VOLUME LXV, NO. 4 (June 1976)

Intellectuals in the White House and American Foreign Policy Eytan Gilboa 481
Edward Taylor and Isaac Watts Donald Davie 498
Black Autobiography: Life as the Death Weapon Roger Rosenblatt 515
Only Personal: Some Functions of Fiction Patricia Meyer Spacks 528
Islands. A Story Jane Mayhall 544
Community: The Tragic Ideal Glenn Tinder 550
An Alternative Society Stan Windass 565
The Great Rail Lines. Verse Philip Pier son 577
New Books in Review:
The First World War Frederick A. Pottle 578
Colonial Virginia: Cruel Realities Robert Middlekauff 584
The Hero in Autobiography Michael G. Cooke 587
The Party of Memory, the Party of Hope Stephen J. Whitfield 593
Translation as Celebration Robert Dyer 600
Madam Secretary John Morton Blum 605
New Records in Review B. H. Haggin 610
Letters and Comment:
On Being Polluted Harold Fromm 614
In Search of Hitler’s Mentor Ralph M. Engelman 629
Contributors vi
Reader’s Guide vi-xix