VOLUME LX, NO.1 (October 1970)

The Irrelevance of American Politics Allan C. Brownfeld 1
“That Kind of a Liberal”: Franklin D. Roosevelt after Twenty-five Years John Morton Blum 14
Benjamin Britten: Twenty-five Years of Opera George Martin 24
International Relations and the Spirit of Tragedy Arthur N. Gilbert 45
Development Assistance to Latin America Richard S. Aldrich 53
The Bush. A Story Helen Ranch 63
Realism in the Novel David Goldknopf 69
Survival in the Zaharah Desart. Verse Nathan Lyons 85
Alessandro Magnasco, “A Garden Party at Albano” (After 1735).Verse Thomas Hoffman 87
Noah’s Dove. Verse Calvin Forbes 88
Begin, Again. Verse Arthur Oberg 89
New Books in Review: A Sabine Farm Near Kirchstetten Monroe K. Spears 90
New Fiction in Review Paul Edward Gray 101
Interpreting Myths Jonathan Culler 108
The Force of Myth Pat Watters 114
The Japanese Intellectual’s Cul-de-Sac Roy Andrew Miller 117
Hardy in Two Centuries Lionel Stevenson 126
Present Mirth, Present Laughter-Theory Terence Hawkes 130
A Conjunction of Critics Emerson R. Marks 135
Aubrey Menen’s Interior World Margaret Wimsatt 138
Science in Review: On Becoming and Being Arthur W. Galston 142
New Records in Review B. H. Haggin 149
Letters and Comment: The Un-Angry Langston Hughes Francis E. Kearns 154
Reader’s Guide vi-xxxvi
Contributors xxxvi