VOLUME LXVII, NO. 4 (June 1978)

Strategic Decision Making: Vietnam, 1965-1968 Harvey A. DeWeerd 481
Pope: The Shape of the Man in His Work Maynard Mack 493
More, Role-Playing, and Utopia Stephen J. Greenblatt 517
Give Brother My Best. A Story Rebecca Kavaler 537
Pynchon as Satirist: To Write, To Mean Alfred Mac Adam 555
The Five Elemental Voices. Verse James Merrill 567
Two Poems E. M. Schorb 571
New Books in Review:
Most of Us, Johnson, and Others Lawrence Lipking 572
A Web of Words Fred C. Robinson 578
Sidgwick, A Subtle Reasoner Brand Blanshard 585
The Middle Way and the Middle Class Charles Feidelson 589
Seven Recent Novels Mary Ellmann 592
Abortion, Birth Control, and American Public Policy Nancy F. Colt 600
A Pure and Complex Writer Michael G. Cooke 605
Another Auden Frank Kermode 609
An Anglo-Irish Novelist Alfred Com 615
New Records in Review B. H. Haggin 622
Letters and Comment: Yale: Reflections on Class in New Haven Lynda M. demon 627
Contributors v
Reader’s Guide vi-xii