VOLUME LXVII, NO. 2 (December 1977)

The Tolstoyans Alexandra Tolstoy 161
Naming, Being, and Black Experience Michael G. Cooke 167
Whitman’s Democratic Vistas and the New “Ethnicity” Louise M. Rosenblatt 187
Who Is Who, and When Will We Be Real? A Story Jack Matthews 205
The Triple Vision: Dostoevsky’s “The Peasant Marey” Robert Louis Jackson 225
The Great Martin Luther Spoof, or, Philological Limits to Knowledge H. G. Haile 236
Shimoda: The Lava Shores. Verse Laurence Lieberman 247
Risings. Verse Starry Schor 249
New Books in Review:
A Universe of Meanings Thomas M. Greene 251
Metaphor and Metonymy Martin Price 254
Seven Recent Novels Edith Milton 260
Psychohistory of Edmund Burke Frank Brady 271
Trollope’s Greatness J. Hillis Miller 276
A New Interpretation of Meister Eckhart Louis Dupré 280
The Decline Before the Fall J. F. Gilliam 283
The Period of Cold War Thomas L. Pangle 289
The Shift into Inwardness Donald Evans 292
The Beginnings of Agriculture Peter Dorner 296
New Records in Review B. H. Haggin 302
Letters and Comment: Do Cats Eat Bats? Patricia Meyer Spacks 307
Contributors v
Reader’s Guide viii-xv