VOLUME LXI, NO. 1 (October 1971)

The Senile Society: A Theory Steven Goldberg 1
Vietnam and the American Revolution David V. J. Bell and Allan E. Goodman 26
The Further Adventures of Brunhild. A Story Rebecca Kavaler 35
American Education as Metaphysics: The Religious Consequence Forest K. Davis 57
The Death of the American Ethic Orin S. Kramer 69
Four Poems Timothy Murphy 76
The Hotel with a View of the Jungfrau. Verse Alan Williamson 80
New Books in Review:
Recent Poetry: Exiles and Disinterments Laurence Lieberman 82
A Community of Ideas and an Idea of Community: The Designs of Serge Chermayeff Karl W. Deutsch 101
English Worthies of the Georgian Era Frederick W. Hilles 109
The Forms of Slavery David Brion Davis 117
Some First Novels of 1971 Rachel Trickett 121
Computer as Critic Mary Ellmann 132
The English Stage Charles Beecher Hogan 134
Science in Review: A Biologist’s View of China Arthur W. Galston 139
New Records in Review B. H. Haggin 146
Letters and Comment: A Man in the Ruins: From a Roman Journal Gushing Strout 151
Reader’s Guide vi-xxxviii
Contributors xxxviii