VOLUME LXX, NO. 3 (April 1981)

Erik H. Erikson The Galilean Sayings and the Sense of “I” 321
Marina Tsvetaeva The Devil 363
Mary Price The Snapshot 371
J. Mitchell Morse Frogs, Dogs, Apes, Artists, Scientists, and Moralists 384
Jack Matthews The Tree Beyond A Story 397
John Hollander Two Poems 406
Jonathan Aaron Auras A Poem 408
Langdon Hammer Chenega Island A Poem 409
Frederick Morgan Two Poems 410
Brian Swann The Sky A Poem 412
Daryl Hine Rigor Mortis, Rigor Amoris A Poem 413
Lorrie Goldensohn Three Poems 413
Alvin Kernan Well Well Never Again 416
Alexander Welsh Lives of Hawthorne 421
Nelson W. Polsby New Warts on Old Portraits 431
Maury Yeston Whose Land? 442
R. W. B. Lewis Travel and the Modernist Temper 446
Elting Morison The Effects of War 452
Joseph Parisi Half-Lives and Highlights 456
Michael E. Lamb Grief and Mourning in Children and Adults 463
Arthur Walworth The Old Diplomacy 467
Adam Yarmolinsky The Informer’s Tale 471
B. H. Haggin New Records in Review 474
Reader’s Guide
Elizabeth Gillette Jackson Invention and Tradition viii