VOLUME LXVI, NO. 1 (October 1976)

China’s Oil Policy King C. Chen 1
The Madness of Ahab Henry Nash Smith 14
A Law Professor’s Brief Robert Emmet Clark 33
Escape from Konigsberg John J. Beatty 55
Milton on Heroic Warfare James A. Winn 70
On the Edge of the Glacier. A Story Margaret Lamb 87
Two Poems Lois Lindblad 98
Two Poems Rosanna Warren 99
Eurydice. Verse Michael G. Cooke 101
Two Poems Alfred Corn 102
New Books in Review:
Aryanism in Victorian England G. L. Mersey 104
Recent Poetry: Mending Broken Connections Louis L. Martz 114
Response to Words Fred C. Robinson 129
Byron: The Growth/Decay of a Poet’s Mind Dewey R. Faulkner 133
Community Alexander Welsh 137
Trumbull: Politics and Pictures Jules David Prown 143
Recent Novels: Women Bearing Violence Michael G. Cooke 146
New Records in Review B. H. Haggin 156
Reader’s Guide VI
Contributors vi-xv