VOLUME LXIII, NO. 1 (October 1973)

The Ambassadorship to the United Nations Chauncey G. Parker 1
The Last Yank at Oxford Charles Newman 10
Reflecting Women Patricia Meyer Spacks 26
Dependents: The Trials of Success Amélie Oksenberg Rorty 43
Elegy for George Seferis. Verse Jeanne Seferiades Tsatsos 60
Three Poems James Richardson 67
Invaders of the Fields. Story Jack Matthews 69
New Books in Review:
Believers: Some Recent Novels Martin Price 80
The Giotto of Sculpture H. W. Janson 91
Art and Economics J. M. Montias 96
Of Dr. Johnson and His Circle Frederick W. Hilles 104
New Poetry: The Muse of History Laurence Lieberman 113
Anatomies of Irish Melancholy L. P. Curtis, Jr. 137
The Actions of the 1960’s Nicolaus Mills 146
The United Nations Michael Mandelbaum 151
Science in Review: The Origin of Living Systems Arthur W. Galston 154
New Records in Review B. H. Haggin 158
Reader’s Guide vi-xviii
Contributors xviii