Volume IX (9) (1919-1920)

[Reviews are entered under the author of the book reviewed and under the reviewer.]

Abbott, Wilbur Cortez. An Accidental Victorian 600-619
— Except America! 403-408
— Nesta H. Webster’s The French Revolution 879-882
Accidental Victorian, An. Wilbur Cortez Abbott 600-619
Actor of To-day, The English. Arthur Bingham Walkley 542-554
Adams, Henry. Degradation of the Democratic Dogma. Rev. by C. A. Bennett 890-896
Adams, Henry: A Niece’s Memories. Mabel La Farge 271-285
Adams, John Quincy. Writings, Vol. VII. Rev. by H. B. Learned 416-424
Addams, Jane. Mrs. Samuel A. Barnett’s Canon Barnett 867-872
Adriatic, The Struggle for the. Charles Seymour 462-481
Aiken, Conrad. John L. Lowes’s Convention and Revolt in Poetry 413-416
— Louis Untermeyer’s The New Era in American Poetry 413-416
— The Charnel Rose. Rev. by Charles Wharton Stork 660-667
Alpha of the Plough. Leaves in the Wind. Rev. by Lee Wilson Dodd 424-426
Alvord, James Church. Edward J. O’Brien’s Best Short Stories of 1918 650-655
America, France and, in Peace. Firmin Roz 72-86
American Politics, Radicalism in. Henry Jones Ford 759-770
American Scholarship. Frederick Erastus Pierce 119-130
Anglo-American Entente, An. George McLean Harper 484-499
Armsby, Henry Prentiss. The Modern Science of Food Values 330-345
Art of James Branch Cabell, The. Hugh Walpole 684-698
Babbitt, Irving. Rousseau and Romanticism. Rev. by F. A. Manchester 657-660
Baker, Karle Wilson. A Group of Poems 143-145
Barnett, Mrs. Samuel Augustus. Canon Barnett. Rev. by Jane Addams 867-872
Barrie, James Matthew. Plays. Rev. by William Lyon Phelps 409-413
Barton, William Eleazar. Soul of Abraham Lincoln. Rev. by C. W. Moores 865-867
Batak Highlands, The Wind on the. Gusta de Wit 146-153
Bacheller, Irving. The Man for the Ages. Rev. by C. W. Moores 865-867
Beers, Henry Augustin. The Singer of the Old Swimmin’ Hole 395-402
Belgium Since the Armistice. Emile Cammaerts 87-104
Benét, William Rose. The Long Absence: five Poems 105-109
Bennett, Charles A. Henry Adams’s Degradation of the Democratic Dogma 890-896
“Bird” in the Air, The Way of a. Edward P. Warner 771-786
Birth of Democracy, The. Charles Foster Kent 131-142
Black Rock, The: To Thomas Hardy: a Poem. John Gould Fletcher 727-731
Booker, John Manning. Industrial Partnership 287-297
Brevoort, Henry. Letters to Washington Irving. Rev. by W. B. Cairns 210-213
British Poetry under Stress of War. Chauncey Brewster Tinker 714-726
Brooks, Charles S. Julia C. Harris’s Life of Joel Chandler Harris 441-443
— Robert Cortes Holliday’s Walking-Stick Papers 215-216
Burke, Thomas. Out and About London. Rev. by Lee Wilson Dodd 424-426
Burroughs, John. Is Nature Beneficent? 366-878
Bynner, Witter. The Beloved Stranger. Rev. by Charles Wharton Stork 660-667
Cabell James Branch, The Art of. Hugh Walpole 684-698
Cairns, William B. Letters of Washington Irving, ed. by G. S. Bellman 210
Cammaerts, Emile. Belgium Since the Armistice 87-104
Canby, Henry Seidel. Henry Testing Jones’s Samuel Butler: a Memoir 861-865
— Education by Violence. Rev. by Maurice Francis Egan 195-201
Ceremonies, Harems and. Edith Wharton 47-71
Channing, Edward. History of the United States. Rev. by H. B. Learned 416-424
Chew, Samuel Claggett. Henry Newbolt’s New Study of English Poetry 886-889
Commercial Basis of Peace, The. William Smith Culbertson 298-313
Constantinople under the Germans, 1917-1918. Barnette Miller 314-329
