VOLUME LX, NO. 3 (March 1971)

The Sources of United States Policy in the Third World Tom J. Farer 321
New Directions for Our Latin American Policy Martin C. Needier 333
Cuba’s “Second Vietnam”: Bolivia Martin D. Gensler 342
The Boyg and the Sphinx in Ibsen’s Theatre Brian Johnston 366
Ruera Street. An excerpt from the novel, Belarmino and Apolonio,
translated from the Spanish by Murray Baumgarten and Gabriel Berns Ramon Pérez de Ayala 383
Joshua’s Poem. Verse Stephen Sandy 390
Another Poem on the Nature of Dreams and Passions. Verse Daniel Mark Fogel 390
The Line-Up. Verse Joan Swift 391
Louise Leaning Over the Water. Verse Thomas McNamee 392
One of the Old Ones. Verse Robert Stock 393
New Books in Review: Yeats Kenneth Connelly 394
Recent Poetry: Visions and Revisions Louis L. Martz 403
The View from the Stiles-Morse Dining Halls Daniel Yergin 417
Hogarth Martin Price 425
Some Recent Novels: Connoisseurs of Chaos David J. Gordon 428
Essays on Chaucer Morton W. Bloomfield 438
To Resist Imprisonment Nicolaus C. Mills 440
Embodied Ecstasy Lowry Nelson, Jr. 444
Examination of Slavery V. Jacque Voegeli 449
Frick Sculpture David Piper 453
Shakespeare Charles Tyler Prouty 456
Science in Review: On the Use and Misuse of Science Arthur W. Galston 458
New Records in Review B. H. Haggin 463
Letters and Comment: From Madras, A View of the Southern Film Susanne Hoeber Rudolph 468
Reader’s Guide vi-xxviii
Contributors xxviii