VOLUME LXII, NO. 3 (March 1973)

Balancing the Power Michael Mandelbaum and Daniel Yergin 321
Cummings: One Man Alone Malcolm Cowley 332
Wishes as Horses: A Word for the Houhynhynms John N. Morris 355
Swift’s “I” Robert C. Elliott 372
Technology and the Sexual Revolution James Schroeter 392
Signals from the Safety Coffin. Verse John Engels 406
Les Chimères des Vieux. Verse J. D. McClatchy 407
Death in Venice. Verse Theodore Weiss 408
Two Poems William Doreski 410
Summer. Verse William Dickey 411
New Books in Review:
Poetry: Ammons, Berryman, Cummings Helen Vendler 412
Virginia Woolf Gordon S. Haight 426
We, Teiresias W. K. Wimsatt 431
The Careers of Paul Douglas James Tobin 438
A World of Chaotic Flux Frederick W. Hilles 443
ABCDEFG Fred C. Robinson 450
Rear-Guard Rebellion Laurence B. Holland 456
Recent Novels Mary Ellmann 461
Jesus in Literature Michael Cooke 469
Plattsburg Redivivus Richard Gillam 472
New Records in Review B. H. Haggin 477
Reader’s Guide vi-xviii
Contributors xviii