VOLUME LXI, NO. 3 (March 1972)

Perspectives on Russia:
“We Shall Meet Again in Petersburg” Victor Erlich 321
Leningrad Notes Michael Holquist 330
Russian Students Martin Chancey 349
Flight from the Bolsheviks Nikita R. Roodkowsky 367
Honor Thy Father and Thy Mother. A Story Judith Chernaik 373
On Dividing the Loot: The Delegation of Power Samuel L. Macey 396
New Books in Review:
The Sacred Weapon Alvin B. Kernan 407
Recent Poetry: Berryman and Others Louis L. Martz 410
First Lady John M. Blum 422
Painter Pugg Frederick W. Hilles 428
Trying to Understand Victorians Michael Cooke 433
Shakespeare in Context Eugene M. Waith 441
Theories of Family and Society Martin Lebowitz 448
Euripidean Problems Erich Segal 452
Oedipus Duplex Carroll Moulton 455
Moral Issues in Thomas Hardy Alexander Welsh 459
Science in Review: Antiscience in the Classroom Arthur W. Galston 463
New Records in Review B. H. Haggin 467
Letters and Comment: The Enjoyment of American Education Hazel O’Hara 471
Reader’s Guide viii-xiii
Contributors xiii