VOLUME LXX, NO. 4 (July 1981)

Terrence Des Pres Into the Mire: The Case of Bertolt Brecht 481
Leon Lipson Stalin’s Style 500
S. Y. Agnon Three Stories 506
Edith Milton Coming Over A Story 523
Stephen Berg Black A Poem 543
Louise Gluck Mock Orange A Poem 547
Charles Wright Montana Out-Takes A Poem 548
Robert Penn Warren: Poet and Critic
Robert Penn Warren Blessèd Accident A Poem 549
Cleanth Brooks Episode and Anecdote in the Poetry of Robert Penn Warren 551
R. W. B. Lewis Warren’s Long Visit to American Literature 568
Henry Louis Gates, Jr. Frederick Douglass and the Language of the Self 592
Patricia Meyer Spacks A Private Life 611
Richard Howard The Good Gray Poet and the Ancient Sage 616
Wendell Berry Harry Caudill in the Cumberlands 621
Derek Traversi Paved (Sometimes) with Good Intentions 626
Janet Todd Reconstructing Aphra Behn 631
B. H. Haggin New Records in Review 637
Reader’s Guide
Harold J. Morowitz Laws of the Game viii
Nelson W. Polsby Walter Lippmann and the American Century x
Alfred Corn The Men’s Club xiv
Stephen F. Frazzini Eyewitness Testimony xviii