentleman 65-81
— Lee the American. Rev. by Allen Johnson 359-61
Brooks, Charles Stephen. On Maps and Rabbit-Holes 257-62
Brown, William Adams. Rudolf Eucken’s Main Currents of Modern Thought 589-92
Bryce, James. South America. Rev. by W. S. Tower 789-91
Bynner, Witter. From Jail: a Poem 685
— Train-Mates: a Poem 681-2
Cambridge Manuals of Science and Literature. Rev. by A. Keogh 580-1
Canby, Henry Seidel. George Sorrow’s Letters 350-2
— Herbert Jenkins’s Life of George Borrow 350-2
— John M. Synge’s Works 767-72
— Francis Bickley’s John Millington Synge 767-72
— P. P. Howe’s J. M. Synge 767-72
— William Butler Yeast’s The Cutting of an Agate 767-72
Candee, Helen Churchill. The Tapestry Book. Rev. by L. R. Metcalfe 780-2
Carmalt, William Henry. C. B. Davenport’s Heredity in Relation to Eugenics 797-9
Cawein, Madison. Weed and Flower: a Poem 683-4
Chapman, Edward Mortimer. Wilfrid Ward’s Life of Newman 163-6
Chaucer. The Modern Reader’s Chaucer. Rev. by H. N. MacCracken 569-71
Clarke, Charles Cameron. Irving Babbitt’s Masters of Modern French Criticism 774-6
Clay, Albert Tobias. Are the Patriarchs Historical? 116-29
Clemen, Carl. Primitive Christianity. Rev. by B. W. Bacon 801-2
Climates of the Past. Charles Schuchert 719-28
Coe, Wesley Roswell. J. H. Fabre’s Social Life in the Insect World . 799-801
College and the Intellectual Life, The. Edward Parmelee Morris 456-69
Collison-Morley, Lacy. Modern Italian Literature. Rev. .by K. McKenzie 575-6
Connecticut Wits, The. Henry Augustin Beers 242-56
Cook, Edward Tyas. Life of Ruskin. Rev. by Chauncey Brewster Tinker 363-6
Coolidge, Mary Roberts. Why Women are so. Rev. by Dorothea Moore 585-6
Cost of Living, The High. Avard Longley Bishop 704-18
Cram, Ralph Adams. Style in American Architecture 639-52
Crawford, Jack Randall. William Archer’s Play-Making 576-8
— From Ibsen’s Workshop 576-8
Cromwell, The Fame of. Wilbur Cortez Abbott 315-49
Cross, Arthur Lyon. John Edward Courtenay Bodley’s Cardinal Manning 791-4
Cross, Wilbur Lucius. The Return to Dickens 142-62
Crux of the Currency Question, The. Abram Piatt Andrew 595-620
Curran, Henry Hastings. What the Ten-Year Sergeant of Police Tells 621-38
Currency Question, The Crux of the. Abram Piatt Andrew 595-620
Curtis, William Alexander. History of Creeds. Rev. by D. C. Macintosh 181-2
Cushing, John Pearsons. Maria Montessori’s The Montessori Method 370-1
Dante as the Inspirer of Italian Patriotism. William Roscoe Thayer . 470-87
Davenport, Charles Benedict. Heredity. Rev. by W. H. Carmalt 797-9
Davis, Fannie Stearns. Books: a Poem 60-2
— The Hermit on the Dunes: a Poem 488-93
— Holiday: a Poem 62-3
— I Went to Seek Her: a Poem 64
— Not for Your Sakes: a Poem 59-60
— Years: a Poem 63-4
Democratic Party, The. Henry Wade Rogers 33-58
Democrats and the Tariff, The. Henry Crosby Emery 193-214
Devon, James. The Criminal and the Community. Rev. by H. P. Fairchild 179-81
Dickens, The Return to. Wilbur Lucius Cross 142-62
Disarmament, A Speculation as to. Theodore Salisbury Woolsey 534-9
Dodd, Lee Wilson. Night Armies: a Poem 268
— The Well Made Play 746-62
DuBois, Augustus Jay. The Religion of a Civil Engineer 729-45
Dunn, Joseph. J. A.-MacCulloch’s Religion of the Ancient Celts 171—8
Durham, Willard Higley. J. Jörgensen’s Saint Francis of Assisi 184—6
Elder, Samuel James. The Republican Party 1—17
Election and Term of the President, The. Max Farrand 511—20
Elliott. George Ray. E. H. Sneath’s Wordsworth 772-4
Ellwood, Charles Abram. Sociology in its Psychological Aspects. Rev. by H. P. Fairchild 586-8
