VOLUME LXIV, NO. 4 (June 1975)

Republicans, Democrats, and Public Policy Competence Nicholas O. Berry 481
Brutus Is an Honorable Man Alexander Welsh 496
Vis Mea Lex: Social Crisis and Political Discourse Carl A. Rubino 514
Narcissism and Social Disorder Simon Sobo 527
Three Poems, translated by Ben Belitt Manuel Durán 544
Three Poems Barry Goldensohn 546
October Spring. Verse Philip Appleman 548
Two Poems Robert Morgan 549
Two Poems Anne Hussey 551
A Cure for Death. Story Elizabeth Graham Monk 553
New Books in Review:
The New Homer C. J. Herington 568
Mishima Edwin McClellan 579
New Novels: In the Dumps Patricia Meyer Spacks 583
Letters of a Master Richard Howard 594
Old Wine in New Bottles Frederick W. Hilles 597
The Frontier of Criticism Jonathan Culler 606
The Renaissance George Martin 612
Emily Dickinson Mary Ellmann 616
Mad in Pursuit Leo Brandy 620
Collector’s Luck Lawrence Lipking 626
Multinational Corporations Richard S. Weinert 630
New Records in Review B. H. Haggin 635
Reader’s Guide vi-xi
Contributors xi