VOLUME LXII, NO. 2 (December 1972)

Foreign Aid: Dead or Alive Gustav Ranis 161
The Tale and the Artist David J. Gordon 168
Setting and a Sense of World in the Novel Alexander Gelley 186
The Riddle of Shelley’s Cloud Donald Pearce 202
Victorian Dilemmas in Modern Guise David Felix 221
Helping Can. A Story R. C. Phelan 241
Informalism in Physics George Greenstein 255
August Maine. Verse Brian Swann 264
Two Poems Rose Styron 264
New Books in Review:
Survivor: A Last Oak Leaf, The Critic in the Poet Laurence Lieberman 267
Biography of a Scientist John Rodgers 277
Maria Edgeworth and More Dickens Alexander Welsh 281
The American Past Carl Bridenbaugh 287
Language and Knowledge Jonathan Culler 290
Portraits: Stravinsky and Horgan George Martin 296
Images of Saga and Lyric Alice S. Miskimin 299
The American Novelist: His Time and Place James W. Tuttleton 305
New Records in Review B. H. Haggin 307
Letters and Comment: A Midwestern Walden E. A. J. Johnson 312
Reader’s Guide viii-xviii
Contributors xix