Emery, Henry Crosby. The Democrats and the Tariff 193-214
Erskine, John. Satan: a Poem 265-8
— To a Vagrant Poet: a Poem 263-4
Eucken, Rudolf. Main Currents of Modern Thought. Rev. by W. A. Brown 589-92
Fabre, Jean Henri. Social Life in the Insect World. Rev. by W. R. Coe 799-801
Fairchild, Henry Pratt. C. A. Ellwood’s Sociology in its Psychological Aspects 586-8
— James Devon’s The Criminal 179-81
— R. M. McConnell’s Criminal Responsibility 179—81
Fairlie, John Archibald. H. B. Learned’s The President’s Cabinet 366-8
Fame of Cromwell, The. Wilbur Cortez Abbott 315-49
Farnam, Henry Walcott. Shakespeare as an Economist 436—55
Farrand, Max. The Election and Term of the President 511-20
— Popular Election of Senators 234-41
Feeling, The Logic of. Edward Moffat Weyer 521-33
Fling, Fred Morrow. J. H. Robinson’s The New History 166-9
Foster, Burnside. Results of Animal Experimentation 301-14
Freeman, Alexander Martin. Thomas Love Peacock. Rev. by C. E. Andrews 376-7
Fried, Alfred Hermann. The German Emperor. Rev. by H. L�deke 794-7
From Jail: a Poem. Witter Bynner 682
Geography, The New Science of. Ellsworth Huntington 82-96
Giorgione: the First Modern Master. Duncan Phillips 667-80
Goodell, Thomas Dwight. An Athenian Critic of Life 540-59
Greek Literature, The “Tradition” of. Gilbert Murray 215-33
Gummere, Francis Barton. E. B. Reed’s English Lyrical Poetry 355-9
Hail, William James. P. H. Kent’s The Passing of the Manchus 782-3
Hanscom, Elizabeth Deering. E. Woodbridge’s The Jonathan Papers 362-3
Haskins, Charles Homer. G. B. Adams’s Origin of the English Constitution 371-2
Hermit on the Dunes, The: a Poem. Fannie Stearns Davis 488-93
High Cost if Living, The. Avard Longley Bishop 704-18
Historic Universities in a Democracy. Anson Phelps Stokes, Jr. 653-66
Hodges, George. G. J. Blewett’s Christian View of the World 588-9
Holiday: a Poem. Fannie Stearns Davis 62-3
Howe, P. P. J.M. Synge. Rev. by H. S. Canby 767-72
Hunter, George Leland. Tapestries. Rev. by L. R. Metcalfe 780-2
Huntington, Ellsworth. The New Science of Geography 82-96
Hutchins, Will. Sem Benelli 130-41
I Went to Seek Her: a Poem. Fannie Stearns Davis 64
Ibsen, Henrik. From Ibsen’s Workshop. Rev. by J. R. Crawford 576-8
In the Defenses of Washington. Thomas Raynesford Lounsbury 383-411
Jacoby, George W, Suggestion and Psychotherapy. Rev. by J. Jastrow 186-8
Jastrow, Joseph. G. W. Jacoby’s Suggestion and Psychotherapy 186-8
Jenkins, Herbert. Life of Borrow. Rev. by H. S. Canby 350-2
Jörgensen, Johannes. Saint Francis of Assisi. Rev. by W. H. Durham 184-6
Johnson, Allen. G. Bradford’s Lee the American 359-61
— T. N. Page’s Robert E. Lee 359-61
Jordan, Mary Augusta. M. Sinclair’s The Three Brontës 567-9
Kent, Percy Horace. The Passing of the Manchus. Rev. by W. J. Hail 782-3
Keogh, Andrew. The Cambridge Manuals of Science and Literature 580-11
Learned, Henry Barrett. The President’s Cabinet. Rev. by J. A. Fair lie 366-8
— G. O. Trevelyan’s George the Third and Charles the Great 372-4
Letters of a Roman Gentleman. Gamaliel Bradford, Jr. 65-81
Lewis, Charlton Miner. William Vaughn Moody 688-703
Logic of Feeling, The. Edward Moffat Weyer … 521-33
Lounsbury, Thomas Raynesford. In the Defenses of Washington 385-411
— Yale Book of American Verse. Rev. by Bliss Perry 571-4
Low, Alfred Maurice. The Modern Newspaper as it is 97-115
— The Modern Newspaper as it might be 282-300
L�deke, Henry. A. H. Fried’s The German Emperor 794-7
