VOLUME LXV, NO. 1 (October 1975)

The “Military-Industrial Complex” Muddle Jerome Slater and Terry Nardin 1
Literature and the Good Life: A Dilemma Robert C. Elliott 24
Lawrentian Stillness Leo Bersani 38
Solzhenitsyn and the Slavophiles Abbott Gleason 61
One Way To Love God. Verse Robert Perm Warren 71
The Family. Verse Theodore Weiss 73
Three Poems Tom Jones 74
New Books in Review:
News from Abroad W. K. Wimsatt 77
Reading and Misreading Jonathan Culler 88
Recent Poetry: New Designs on Life J. D. McClatchy 95
Weston’s “Thing Itself” Alan Trachtenberg 105
New Work by Dickens Alexander Welsh 115
French Revolutions John Talbott 121
Fielding Unmodernized Frederick W. Hilles 128
Unblithe Flesh, Unblithe Spirit Dewey R. Faulkner 134
Idealism, Integrity, Purity of Heart Eva S. Balogh 139
England after 1832 Thomas L. Pangle 143
Translation from the Japanese Roy Andrew Miller 146
Reflective Autobiographies Nicolaus Mills 151
New Records in Review B. H. Haggin 156
Reader’s Guide vi-xv
Contributors xv