VOLUME LXIII, NO. 3 (March 1974)

Some Notes on Watergate and America William Lee Miller 321
The Debate over Vietnam: One Perspective David W. Levy 333
A Theory of Henry James’s Psychology Manfred Mackenzie 347
O’erdoing Termagant: An Approach to Shakespearean Mimesis Howard Felperin 372
Country Music Frederick E. Danker 392
Parricide. A Story. Translated from the Portuguese of Fernandes de Briao Joyce Carol Oates 405
Poem of the Gold Coin. Verse Frederick Morgan 413
New Books in Review:
Puritanism Edmund S. Morgan 414
The Permissive Edwardians Gordon S. Haight 416
Never-To-Be-Forgotten Florence George Martin 421
The Dream of Communication David J. Gordon 424
Artists and Revolutions Roger Shattuck 429
The Theatre of Ritual and the Theatre of Politics Alvin B. Kernan 434
Text, Theme, and Theory Jonathan Culler 439
Shakespeare Stephen J. Greenblatt 447
The Shocks of Normality Laurence Lieberman 453
Medicine: History and Theory Alfred Lars Aronson 473
New Records in Review B. H. Haggin 476
Reader’s Guide v-xvi
Contributors xvii