Lumholtz, Carl. New Trails in Mexico. Rev. by I. Bowman 583-5
Luquiens, Huc-Mazelet. F. Weitenkampf’s American Graphic Art 581-2
McConnell, Ray Madding. Criminal Responsibility. Rev. by H. P. Fairchild 179-81
MacCracken, Henry Noble. John Bellows’s French Dictionary 368-9
— Max Bellows’s German Dictionary 368-9
— J. S. P. Tatlock and P. Mackaye’s Modern Reader’s Chaucer 569-71
MacCulloch, John Arnott. Religion of the Ancient Celts. Rev. by J. Dunn 171-3
McGill, Anna Blanche. Orion: a Poem 684-5
Macintosh, Douglas Clyde. W. A. Curtis’s History of Creeds 181-2
McKenzie, Kenneth. L. Collison-Morley’s Modern Italian Literature 575-6
— Concordanza delle Rime di Petrarca. Rev. by E. S. Sheldon 776-8
Maps and Rabbit-Holes, On. Charles Stephen Brooks 257-62
Masefield, John. Multitude and Solitude, etc. Rev. by H. A. Beers 560-3
Maxcy, Carroll Lewis. W. L. Phelps’s Teaching in School and College 579-80
Meredith, George. Letters, and Poetical Works. Rev. by E. B. Reed 763-7
Metcalfe, Louis Rochat. H. C. Candee’s The Tapestry Book 780-2
— G. L. Hunter’s Tapestries 780-2
Modern Newspaper as it is, The. Alfred Maurice Low 97-115
Modern Newspaper as it might be, The. Alfred Maurice Low 282-300
Montessori, Maria. The Montessori Method. Rev. by J. P. Gushing 370-1
Moody, William Vaughn. Charlton Miner Lewis 688-703
Moore, Charles Arthur, Jr. The Siege of Scutari 494-510
Moore, Dorothea. M. R. Coolidge’s Why Women are so 585-6
Moore, George. Hail and Farewell. Rev. by C. A. Bennett 169-171
Morals of the Rhyming Dictionary, The. Charles Francis Richardson . 269-81
Morris, Edward Parmelee. The College and the Intellectual Life 456-69
Murray Gilbert. The “Tradition” of Greek Literature 215-33
Nereid. The: a Poem. Clark Ashton Smith 685-6
New Science of Geography, The. Ellsworth Huntington 82-96
Newspaper, The Modern, as it is. Alfred Maurice Low 97-115
Newspaper, The Modern, as it might be. Alfred Maurice Low 282-300
Night Armies: a Poem. Lee Wilson Dodd 268
Not for Your Sakes: a Poem. Fannie Stearns Davis 59-60
Orion: a Poem. Anna Blanche McGill 684-5
Osborne, Duffield. Engraved Gems. Rev. by P. V. C. Baur 778-80
Page, Thomas Nelson. Robert E. Lee. Rev. by Allen Johnson 359-61
Paine, Albert Bigelow. Mark Twain. Rev. by C. F. Richardson 563-7
Patriarchs. Are the Patriarchs Historical? Albert T. Clay 116-29
Perry, Bliss. T. R. Lounsbury’s Yale Book of American Verse 571-4
Phelps, William Lyon. Teaching in School and College. Rev. by C. L. Maxcy 579-80
Phillips, Duncan. Giorgione: the First Modern Master 667-80
Pierce, Frederick Erastus. W. A. Neilson’s Essentials of Poetry 182-4
Play, The Well Made. Lee Wilson Dodd 746-62
Pliny. Letters of a Roman Gentleman. G. Bradford, Jr. 65-81
Police. What the Ten-Year Sergeant of Police Tells. Henry H. Curran 621-38
Popular Election of Senators. Max Farrand 234-41
President, The Election and Term of the. Max Farrand 511-20
Progressive Party, The. Herbert Knox Smith 18-32
Reed, Edward Bliss. English Lyrical Poetry. Rev. by F. B. Gummere 355-9
— George Meredith’s Letters 763—7
— George Meredith’s Poetical Works 763-7
— G. M. Trevelyan’s Poetry and Philosophy of Meredith 763—7
Religion of a Civil Engineer. Augustus Jay DuBois 729-45
Republican Party, The. Samuel James Elder 1-17
Results of Animal Experimentation. Burnside Foster 301-14
Return to Dickens, The. Wilbur Lucius Cross 142-62
Rhyming Dictionary, The Morals of the. Charles F. Richardson 269-81
Richardson, Charles Francis. The Morals of the Rhyming Dictionary 269-81
