VOLUME LX, NO. 4 (June 1971)

Creativity, Poetic Language, and the Computer Marie Borroff 481
Consciousness-Makers and the Autonomy of Consciousness Edward Pols 514
Benjamin, Edgar, Humbert, and Jay Martha Banta 532
Dante and Virgil Rocco Montana 550
Three Poems Laurence Lieberman 562
There’s So Much and You’re Missing Most of It. Verse Jeannette Nichols 568
New Books in Review: Tom Carlyle and His Mocking Bonny Jane Frederick W. Hilles 569
Japan Roy Andrew Miller 576
Homer George Dimock 585
Women Mary Ellmann 590
Rome Richard Krautheimer 593
Nostalgia for FDR John M. Blum 598
Catalogue of an Aborted Exhibition: Ancient Art in Cairo Richard A. Fazzini 600
Games People Don’t Play Erich Segal 605
A Rural Life Style Nicolaus Mills 609
Dante Translations Thomas G. Bergin 614
Genius and Genius Loci Richard Harter Fogle 618
New Records in Review B. H. Haggin 620
Letters and Comment: The Middling Ages: Notes on Some American Film Directors Stanley Kauffmann 626
Reader’s Guide vi-xxvi
Contributors xxvi