VOLUME LXVI, NO. 2 (December 1976)

The Unlearned Lessons of Vietnam Jeffrey Race 161
The Literary Theory of William K. Wimsatt Rene Wellek 178
Pound’s Battle with Time Vincent Miller 193
Courage and Convention: The Red Badge of Courage Paul Breslin 209
The Walt Disney Robot Dramas James H. Bierman 223
Freedom and Authority William M. Dobriner 237
An Opium War. A Story Clifford Ashcom 252
Two Poems Willis Barnstone 267
Three People Reading Stevens in a Room. Verse George Bradley 268
New Books in Review:
Extending the Boundaries of Art History David Piper 269
Doctrine and Design Martin Price 272
Hawthorne and Melville David Levin 277
History and Victorian Photography Alan Trachtenberg 282
Responsibility and Freedom: John Berryman John Haffenden 296
Another Companion: German Jeffrey L. Sammons 299
Musicians in the Nineteenth Century George Martin 302
Universes of Drama Paula Johnson 306
New Records in Review B. H. Haggin 312
Letters and Comment: Exiles Pat M. Can 316
Contributors vi
Reader’s Guide vi-xix