VOLUME LXVIII, NO. 1 (October 1978)

L’Union de la Gauche: Looking Back on the French Elections William Adams 1
Why Presidential Libraries? Lester J. Cappon 11
Land of Limited Possibilities: America in the Nineteenth-Century German Novel Jeffrey Summons 35
Babbitt Revisited Hoke Norris 53
Taine and Saussure Hans Aarsleff 71
Atlantis. Verse Judith Kroll 82
New Books in Review:
Recent Poetry: Six Poets Stephen Yenser 83
Dreams of Ease George E. Dimock, Jr. 102
Kipling, Forster, and the Anglo-Indian Dilemma A. Dwight Culler 110
Who Are These Murphys, Molloys, and Malones? David J. Gordon 114
The Critics’ Use of Shakespeare George K. Hunter 118
Novels and Letters of Dickens Alexander Welsh 123
Forgiven for Fame Dewey R. Faulkner 130
Remembering Pasternak Victor Erlich 133
Art in Transition:
The Russian Avant-Garde Elizabeth Gillette Jackson 141
Beyond Yoknapatawpha Joseph Blotner 145
Aspects of Athens William G. Thalmann 148
Toys of Fortune: The Picaro in Fiction David Kirby 153
New Records in Review B. H. Haggin 156
Contributors v
Reader’s Guide vi-xv