Cooper, Clayton S. Understanding South America. Rev. by C. H. Haring 221-224
Cross, Ethan Allen. The Truth about Teachers 744-758
Cross, Wilbur Lucius. George Eliot in Retrospect 256-270
— James William T. Ley’s The Dickens Circle 636-642
Culbertson, William Smith. The Commercial Basis of Peace 298-313
Death and After. Sir Oliver Lodge 110-118
Democracy, The Birth of. Charles Foster Kent 131-142
Democracy at the Crossroads. Harold Joseph Laski 788-803
Deutsch, Babette. Banners. Rev. by Charles Wharton Stork 660-667
Dickson, Frederick Stoever. Henry Fielding’s Tragedy of Tragedies 431-434
Dinsmore, Charles Allen. Life of Dante. Rev. by Charles H. Grandgent 882-886
Disraeli, Benjamin. An Accidental Victorian. Wilbur Cortez Abbott 600-619
Dodd, Lee Wilson. Three English Essayists: Book Reviews 424-426
Dominian, Leon. The Survival of Nationalism: Book Reviews 434-437
Dragon’s Blood. Samuel Scoville, Jr. 531-541
Drinkwater, John. Two Lyrics 482-483
— John Masefleld’s Reynard the Fox 633-636
— Abraham Lincoln. Rev. by Charles Washington Moores 865-867
Dunbar, Olivia Howard. Portrait of a Family 818-833
Duncan, William V. A Siberian Note-Book, comp. by Olive Gilbreath 154-184
Eagle, Solomon. Books in General. Rev. by Lee Wilson Dodd 424-426
Education, New Ideals in. Lord Richard Burdon Haldane 237-252
Egan, Maurice Francis. Henry Seidel Canby’s Education by Violence 195-201
— Axel Olrik’s The Heroic Legends of Denmark 876-879
— William Lyon Phelps’s Reading the Bible 443-446
Einstein’s Theory of Gravitation. Leigh Page 570-585
Eliot, George, in Retrospect. Wilbur Lucius Cross 256-270
English Actor of To-day, The. Arthur Bingham Walkley 542-554
Entente, An Anglo-American. George McLean Harper 484-499
Epigrams, Lyrical. Edith Wharton 34-38
Except America! Wilbur Cortez Abbott 403-408
Experiences of a Medium. Mathilde Weil 586-598
Family, Portrait of a. Olivia Howard Dunbar 818-833
Fielding, Henry. The Tragedy of Tragedies, ed. by J. T. Hillhouse. Rev. by F. S. Dickson 431-434
Fisk, Eugene Lyman. Prolonging Human Life 699
Fletcher, John Gould. The Black Rock: To Thomas Hardy: a Poem 727-731
Food Values, The Modern Science of. Henry Prentiss Armsby 330-345
Ford, Henry Jones. Radicalism in American Politics 759-77
Ford, Worthington C. ed. Writings of J. Q. Adams. Rev. by H. B. Learned 416-424
Fosdick, Harry Emerson. John Kelman’s The War and Preaching 889-890
France and America in Peace. Firmin Roz 72-86
Frankfurter, Felix. Law and Order 225-236
Frary, Donald Paige. How the World Votes. Rev. by H. J. Laski 437-438
French, Field-Marshall Viscount. 1914. Rev. by T. R. Ybarra 190-195
Frost, Robert. To E. T.: a Poem 555
Gibson, Wilfrid Wilson. In Khaki: three Poems 44-46
Gilbreath, Olive, ed. A Siberian Note-Book by William V. Duncan 154-184
Gilman, Lawrence. Jules Massenet’s My Recollections 872-876
— Camille Saint-Saëns’s Musical Memories 872-876
Grandgent, Charles Hall. Charles Allen Dinsmore’s Life of Dante 882-883
— Henry Dwight Sedgwick’s Dante 882-886
Gravitation, Einstein’s Theory of. Leigh Page 570-585
Haldane, Lord Richard Burdon. New Ideals in Education 237-252
Hanscom, Elizabeth Deering. Heart of the Puritan. Rev. by E. W. Morris 213-215
Hardy, Thomas. The Black Rock: a Poem. To Thomas Hardy. J. G. Fletcher 727-731
Harems and Ceremonies. Edith Wharton 47-71
Haring, Clarence Henry. C. S. Cooper’s Understanding South America 221-224
— Leo E. Miller’s In the Wilds of South America 221-224
