VOLUME LXX, NO. 2 (January 1981)

The Uses of Poetry
John Hollander A Poetry of Restitution 161
Robert B. Shaw Farewells to Poetry 187
The Uses of History
Gushing Strout The Historical Hero in a Psychological Age 206
James Turner Recovering the Uses of History 221
Rebecca Kavaler Tigers in the Wood A Story 234
John Ashbery Two Poems 258
Turner Cassity Berolina Demodee A Poem 259
Edward Hirsch Dusk: Elegy for the Dark Sun A Poem 260
Douglas Crase To the Light Fantastic A Poem 261
Stephen Yenser Ember Week, Reseda A Poem 262
Richard Howard Attic Red-Figure Calix, Revelling in Progress,
Circa 510 b.c. A Poem 263
Tony Tanner Seasoned Criticism 267
Georgia A. Brown Recent Fiction 273
Keith Stewart Thomson “Through the Spectacles of an Hypothesis” 283
Karsten Harries Insight and Madness 289
Cynthia Fuchs Epstein Perspectives on Power 295
Mary Ellmann Katherine Mansfield: Writer, Woman, Patient 300
Alfred Corn Romanticism as Lucifer? 304
Fred A. Bloom On “Shrinking” History 311
Harold J. Morowitz Sweet Voice of Reason 315
B. H. Haggin New Records in Review 317