VOLUME LXXII, NO. 3 (April 1983)

Edmund S. Morgan Government by Fiction: The Idea of Representation 321
George d’Almeida Memoirs of an Ismaric Spear A Poem 340
David Bromwich The Originality of Hazlitt’s Essays 366
Richard Moore The Balancer: Yeats and His Supernatural System 385
Jonathan Penner Things to Be Thrown Away A Story 399
Rebecca Kavaler Those Grand Old Songs A Story 403
S. Ben-Tov A Young Doctor in the Gardner Museum A Poem 415
Mark DeFoe Opossum Spring A Poem 416
Michael Waters The Story of the Caul A Poem 417
Ira Sadoff After a Disappointing Visit with Old Friends I Try In Vain to Recover the Joys of Childhood A Poem 418
Stephen Dunn Tangier A Poem 419
James M. Cox The Lee Shore 420
Helen Chasin What Have You Done? What Have You Done? 426
Christopher Ricks “Benignant Influence” 439
Margaret Homans Daddy’s Girl 445
Stephen Greenblatt A Crisis of Poetic Faith 455
B, H. Haggin New Records in Review 458
Comment: Roger Rosenblatt The Road to Khao I Dang 463
Reader’s Guide
Adrienne Munich Woman and the Demon: The Life of a Victorian Myth viii
David Lehman The Twofold Vibration xii