Harmon, Austin Morris. The Loeb Classical Library 439-441
Harper, George McLean. An Anglo-American Entente 484-499
— Eugene Réveillaud’s Formes Patriotiques 428-431
— Brand Whitlock’s Belgium 185-190
Harris, Joel Chandler. Life and Letters by Julia C. Harris. Rev. by C. S. Brooks 441-443
Harris, Julia Collier. Life of Joel Chandler Harris. Rev. by C. S. Brooks 441-443
Hellman, George S. ed. Letters of Irving. Rev. by W. B. Cairns 210-213
Henderson, Archibald. William L. Phelps’s Twentieth Century Theatre 655-657
Hillhouse, James T. ed. Tragedy of Tragedies by Fielding. Rev. by F. S. Dickson 431-434
Holliday, Robert Cortes. Walking-Stick Papers. Rev. by C. S. Brooks 215-216
Rowland, Louis. W, G. Sumner’s Forgotten Man and Other Essays 667-672
In Khaki: three Poems. Wilfrid Wilson Gibson 44-46
In Provence: two Poems. Edith Wharton 346-347
Industrial Partnership. John Manning Booker 287-297
Injustice of Zionism, The. Edward Bliss Reed 514-528
Irving, Washington. Letters, ed. by G. S. Hellman. Rev. by W. B. Cairns 210-213
Is Nature Beneficent? John Burroughs 366-378
Java, A Native of. Gusta de Wit 844-856
Jones, Henry Testing. Samuel Butler: a Memoir. Rev. by H. S. Canby 861-865
Keller, Albert G., ed. W. G. Sumner’s Forgotten Man. Rev. by L. Rowland 667-672
Kellogg, Vernon. Washington Five and Eight O’Clocks 452-461
Kelly, Florence Finch. The Menace of Localism 379-393
Kelman, John. The War and Preaching. Rev. by Harry E. Fosdick 889-890
Kent, Charles Foster. The Birth of Democracy 131-142
— ed. The Shorter Bible: The New Testament. Rev. by W. W. Rockwell 426-428
Keynes, John M. Economic Consequences of the Peace. Rev. by C. Seymour. 857-861
La Farge, Mabel. Henry Adams: a Niece’s Memories 271-285
Laski, Harold Joseph. Democracy at the Crossroads 788-803
— Tomáš Garrigue Masaryk’s The Spirit of Russia 647-648
— Charles Seymour and Donald P. Frary’a How the World Votes 437-438
Law and Order. Felix Frankfurter 225-236
League of Nations, The. Charles Seymour 28-43
Learned, Henry Barrett. American History Rewritten: Book Reviews 416-426
Lewis, Charlton Miner. Methusaleh: a Poem 599
Ley, James William Thomas. The Dickens Circle. Rev. by Wilbur L. Cross 636-642
Literature, The National. Henry Louis Mencken 804-817
Localism, The Menace of. Florence Finch Kelly 379-393
Lodge, Sir Oliver. Death and After 110-118
Loeb Classical Library, The. Rev. by Austin Morris Harmon 439-441
Long Absence, The: five Poems. William Rose Benét 105-109
Low, Benjamin R. C. The Pursuit of Happiness. Rev. by C. W. Stork 660-667
Lowes, John L. Convention and Revolt in Poetry. Rev. by C. Aiken 413-416
Lubomirski, Prince Casimir. Poland in the New Europe 732-743
Lyric: a Poem. John Masefield 286
Lyrical Epigrams. Edith Wharton 348
MacCracken, Henry Noble. The Peace, from a Cracker Barrel 17-27
Manchester, Frederick A. Irving Babbitt’s Rousseau and Romanticism 657-660
Marks, Jeannette. Swinburne: a Study in Pathology 349-365
Marquand, Allan. Robbia Heraldry. Rev. by Arthur Kingsley Porter 648-650
Masaryk, Tomáš Garrigue. The Spirit of Russia. Rev. H. J. Laski 647-648
Massenet, Jules. My Recollections. Rev. by Lawrence Gilman 872-876
Masefield, John. Lyric: a Poem 286
— The Passing Strange: a Poem 449-451
— Reynard the Fox. Rev. by John Drinkwater 633-636
Medium, Experiences of a. Mathilde Weil 586-598
Meigs, William M. Life of John C. Calhoun. Rev. by N. W. Stephenson 202-207
Menace of Localism, The. Florence Finch Kelly 379-393
