VOLUME LX, NO. 2 (December 1970)

Revolution in the University James Hitchcock 161
The Student Revolt Carl Landauer 175
American Student Politics Steven Warnecke 185
Crime and Punishment in the Odyssey George Dimock 199
Wallace Stevens in the Tropics: A Conservative Protest Jan Pinkerton 215
Pirandello Old and New Robert S. Lopez 228
Memory’s Defense: The Real Life of Vladimir Nabokov’s Berlin Robert C. Williams 241
Two Eclogues of Virgil. Verse translation David R. Slavitt 251
Two Poems Po Fei Huang 254
Synopsis. Verse D. F. Petteys 255
Two Poems Katherine Hoskins 256
Invocation, An Elegy. Verse Jerald Bullis 257
New Books in Review: Self-Portrait of the Great Orientalist Frederick W. Hilles 259
Words for the Music George Martin 267
A New Edition of Pepys Frank Brady 269
A Russian in Exile Victor Erlich 274
Recent Poetry Marie Borroff 277
The Technetronic Revolution Henry L. Roberts 287
Ideas of Ordering Lowry Nelson, Jr. 289
The Victorians Our Forebears Michael Cooke 294
New Records in Review B. H. Haggin 301
Letters and Comment: The Furor Teutonicus: Upper Mississippi Abteilung Georg Mann 306
Reader’s Guide vi- xxxii
Contributors xxxii