VOLUME LXXII, NO. 1 (October 1982)

E. P. Thompson Deterrence and “Addiction” 1
Richard J. Barnet The Future of Democracy 19
Nelson W. Polsby Party Realignment in the 1980 Election 41
James Richardson To Odysseus on the Hudson A Poem 55
Stephen Sandy Wall, South Dakota A Poem 57
Sharon Olds Two Poems 58
Elizabeth Spires Two Poems 60
Colette Inez Lake Song A Poem 62
Louis L. Martz Ammons, Warren, and the Tribe of Walt 63
Nathan Irvin Huggins Ethnic Americans 84
Thomas McFarland Complicated People: Three Studies in the Romantic Sensibility 95
Robert Scholes Structuralism: Around and Beyond 105
Richard Howard On Mallarmé and Bataille 108
William B. Goodman The Business of Books 112
Harold Bloom The Criticism of Our Climate 116
B. H. Hoggin New Records in Review 121
Peter G. Bourne Jimmy Carter: A Profile 126
Amélie Oksenberg Rorty Western Philosophy in China 141
Reader’s Guide:
Burton Spivak Jefferson and His Time viii
Kenneth Gross Endlesse Worke: Spenser and the Structures of Discourse x
John Baskin The Formal Voice xvii
Owen Lattimore Chinabound xxii