Mencken, Henry Louis. The National Literature 804-817
Methusaleh: a Poem. Charlton Miner Lewis 599
Middleton, Scudder. The New Day. Rev. by Charles Wharton Stork 660-667
Miller, Barnette. Constantinople under the Germans, 1917-1918 314-329
Miller, Leo E. In the Wilds of South America. Rev. by C. H. Haring 221-224
Modern Science of Food Values, The. Henry Prentiss Armsby 330-345
Moores, Charles Washington. Lincoln in 1920: Book Reviews 865-867
Morris, Elisabeth Woodbridge. E. D. Hanscom’s Heart of the Puritan 218-215
Moulton, Harold Glenn. The Rising Tide of Social Unrest 1-16
Mountain Laurel: a Poem. Alfred Noyes 529-530
Moving Picture—Obiter Dicta of a Censor, The. Ellis P. Oberholtzer 620-632
Muir, Ramsay. National Self-Government. Rev. by Leon Dominian 434-437
National Literature, The. Henry Louis Mencken 804-817
Native of Java, A. Gusta de Wit 844-856
Nature Beneficent, Is? John Burroughs 366-378
New Europe, Poland in the. Prince Casimir Lubomirski 732-743
New Ideals in Education. Lord Richard Burdon Haldane 237-252
Newbolt, Henry. New Study of English Poetry. Rev. by S. C. Chew 886-889
Newton, A. Edward. Amenities of Book-Collecting. Rev. by C. B. Tinker 207-209
Nichols, Robert. Seventeen: a Poem 568-569
— The Sprig of Lime: a Poem 253-255
Noyes, Alfred. Mountain Laurel: a Poem 529-530
Oberholtzer, Ellis Paxson. The Moving Picture 620-632
— History of the United States, 1865-1868. Rev. by H. B. Learned 416-424
O’Brien, Edward Joseph. Best Short Stories of 1918. Rev. by J. C. Alvord 650-655
Olrik, Axel. The Heroic Legends of Denmark. Rev. by M. F. Egan 876-879
On Getting Lost. Brooks Shepard 836-844
Order, Law and. Felix Frankfurter 225-236
Page, Leigh. Einstein’s Theory of Gravitation 570-585
Partnership, Industrial. John Manning Booker 287-297
Passing Strange, The: a Poem. John Masefield 449-451
Peace, The Commercial Basis of. William Smith Culbertson 298-313
Peace, from a Cracker Barrel, The, Henry Noble MacCracken 17-27
Perla, Leo. What is National Honor? Rev. by Leon Dominian 434-437
Phelps, William Lyon. The Plays of James M. Barrie: Book Reviews 409-413
— Reading the Bible. Rev. by Maurice Francis Egan 443-446
— The Twentieth Century Theatre. Rev. by Archibald Henderson 655-657
Pierce, Frederick Erastus. American Scholarship 119-130
Poems, A Group of. Karle Wilson Baker 143-145
Poetry, British under Stress of War. Chauncey Brewster Tinker 714-726
Poland in the New Europe. Prince Casimir Lubomirski 732-743
Porter, Arthur Kingsley. Allan Marquand’s Robbia Heraldry 648-650
Portrait of a Family. Olivia Howard Dunbar 818-833
Prolonging Human Life. Eugene Lyman Fisk 699-713
Provence, In: two Poems. Edith Wharton 346-347
Radicalism in American Politics. Henry Jones Ford 759-770
Ransom, John Crowe. Poems about God. Rev. by Charles Wharton Stork 660-667
Reed, Edward Bliss. The Injustice of Zionism 514-528
Réveillaud, Eugene. Poèmes Patriotiques. Rev. by George McLean Harper. . 428-431
Rhodes, James Ford. History of the Civil War. Rev. by H. B. Learned 416-424
Riley, James Whitcomb. The Singer of the Old Swimmin Hole. H. A. Beers 395-402
Rising Tide of Social Unrest, The. Harold Glenn Moulton 1-16
Robinson, Edwin Arlington. Tact: a Poem 394
Rockwell, William Walter. The Shorter Bible, ed. by C. F. Kent 426-428
Roz, Firmin. France and America in Peace 72-86
Saint-Saëns, Camille. Musical Memories. Rev. by Lawrence Gilman 872-876
Scholarship, American. Frederick Erastus Pierce 119-130
