VOLUME LXX, NO. 1 (October 1980)

John Hersey The Legend on the License 1
Youth in the Sixties: Three Views
Michael Harrington Contradictions and Complexities 26
Robert Coles The South and Harvard 38
David Bromwich Two Moments 52
Don Nichols My Grandmother’s Rhetorician A Story 63
John Halberstadt The Making of Thomas Wolfe’s Posthumous Novels 79
Robert Penn Warren Chthonian Revelation: A Myth A Poem 95
Robert Pinsky The Living A Poem 97
F. D. Reeve A Pair of Gloves A Poem 99
James Merrill Developers at Crystal River A Poem 100
Jay Parini Two Poems 101
Dorothy Emerson Two Poems 103
Todd Gitlin The Failure of Muscles to Form a Mask A Poem 104
Stephen Yenser Recent Poetry: Five Poets 105
Howard Zinn Civility and Social Change 128
Nathan Glazer The Plot Against Play 132
John Baskin Human Voices, Human Hearers 139
Victor Erlich The Life of Blok 143
Phyllis Rose Of Moral Bonds and Men 149
B. H. Hoggin New Records in Review 156