VOLUME LXVIII, NO. 2 (December 1978)

Vietnam: A Unique American Experience Russell H. Fifield 161
The Larger Connection: The Communal Vision in D. H. Lawrence Alice Bloom 176
About-Face in Africa: The Return to Civilian Rule in Nigeria Donald L. Horowitz 192
Codes of Honor. A Story Edith Milton 207
Reading Between the Genres: Dostoevsky’s Diary of a Writer as Metafiction Gary Saul Morson 224
A Literature Without Qualities: American Writing Since 1945 Warner Berthoff 235
Two Poems Elizabeth Spires 255
Two Poems Tom Jones 256
Alfresco. Verse Dick Allen 259
The Tattooer. Verse Mary Kinzie 261
New Books in Review: Before Disneyland Alexander Welsh 262
Now That It’s Past Let’s Call It Modernism Lowry Nelson, Jr. 266
The Social Security of Masonry David Brion Davis 271
Pater’s Inner Life Brand Blanshard 273
English Country Houses and Public Schools Gordon S. Haight 279
Various Views of Thomas Hardy James R. Kincaid 284
A Study of Marvell George deF. Lord 292
Homer’s World Catherine Campbell Rhorer 295
Male Translated Walter Cahn 301
New Records in Review B. H. Haggin 304
Letters and Comment: Language: Constantinople to Istanbul Elizabeth Roget 309
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Reader’s Guide vi