VOLUME LXVIII, NO. 4 (June 1979)

Afrikaner Nationalism and the Plight of South Africa Leon Gordenker 481
Showing and Saying: Wittgenstein’s Mystical Realism Adrian Kuzminski 500
Landscape, with Bertie. A Story Joan Maxwell Alvarez 519
Three Poems Robert Penn Warren 540
Four Poems Rosanna Warren 544
Approaching the Rumor of Your Childhood. Verse Kristina McGrath 547
Bread. Verse Brian Swann 548
The Urban Challenge Stanley W. Beetham 549
New Books in Review:
Recent Poetry: Five Poets Stephen Yenser 557
One World, Divisible Thomas M. Greene 577
Wagner: His Wife, His Life, His Art Kenneth Connelly 581
The Secrets of George Eliot Alexander Welsh 589
The Idea of Equality Edmund S. Morgan 597
A New Myth of America Philip F. Gura 601
Literary Critics and Shifters Lowry Nelson, Jr. 604
The Harmony of Mind and Body Max Byrd 612
The Architect of Baroque Rome Robert T. Petersson 618
A New Onegin J. D. McClatchy 623
New Records in Review B. H. Haggin 629
Letters and Comment: Dueling Guitars Bruce Berger 634
Contributors v
Reader’s Guide vi