VOLUME LXIV, NO. 1 (October 1974)

The United States and Latin America: Premises for the New Administration Jerome Slater 1
Romantic Antipastoral and Urban Allegories Peter Brooks 11
The Function of Plato’s Scenes Christopher Gill 27
India and America Amrit Baruah 44
Seeing a Guru Paul R. Fleischman 61
The Detective Detected: From Sophocles to Ross MacDonald Max Byrd 72
The Hive. Verse Bink Noll 84
A Number of Rooms. Verse Philip Booth 85
Horowitz among the Lemon Trees. Verse Nicholas Rinaldi 87
New Books in Review:
Of Lord B. and Mr. S. Dewey R. Faulkner 88
Mens Insana in Corpore Insano Lowry Nelson, Jr. 93
The Great Austrian Baroque Architect Karsten Harries 102
Engels in Manchester Coral Lansbury 106
The White Flag of the Bourbons John E. Talbott 110
Strange Creatures in a Nasty World Frederick W. Hilles 113
Ordeal of a Loser David Levin 118
Science Fiction Mark Rose 122
The Limits of the Possible Douglas Knight 128
The Condition of Life Martin Lebowitz 132
Science in Review: Why the Sea Is Blue Paul Colinvaux 135
New Records in Review B. H. Haggin 142
Letters and Comment: Indian Shangri-la Beatrice Witter Donovan 147
Reader’s Guide viii-xix
Contributors xix