Scoville, Samuel, Jr. Dragon’s Blood 531-541
Scudder, Vida Dutton. Mrs. Humphry Ward’s A Writer’s Recollections 216-221
Sedgwick, Henry Dwight. Dante. Rev. by Charles Hall Grandgent 882-886
Seventeen: a Poem. Robert Nichols 568-569
Seymour, Charles. The League of Nations 28-43
— The Struggle for the Adriatic 462-481
— John M. Keynes’s The Economic Consequences of the Peace 857-861
— and Frary, Donald P. Haw the World Votes. Rev. by H. J. Laski 437-438
Shepard, Brooks. On Getting Lost 836-843
Siberian Note-Book, A. William V. Duncan, ed. by Olive Gilbreath 154-184
Singer of the Old Swimmin’ Hole, The. Henry Augustin Beers 395-402
Social Unrest, The Rising Tide of. Harold Glenn Moulton 1-16
Sprig of Lime, The: a Poem. Robert Nichols 253-255
Stephenson, Nathaniel W. W. M. Meig’s Life of John C. Calhoun 202-207
Stevens, William Oliver. Grand Admiral von Tirpitz’s My Memoirs 642-646
Strok, Charles Wharton. Recent Verse: Book Reviews 660-667
Striding the Blast: a Poem. Wayland Wells Williams 78
Struggle for the Adriatic, The. Charles Seymour 462-481
Strunsky, Simeon. The Unreal and Paramount Issue 678-683
Sumner, William G. Forgotten Man and Other Essays. Rev. by L. Rowland 667-672
Swinburne: A Study in Pathology. Jeannette Marks 349-365
Swinburne, Algernon Charles. Letters, ed. by E. Gosse and T. J. Wise. Rev. by C. B. Tinker 446-448
Tact: a Poem. Edwin Arlington Robinson 394
Teachers, The Truth about. Ethan Allen Cross 744-758
Thomas, Edward. George Frisbie Whicher 556-567
Three Poems. Louis Untermeyer 834-835
Tinker, Chauncey Brewster. British Poetry under Stress of War 714-726
— A. E. Newton’s The Amenities of Book-Collecting 207-209
— The Letters of A. C. Swinburne, ed. by E. Gosse and T. J. Wise 446-448
Tirpitz, Grand Admiral von. My Memoirs. Rev. by W. O. Stevens 642-646
To E. T.: a Poem. Robert Frost 555
Truth about Teachers, The. Ethan Allen Cross 744-758
Two Lyrics. John Drinkwater 482-483
Unreal and Paramount Issue, The. Simeon Strunsky 678-683
Untermeyer, Louis. Three Poems 834-835
— The New Era in American Poetry. Rev. by Conrad Aiken 413-416
Victorian, An Accidental. Wilbur Cortez Abbott 600-619
Walkley, Arthur Bingham. The English Actor of To-day 542-554
Walpole, Hugh. The Art of James Branch Cabell 684-698
Ward, Mrs. Humphry. A Writer’s Recollections. Rev. by V. D. Scudder 216-221
Warner, Edward P. The Way of a “Bird” in the Air 771-786
Washington Five and Eight O’Clocks. Vernon Kellogg 452-467
Way of a “Bird” in the Air, The. Edward P. Warner 771-786
Webster, Nesta H. The French Revolution. Rev. by W. C. Abbott. 879-882
Weil, Mathilde. Experiences of a Medium 586-598
Wharton, Edith. Harems and Ceremonies 47-71
— In Provence: two Poems 346-347
— Lyrical Epigrams 348
Whicher, George Frisbie. Edward Thomas 556-567
Whitlock, Brand. Belgium. Rev. by George McLean Harper 185-196
Williams, Albert Rhys. Yanishev Goes Home to the Village 500-513
Williams, Wayland Wells. Striding the Blast: a Poem 787
Wind on the Batak Highlands, The. Gusta de Wit 146-155
Wit, Gusta de. A Native of Java 844-856
— The Wind on the Batak Highlands 146-153
Yale Book of Student Verse, The. Rev. by Charles Wharton Stork 660-667
Yanishev Goes Home to the Village. Albert Rhys Williams 500-513
Ybarra, Thomas Russell. Field-Marshall Viscount French’s 1914 190-195
Zimmern, Alfred E. Nationality and Government. Rev. by L. Dominian 434-437
Zionism, The Injustice of. Edward Bliss Reed 514-528