VOLUME LXI, NO. 2 (December 1971)

The Coming of the Black Ghetto-State Edward C. Smith 161
A White Man’s Strategy for Black Victory Jon C. Van Leuven 183
Stravinsky and the Natures of Ballet and Opera George Martin 193
The Arabs’ Attitude to the West Morroe Berger 207
Neruda in Translation John Felstiner 226
On Bluefish Beach. Verse Paul Lamar 252
Mariner’s Song. Verse Geoffrey Hartman 253
New Books in Review:
Literature as System René Wellek 254
Frontiers of Criticism Jonathan Culler 259
Taking Dickens Seriously Martin Price 271
Complex Acts of Invention: Six Studies in Romanticism Thomas McFarland 279
By Wondrous Art Pontifical A. Bartlett Giamatti 298
Blakomania Anthony Blunt 301
Children and Institutions Nicolaus Mills 306
Twenty-One New Cavafy Poems Minas Savvas 308
Science in Review: Attitudes on Acupuncture 1971 Arthur W. Galston 312
New Records in Review B. H. Haggin 317
Reader’s Guide vi-xviii
Contributors xix