— A. B. Paine’s Mark Twain … , 563-7
Robinson, James Harvey. The New History. Rev. by F. M. Fling 166-9
Rogers, Henry Wade. The Democratic Party 33-58
Root, Robert Kilburn. Hallam Tennyson’s Tennyson and his Friends 374-6
Ross, Edward Alsworth. The Changing Chinese. Rev. by Yun Siang Tsao 177-8
Satan: a Poem. John Erskine 265-8
Schauffler, Robert Haven. The Musical Amateur. Rev. by M. R. Torrey 173-4
Schuchert, Charles. Climates of the Past 719-28
Seutari, The Siege of. Charles Arthur Moore, Jr. 494-510
Senators, The Popular Election of. Max Farrand 234-41
Shakespeare as an Economist. Henry Walcott Farnam 436-55
Sheldon, Edward Stevens. K. McKenzie’s Concordansa delle Rime di Petrarca 776-8
Shirley, William. Correspondence. Rev. by C. M. Andrews 785-7
Siege of Scutari, The. Charles Arthur Moore, Jr. 494-510
Sinclair, May. The Three Brontës. Rev. by M. A. Jordan 567-9
Smith, Clark Ashton. The Nereid: a Poem 685-6
Smith, Herbert Knox. The Progressive Party 18-32
Smith, Theodore Clarke. The Writings of John Quincy Adams 788-9
Sneath, Elias Hershey. Wordsworth. Rev. by G. R. Elliott 772-4
Sophocles. An Athenian Critic of Life. Thomas D. Goodell 540-59
Speculation as to Disarmament, A. Theodore Salisbury Woolsey 534-9
Stokes, Anson Phelps, Jr. Historic Universities in a Democracy 653-66
Storey, Moorfield. The Reform of Legal Procedure. Rev. by W. R. Vance 352-5
Style in American Architecture. Ralph Adams Cram 639-52
Synge, John Millington. Works. Rev. by H. S. Canby 767-72
Tariff, The Democrats and the. Henry Crosby Emery 193-214
Tatlock, John Strong Perry. The Modern Reader’s Chaucer. Rev. by H. N. MacCracken 569-71
Tennyson, Hallam. Tennyson and his Friends. Rev. by R. K. Root 374-6
Thayer, William Roscoe. Dante as the Inspirer of Italian Patriotism 470-87
Tinker, Chauncey Brewster. E. T. Cook’s Life of Ruskin 363-6
To a Vagrant Poet: a Poem. John Erskine 263-4
Torrey, Marian Richards. R. H. Schauffler’s The Musical Amateur . , 173-4
Tower, Walter Sheldon. James Bryce’s South America 789-91
— H. W. VanDyke’s Through South America 789-91
“Tradition” of Greek Literature, The. Gilbert Murray 215-38
Train-Mates: a Poem. Witter Bynner, 681-2
Trevelyan, George Macaulay. Poetry of George Meredith. Rev. by E. B. Reed 763-7
Trevelyan, George Otto. George the Third. Rev. by H. B. Learned 372-4
Tsao, Yun Siang. E. A. Ross’s The Changing Chinese 177-8
— F. W. Williams’s Anson Burlingame 783-8
Universities, Historic, in a Democracy. Anson Phelps Stokes, Jr. 653-66
Vance, William Reynolds. M. Storey’s The Reform of Legal Procedure 352-5
VanDyke, Harry Weston. Through South America. Rev. by W. S. Tower 789-91
Ward, Wilfrid. Life of Newman. Rev. by E. M. Chapman 163-6
Washington, In the Defenses of. Thomas Raynesford Lounsbury 385-411
Weed and Flower: a Poem. Madison Cawein 683-4
Weitenkampf, Frank. American Graphic Art. Rev. by H-M. Luquiens 581-2
Well Made Play, The. Lee Wilson Dodd 746-62
Weyer, Edward Moffat. The Logic of Feeling 521-33
What the Ten-Year Sergeant of Police Tells.- Henry Hastings Curran 621-38
Wilkinson, Marguerite Ogden Bigelow. Adeste: a Poem 683
Williams, Frederick Wells. Anson Burlingame. Rev. by Yun Siang Tsao 783-3
Woman of To-morrow, The. Gertrude Atherton 412-33
Woodbridge, Elisabeth. Mary Antin’s The Promised Land 175-6
— The Jonathan Papers. Rev. by E. D. Hanscom 362-3
Woolsey, Theodore Salisbury. A Speculation as to Disarmament 534-9
Years: a Poem. Fannie Stearns Davis 63-4
Yeats, William Butler. The Cutting of an Agate. Rev. by H. S. Canby 767-2